Game Log 39

	Merlin presents Archi with Ghostwheel, which seems to be a funky
Trump recording and file system.  Archi is guardedly pleased.  Merlin and
Archi return to Amber, and Archi's wedding ring is returned with a note
(Thought you might need this.  -- A friend).  Archi uses the ring to find
Laughter, whom he tracks to a cave, where she is sitting on a chair,
staring vacantly off into space.

	Ulysses returns to the castle to find Archi, who is pissed about
the Laughter Conundrum.  Ulysses reaches out to Laughter, and brings her
home.  Laughter is GRAVID.  And she's amnesiac, too.  Oops.  She doesn't
remember Archi, but does remember Ulysses.  Oops.  Mandor determines that
a spell is causing her to re-live her life at the rate of 18 hrs./hr.  He
says that if he tries to break the spell, her memory will stop coming
back.  The spell is currently set to end about a week after the twins are

	Claudio wants to talk to someone in charge.  He tries to get
Benedict, but fails hard.  He ends up talking to Caine.  Caine offers no
help, and Claudio finally decides to Trump Archi.  Archi tries to offer
guidance, and Claudio ends up in the training room.

	Melanie went back to have dinner with Balin.  Sandr is left alone
in the castle, when Fiona knocks, and asks him to take a look at the
primal Pattern, and investigate its decay.  It's decaying at 3%/year, and
the drain is coming from in between the 1st and 2nd Veils.  Fiona lets
Sandr know that she knows about his project.  He poorly tries to cover it.

	Claudio learns how to pilot Mecha form Mok.  Christians beware.

	Caitlin and (Phil) Graham are hired to guard a shipment of
sorcerous items to the wizard Arawn, in return for 30 lbs. of gold.  The
shipment is potash and mandrake root.  The wizard wants to see Caitlin,
but a suspicious looking blond guy emerges.  His name is Legion.  Legion
tells Caitlin that seeing Arawn would be bad, for only death awaits.  He
gives Caitlin a package, containing a note, a Trump of Fiona, and a flute. 
(D'oh!) She contemplates the Trump, wondering what it is, when it
animates.  Caitlin jumps and drops the card.  She tries this again, and
the same thing happens.  A third attempt irks Fiona enough to get Caitlin
pulled through.  Fiona is not happy.  She and Caitlin go to bother Archi,
for whom the message was intended.  Fiona breaks the spell on Laughter,
and does it so she gets all her memory back.  The message reads: Rescue
hopeless, watch your back.  It is agreed that Jubal is still alive, and
sadly, so is Kalyn.

	Archi orders an investigation of Helene, which Ulysses and Fiona
go to do.  Ulysses gets an image from Caitlin, and also realizes who's kid
she is.

	Melanie finishes dinner.  Balin is to go see Corwin, but he would
like to see her later.  Melanie goes back to the castle, and Sandr goes to
dinner, where Mok and Claudio are.  There is talk, and it is apparent that
Claudio likes not Sandr.  That whole Jew/Moor thing.  While they're all
eating, Melanie comes into the room, and Claudio goes postal.  He thinks
it's Abigail, the bitch who screwed him.  Mok restrains him (with help
from the unmatched strength of Sandr), and it's explained that while he
was correct in assuming that Melanie is a bitch, she has yet to screw him,
so killing her would only be a pre-emptive measure.  Claudio mentions
something about a fire Pattern, and everybody listens.

{The game log breaks to fill one end of his kid, and empty the other.}

	Melanie and Claudio try to Trump Sand.  Melanie learns about the
ring.  Sand Trumps Ulysses.  They need to drain him again.  He excuses
himself, and goes to Sand and Kaedric.  They drain him, stop Brand, and
then let him go.  They talk of the plan to get the Towel Rack back from

	Sandr tries to talk Claudio into taking his ring off.  He wants no
part of Sandr's death culture.  Sandr pushes.  Still no go.  Melanie
chides Sandr for being a dork.  Sandr apologizes.  Claudio goes away. 
Caitlin arrives, and Melanie informs her of who her father is.  They talk
about magic, amongst other things.

	Kaedric and Ulysses talk as Ulysses is escorted out.  Claudio and
Archi talk about Dilweed, and those who should be considered enemies of

	Fiona and Benedict arrive in Amber.  They wish to talk with
Caitlin.  Fiona leaves Ben and child to talk.  They do.  Caitlin walks the

	Claudio hears Sandr playing the piano, and goes to investigate
this noise.  Sandr goes to get piano wire for Claudio, who sees military
uses for it.  Later, Sandr and Melanie split.  Claudio goes to find Flora
for a room, but she points to Ulysses, who happens to be gone, so she
helps him anyway.

	Melanie and Sandr do nasty stuff.

	Archi and Beauty talk, and play with the baby.  Caitt and Laughter
talk, and someone has a premonition.

	Ulysses returns.  Claudio is informed, and he finds Ulysses.  They
go to Melanie Free Europe.  Claudio wants info on Sand, and his dad, and
wants to go to them.  They can't get there (right).  So, they talk about
the Elders, getting quarters, Fiona, his Ring, life, learning new things,
and other cool stuff.

	Ulysses goes to baby-sit his daughter.  (He has a daughter?  Oh,
right.  Her.) Claudio goes to talk to Fiona.  Claudio and Fiona talk about
Melanie and how to prevent her from spying on him.

	Sandr and Archi talk about stuff.

	Ulysses teaches Trump to Sylvie as he baby-sits.

	Night falls, and morning comes.  Breakfast is served.  Melanie
vanishes, and Claudio tries to stop her, but the ring prevents it.  The
rest of breakfast couldn't give a crap for the conniving bitch.

	Melanie was grabbed by Sand and Kaedric, who then discuss Brand,
and taking something from him, and would Melanie help?  Sure, she will.

	Claudio gets a Trump (even through the ring), from Sand.  He
speaks aloud his half of the contact.  They talk, then decide that it can
wait for a later time.  Claudio and Archi go to Archi's room.

	Things peter off here, there are a bunch of player-player
conversations going on, and Kayla is cranky.

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