Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 21:31:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Turner/Philpott

I have now completed a GEDCOM file on the Turner/Philpott and related
families.  This file will be sent to you as a GEDCOM file.  It contains 3818
individuals, 1334 families, 4905 events, 308 sources and 6924 citations.  It
has 1.01MB of computer space.  This is not a complete record of my file
system.  I have built this file over the last two days.  It contains most of
what I have on the Turner family and part of what I have on the Philpott
family.  There are many connection families.  I hope you will be able to use

But before you download this file, I must say a few things about the Philpott
file. I trace the Philpott name back to London, England in the years after
1330.  However, there are problems.  John Philpot born about 1330 in London,
England and Lord Mayor of London in 1378 is well documented in English
history.  He was a wealthy man.  He loaned money to the Royal family.  He
paid for his own Navy to fight the pirates and protect his cargo ships.
 There is a street in London called Philpot Lane which is said to be named
after him and on which he had his home.  This area of London was burned many
years ago so there is no house of his left to history.  Notes in this file
will give you more information.

Rev John Philpott born 1516 in Compton, Hampshire, England is a descendant of
the Lord Mayor.  He was a well educated man but strong in his religious
beliefs.  He was burned at the stake at New Gate Prison on December 18, 1555
for these beliefs.  This is believed by some Philpott researchers to be the
downfall of the Philpot name in England as to their relationship with the
Royal family.  Rev John was a son of Sir Peter Philpot, Knight of Bath.  It
is confirmed that Sir Peter had seven children by the writings of John
Philpot, Herald of Somerset.  The only problem here is that John only named
two of the children, Rev John and Sir Thomas.  We have been unable to obtain
the names of the three daughters and two other sons.  Therefore, you will see
a son Philpott with an unknown wife in the Philpott ancestry.  

The next problem in this line is the children of  Henry Philpot, Mayor of
Folkestone, born about 1550 in Folkestone, Kent, England.  He had nine
children.  One is Henry Philpott, II who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia on
the "Second Supply" in 1607.  Names in the index of people who arrived in
America give Henry Philpot arriving in 1607 and 1608.  This name appears on
list of the Virginia Company in 1618 or 1619 and again in 1620.  It is also
recorded that Henry Philpot was among men that fought the Indians in northern
Virginia during this time period.  Some researchers of the Philpott name
believe this Henry was the beginning of the Philpot name in America.  

However, there was an Edward Philpot, born about 1597 in London, England,
 that arrived in the Baltimore colonies around 1649 or earlier.  No record of
his arrival has been found.  However, it has been stated that most of the
ship arrivals into the Baltimore colonies were lost to fire.  So no record of
his arrival may ever be found.  It is believed by some researchers, myself
included, that this Edward was a brother of the above Henry.  Edward is well
documented in the Hall of Records in Annapolis, Maryland.  He stated his age
as 70 in a deposition given in 1667.  This places his birth date around 1592.
 It is known that he was not a young man when he arrived in the Baltimore
colony.  Therefore, it is assumed by this researcher that Henry and Edward
were brothers and that they both came to America, one to Virginia and one to

>From Edward I, the above Edward, to the families in Charles Co., Maryland and
Henry Co., Virginia and on down, documentation is very precise.  From land
purchases, wills, and other documents, this part of the family can be well

I don't know if the problems of the English part of this family will ever be
satisfied.  In replies to  letters to the offices in London, England in
regard to this family, all they can tell us is that the names requested died
intestate.  However, if you check the dates, this is the time that some of
the Philpot family immigrated to America.  In the index of names arriving in
America during this time period, there are many Philpots listed, both male
and female.

I thought I would bring this to your attention  to satisfy some questions
that may be asked about this ancestor chart.  There are about seven people in
this country that research the Philpott name that I am in contact with.  All
of us continued the search on the English part of the family in hope that one
day we may bring this to a firm conclusion.

I hope that this file will be useful to you and your researchers.  Any other
questions my be directed to me at my e-mail address.  Any corrections and/or
additions will be greatly appreciated. 

GEDCOM file to follow.

Pete Philpott  

Download the 200K GEDCOM. (Uncompresses to just over 1 megabyte.)

Copyright 1997, Pete Philpott