Session 62: "I'm sorry, this is how Chaos works.  No sex, no food!"

	We begin with Caitlin, who awakens alongside Merlin.  She awakens
him, and they quickly return to sex.  Around mid-morning, Merlin rises and
proceeds to take a shower.  Caitlin joins him.  They discuss her plans to
discover what the bite from the Serpent has done to her.  She intends to
quiz Swayvill at her meeting with him.  They Logrus out for food.  Caitlin
finishes off the morning with administration errands.  When she arrives at
her office, she finds out that Orrin is in her chair with his feet on the
desk.  He gives her another key for the mysterious doorways in the cellar. 
Orrin wins this round of their perpetual word war.

	Melanie's and Kaedric's day begins with a conversation (what a
surprise).  It is interrupted by a distress call from House Cormallon via
Theodora.  Theo needs Melanie's help.  She gives Melanie a tarot deck to
keep safe.  Melanie and Kaedric return to Chaos.

	Claudio's day begins with breakfast with Graham, who is being
taught to throw pancakes at the nanny.  The butler intrudes upon this
happy time with news of a visitor, a Lady Lidel of Sawall.  Claudio has
her sent to the gardens, while he Trumps the ever- harried Kaedric. 
Kaedric informs Claudio on pertinent information about Lady Lidel. 
Claudio goes to speak to her.  They discuss life in Chaos, and make a date
to go hunting in a few days.  She leaves, and Claudio Trumps Kaedric
(isn't he glad to have a brother?) about Chaos hunting mounts and the
possibility of a stable.  They also discuss contacting Isaac.

	Melanie finishes the morning working on invitations to Kaedric's
ball (lucky her).

	Archimedes completes his sweat lodge.  Dakota and Vain are helping
him.  They begin the ritual, when the visions begin.  Archimedes' first
vision is that of him as Oberon, making his first walk through Shadow.  He
leaves Amber through Arden, eventually arriving at the point where he
plants Ygg.  Archimedes' vision fades, and returns with his second vision,
that of the Unicorn approaching him.  Then he's in the sweat lodge, with
Vain and Dakota drugged out with him.  Laughter and Beauty are in the
middle of their ritual of magic.  This all fades, and he sees the Unicorn
again, and she's wearing the Jewel of Judgment.  The Jewel magnifies until
it fills his vision.  He sees a tomb in Amber, near the Grove of the
Unicorn.  A young man, that he knows is Alaric, is opening the door to the
tomb.  Archimedes looks around, and sees a priest of the Unicorn leading a
funeral procession.  He sees Laughter, Melanie, Kaedric, Claudio, and
several Rebmans.  He looks at the body, and the corpse has a grayish-green
hair.  The body is placed in the tomb, and the priest removes his hood,
and lo and behold, it's Ulysses.  The vision ends as the Unicorn smacks
Archimedes in the thigh (that's some hard shit, Holmes).  He sits and
contemplates the visions, when he remembers some background noise: a dog
fight, banshees, metal clashing.  He goes outside.  There are dead dogs
near the area where Laughter was performing her ritual.  He attempts to
Trump her, but her Trump does not animate.  He investigates the battle
scene, and realizes the people materialized from nowhere and fought on
foot.  He gives the children to Random to watch over, while trading jokes
about the Jewel.  Caitt offers to go with him when he assaults the

	Caitlin Trumps Fiona and goes through to her.  She tells Fiona
that Benedict has regained his memories.  Fiona says Benedict is stable,
but has a temper.  They discuss Caitlin's pregnancy.  Caitlin returns to
Chaos, and prepares for her meeting with Swayvill.  The meeting goes
smoothly.  They discuss his suit, of which she demurs.  When asked why,
she claims her heart lies elsewhere.  They promise mutual aid.  They
discuss her upcoming ball.

	Melanie stops filling out invitations to study Ran's tarot deck. 
She learns that it is warded to keep Ran from using it.  It is attuned to
Theo and Ran, and Theo is the only person that can read for Ran until she
dies.  Only a woman is able to use the deck.  Melanie does a reading, and
the first card, the prisoner being freed, sucks her into a vision.  She
sees the Pattern in the basement bleeding from its center.  She then has a
sharp jarring pain in shoulder, which snaps her out of the vision.  She
looks up to see Kaedric, who had to shove her to get her out of the
trance.  She was staring at the card for seven hours (thank goodness she's
a shapeshifter).  Kaedric is pissed.  She asks him if that's normal for
Ivoran cards.  He tells her no, they are a joke if not attuned to you. 
Kaedric tells her no more readings.  They discuss the Taormin affair.  She
forces him to promise not to take the deck.

	Archimedes Trumps Claudio, who gets set and Trumps him back. 
Archimedes then Trumps Caitlin.  They decide that they need a shapeshifter
to give them a disguise.  Caitlin enlists Aelle.  Then Caitlin Trumps
Benedict, who comes through.  Aelle shapeshifts everyone.  Claudio, to his
discomfort, is to pretend to lead the group.  They go through to Dexter. 
Claudio's spell is being blocked, so he will take them to where the spell
is being blocked.  On the way, they are stopped by a na siogai patrol. 
Claudio tries to get by them.  The patrol is duped (boy are they stupid)
and fall in with the group.  That night they murder the patrol.  They
arrive at the castle, and Archimedes shuts down magic.  He then retrieves
Song.  Caitlin gets her swords, and Benedict flushes away a couple
centuries of stoicism to ridicule Claudio.  They begin to massacre the
inhabitants of the fortification.  Archimedes, Benedict, Aelle and Caitlin
head towards Laughter, while Claudio heads towards Beauty.  He frees
Beauty and Trumps Ulysses.  When the Trump animates, he hands Beauty to
Ulysses.  Ulysses Trumps to Laughter's side, but can't pick locks, so he
Trumps to Archimedes' side, and then Trumps Archimedes to Laughter.  At
this point, Claudio catches up to Caitlin, who explains Archimedes'
disappearance.  They all are Trumped out by Ulysses.  Archimedes tends to
Laughter's wounds, mainly dislocated joints.  Benedict and Aelle leave to
discuss something privately.  Caitlin Trumps back to Merlin, and they
spend some quality time.

	Melanie awakens to find Kaedric gone and his Trump does not
animate.  Neither does Ulysses'.  She investigates the taro again.  She
goes to Kaedric's study.  He is there.  Why is he blocking?  To force her
to use her wedding ring.  Kaedric mocks her soundly.  Kaedric tells her of
Ulysses' escapades of the night before.  She sets up a spell to pull her
out if she gets sucked into the tarot deck.  She does a reading.  First
card, "Prisoner going in" is the card.  She is pulled in.  She is sitting
near the edge of the Abyss.  She only exists from the neck up.  She looks
around to find out she is a two headed serpent, and one head only has one
eye (yep, she's in deep now).  She thinks reptilian thoughts and forgets
who she is.  She is awakened to find herself on the floor again.  Yep,
Kaedric is there.  She was only out for three hours this time.  She is
done playing with deck.  She does a scrying spell on the spot where she
was the Serpent, but the spell slides off.

	Thanks for reading happy, fun game log...

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