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Notice -- as of September 9, 2000:

Our list has moved to Rootsweb, and you can subscribe to it by sending a message to either BTRVETC-L-request@rootsweb.com (regular list) or BTRVETC-D-request@rootsweb.com (digest list) with the word "subscribe" in the message body. Please note that if you have "Re" in the Subject line the server will think you are trying to get my attention and won't do anything with your message.

Messages are supposed to be archived on Rootsweb, but I have not yet moved the old archives there.

Our Rootsweb web page is at BTRVETC Mailing List.

Here live the archives of the little (but growing - we now have about 240 subscribers!) mailing list for Burnetts and Turners, and the families that married into them. These families lived in Virginia, South Carolina, and elsewhere.

Compilations: Please note that I've reversed the listing of the compilations as of December 27, 1997. Oldest ones are at the bottom, newest are at the top of the listing. Please check the newer compilations first, as they contain corrections to the previous files. Follow this link to get to the bottom of the page quickly.

New subscribers may want to get the zip files of compilations that Kevin Stephenson, kevinste@osprey.net, created. There are currently about 6 zip files. Do be forwarned that the files can be quite large, even zipped! Many thanks to Kevin for putting these files together for us! (There are unzip utility files to download on Kevin's site for those that need them.)

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Mailing Lists for Individual Surnames

The Compilations

Here are the compilations and a search form for them:

The Bible of James H. Hash & Sallie F. Thompson, which includes INGRAMs.
The images were sent by Eddie Vaden, evaden@home.com, who says that the Bible was in the possession of Virginia Hash, who has since died. It is not known who owns the Bible now. The files are .jpg images, and are almost 600K, and will take a while to download.

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