"Ghosts and Shadows" Game Logs

"Those who do not learn the lessons of the past, are doomed to repeat them." - Santayana (Sort of)

Well, I guess we're all doomed, then.

Here can be found the full history of the game. Originally kept by Sean Frost, then by Dann Fuller, then by Dann and Kris Fazzari, then by Wendi Strang-Frost and Robert Frazine (Shade), then by Wendi, and finally by Kris again.

Note - About a third of the first 28 logs are currently missing, since they were deleted from the server where they were being stored without warning. I'll find them and repost them someday, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Session #Log(s)Session Title
Session 1 Sean's Game Log"Auspicious Beginnings?"

Session 8 Sean's Game Log"Tactics"
Session 9 Sean's Game Log"Where it (literally) sucks to be Sandr"
Session 10 Sean's Game Log"Resurrections"
Session 11 Sean's Game Log"Interlude in Avalon"
Session 12 Sean's Game Log"Archimedes and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

Session 14 Sean's Game Log"To Your Scattered Shadows Go"
Session 15 Sean's Game Log"Alliances"

Session 17 Sean's Game Log"The Dance, Continued"
Session 18 Sean's Game Log"Lyria Revealed"

Session 22 Dann's Game Log"Sylvie"
Session 23 Dann's Game Log"Sky"
Session 24 Dann's Game Log"Familiar Shadows"
Session 25 Dann's Game Log"Intersection"
Session 26 Dann's Game Log"Aftermath"
Session 27 Dann's Game Log"Sentience"
Session 28 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"The Hanged Man" or "Melanie"
Session 29 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"A Wedding in Rebma"
Session 30 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"The Demon Underworld"
Session 31 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"An Eye for an Eye"
Session 32 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Once More into the Breech"
Session 33 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Preparations"
Session 34 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"To Amber Again"
Session 35 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Coronation"
Session 36 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"King Archimedes"
Session 37 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Intrigue"
Session 38 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"False Excalibur"
Session 39 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Caitlin"
Session 40 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"Hades" or "False Guinevere"
Session 41 Dann's Game Log Kris' Game Log"A Wreath of Wormwood"
Session 42 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Jezzeti"
Session 43 Kris & Dann's Game Log"To Fair Elf Land"
Session 44 Kris & Dann's Game Log"False Camelot"
Session 45 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Abigail"
Session 46 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Small Quests"
Session 47 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"
Session 48 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Ty Dahl"
Session 49 Kris' Game Log"Beseiged, Bespelled, Bewildered"
Session 50 Kris' Game Log"Invasion"
Session 51 Kris' Game Log"Ragnarok"
Session 52 Kris & Dann's Game Log"The Thread of Time"
Session 53 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Reparations"
Session 54 Kris & Dann's Game Log"The Moor the Merrier"
Session 55 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Summoned to Tourney"
Session 56 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Lessons"
Session 57 Kris' Game Log"Wedding Plans and Bargains"
Session 58 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Heirs to Chaos"
Session 59 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Caitlin of Halybard"
Session 60 Kris & Dann's Game Log"The Trouble with Children"
Session 61 Kris & Dann's Game Log"Concessions"
Session 62 Wendi & Shade's Game Log"Visions"

Session 64 Wendi & Shade's Game Log"I, Claudio"
Session 65 Wendi & Shade's Game Log"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"
Session 66 Wendi's Game Log"Explosion at the Nexus"
Session 67 Wendi's Game Log Shade's Game Log "Twists and Turns"
Session 68 Wendi's Game Log"The Strangeways"
Session 69 Wendi's Game Log Shade's Game Log"The Many Compacts We Make"
Session 70 Wendi's Game Log Shade's Game Log"Trial By Fire"
Session 71 Wendi's Game Log"Gauntlet"
Session 72 Wendi's Game Log"Trials and Examinations"
Session 73 Wendi's Game Log"Things to Do In Rebma When You're Wed"
Session 74 Wendi's Game Log"Vows"
Session 75Wendi's Game Log"The Return of Mok"
Session 76 Wendi's Game Log"Mating Season"
Session 77 Wendi's Game Log"True Blood"
Session 78 Wendi's Game Log"King of Chaos"
Session 79 Wendi's Game Log"Predicaments"

Session 82 Kris' Game Log"Finale" new

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