Session 60: "It was a fairly successful mission.  Claudio got better, and
I came back to life."

	Archi decides to take the day easy, recovering and doing family
stuff.  He Trumps Random, goes through, and fills him in on the Caitlin
mission details.  Random is nonplussed, to say the least.  Archi explains
his plan to take the day off.  Random agrees, and tells him not to do that
again.  Die, that is.

	Caitlin Trumps Aelle and brings her through.  Aelle's already
heard about Caitlin's new position.  They discuss her plans for the
future, which include changing the succession laws.  Then Caitlin meets
with Orrin, who has several volumes of house paperwork for her.  Erg.  He
also shows her a scroll that reaches to the floor, containing all of
Cymnea's marriages and descendants.  He gives her a red pen and suggests
that this can be her project for the next couple of weeks.  Caitlin makes
him her Chief Steward, or whatever.  The guy she can delegate authority
to.  He explains that before she can visit the demon underworld, she needs
to be able to assume a specific form for them to recognize her, and she
can only get that form from the Serpent or one of its few chosen.  To see
the Serpent, she must go into the Abyss itself.  It's a solo journey,
natch.  She should take care of this sometime in the next couple of days,
and the demon underworld in a week.  Aelle checks the Ways' defenses, and
determines that they are good, although a small party of four or five
could make their way in.  Caitlin wouldn't know anything about this, of
course.  She mentions to Aelle that she's unsure about how she can add
people to the house.  Well, adopting houseless people is pretty easy. 
Going after people with a house starts getting into dowries and stuff. 
She does realize, of course, that Aelle is houseless...  Well, yes, but
she wasn't going to bring that up to her face.  Since Aelle brought it up,
however, she is welcome to join, if she wishes.  Caitlin sits down to her

	Claudio hangs out near Amber on a ship, learning "shiply" stuff. 
He looks up Fiona, and asks for her help in setting up a spell to let him
know when Sky returns to this universe.  Fiona points out that using a
universe-wide spell requires more power than most immortals possess.  He
could target the areas that she would be most likely to return to, though. 
Like Avalon.  He gets another lesson from her, then uses the Pattern to
teleport himself to Avalon.  Guards challenge him upon his arrival, and
ask if he's a pagan.  He says he's a believer in the Unicorn.  What about
God?  Which one?  They begins shooting arrows at him.  Claudio puts up a
force wall and Trumps Benedict, asking which god they wanted.  The
Christian one.  Oh.  Benedict brings him through, Claudio explains what he
wants, and sets up his spell.  Then he goes back to Gerard.

	Ulysses yawns and summons breakfast.  Then he Trumps Claudio, and
asks if he wants to go find Sky.  Yes.  Ulysses decides to take Beauty
along as a vacation, and dumps Oriana on Laughter.  Archi learns that
Ulysses has taught Oriana to call Archi "poo poo," so he decides to teach
the child to call Ulysses "shithead."  Such a mature relationship they
have.  Ulysses rounds up Claudio, and they go to Corwin's Pattern, since
Ulysses can see into Corwin's universe from there.  Then Ulysses Trumps
with Beauty to the hall outside of Sky's location.  She emerges when he
knocks on her door, and asks what she can do for him.  He explains that
Claudio is looking for her.  She figures she should see him, so Ulysses
brings him to her.  Sky's hair is much longer than it was before.  Ulysses
and Beauty meander downstairs, and see a four-year old child with
bluish-black hair run by screaming, "Mom!"  Beauty suggests that maybe
they shouldn't go too far.

	Sky crosses her arms and asks what Claudio wants.  To make sure
she's all right.  Who's castle is this?  Corwin's.  And hers.  Is Corwin
around?  He rode out this morning.  At this point, the little boy comes
running up.  Sky picks him up and introduces him as Gareth.  Claudio asks
if he can hang around until Corwin returns.  Sure.  Bleys is also about. 
Claudio says he doesn't really know Bleys.  Sky has Gareth show Claudio to
the library.  Claudio picks up a random book and contemplates his pain. 
Gareth hangs around, and mentions that he's got a brother.  His name is
Isaac.  He has blue hair, and looks kind of like Claudio.  Is Claudio his
dad?  Gareth's dad isn't Isaac's dad, but Mom doesn't like to talk about
that.  He can breath underwater, and rode out with Corwin this morning. 
Gareth begins to ask many incessant questions of Claudio, in the manner of
four-year olds everywhere.  Is he mad, is he tired, how did he get hurt,
etc.  Claudio asks if it's peaceful here.  Except when they're at war. 
Corwin's the peacekeeper, and things are calm in the Silver Circle.  Isaac
is six years old.  Gareth plans to practice jousting, so Claudio tags
along to watch.  Gareth is using a pony, a light lance, and big rings, so
he does manage to snag a ring.  He practices for 20 minutes, until Corwin
shows up.  Isaac looks like he'll be pretty tall, has dark skin, and black
hair with a faintly bluish tinge.

	Melanie asks Kaedric to teach her some control over her new
shapeshifting abilities, then Trumps Claudio after her lesson.  He looks
pained, and explains that he's meeting his son.  Ah, she'll leave him to
it, then.  He tells her to get back to him in three minutes or so.  She
tells Kaedric that he has a new nephew.  He wants to talk to Claudio
before she gloats, and asks her not to make things worse between them. 
She assures him that she desires nothing but cooperation with Claudio. 
Kaedric figures it's so she can get what she wants.  She admits this might
be so, but points out that it would be foolish of her to gloat to Claudio,
all things considered.

	Claudio says hello to Corwin, who remembers Claudio from when he
was a child, when Sand was in the process of fostering him.  Corwin takes
Claudio inside, and asks if there's anything he'd like to resolve about
the fact that he's Isaac's real father.  If Claudio doesn't want him,
Corwin will continue to raise him.  Claudio would have liked to be there
for the birth of his first-born.  Corwin tried to convince Sky of that,
but she was pretty mad at Claudio.  They'll try to accommodate Claudio's
wishes.  Claudio will leave it up to Isaac.  They go in search of him. 
Claudio mentions that Random wishes to speak with Corwin, and Archi will
probably look for him.  Claudio then has to explain who Archi is.  They
enter the dining hall, where Sky, Isaac and Gareth are.  Corwin explains
to Isaac that Claudio is his father, and the time has come for him to
choose who he wants to live with.  Isaac looks perplexed, then decides to
stay with Corwin and Sky, for now.  Now there's a shock.

	Melanie Trumps Claudio and pulls him through.  Claudio doesn't
bother saying goodbye to Corwin and co.  He also doesn't want to talk to
Kaedric about it.  He does ask Kaedric to tell Ulysses that he's left
Corwin's universe.  Melanie and Claudio have a psychic conversation about
how to do away with Abigail.  They decide that Claudio will befriend
Abigail and offer to teach her Trump.  He'll just happen to take her to a
place where sorcery doesn't work, and she stands out as the enemy. 
Melanie will work on finding such a place.  Claudio also asks her to get
rid of the Jezetti for him.  Melanie says that's unnecessary, since he
could probably just challenge the woman and kill her himself.

	Kaedric Trumps Ulysses to tell him Claudio has left Corwin's
universe, using Ulysses' Trump energy to do so.  Ulysses pokes fun at his
weak spot, and then heads back to reality with Beauty.

	Caitlin and Benedict discuss the ways to rule, and how to handle
Halybard.  Caitlin is told to delegate as much as possible.  They discuss
responsibility, and what one does for enjoyment.  Swayvill has to cancel
dinner.  Something came up.

	Caitlin invites Merlin over, and gives him a tour of the place. 
He invites her to dinner.  When she excepts, he takes her in his arms and
Logruses her there.  Merlin seems surprisingly friendly, rather than
trying to get her into bed.  Merlin won't say what's caused his change in
mood.  He drops her off at Halybardways, gives her a kiss, and Logruses
off.  She does paperwork for the next two days.

	Claudio sits in on one of Abigail's sorcery classes.  It's beyond
him.  After the class ends, she asks if she can help him.  He would like
some tutoring.  He'll show her something, and she'll show him something. 
What can he teach her?  Trump.  She says she remembers him from ten years
ago, and he had no aptitude of all.  He has her put up a force wall, and
tosses a fireball at it.  Why does he want to learn sorcery?  Because the
way of the warrior is not especially useful in his family.  And who is his
family?  Sand is his aunt.  How closely is he related to Kaedric?  They're
distant cousins.  She doesn't look like she buys this, and says she isn't
interested at this time, since she doesn't think he can teach Trump.  He
claims to have taught many.  She doesn't buy this, either.

	Claudio Trumps Caitlin and asks how one goes about challenging the
Jezetti to a fight.  Caitlin brings Aelle in on this conversation.  Aelle
tells him that the child was born this morning, and it was a boy, so
they're giving it to him.  Claudio likes this not at all.  He arranges to
have the child delivered, and Aelle leaves.  Claudio seeks advice from
Caitlin about this whole mess.

	Melanie spends two days learning more shapeshifting and the
protocol of her new job, finding the Shadow for Claudio, and drawing a
Trump of it.  She tries to locate Shandril, but can't find her via Trump. 
She returns to Ivory to begin her magic lessons there.

	Claudio Trumps Kaedric and asks if he can dump his kid in Ivory. 
Kaedric suggests that someplace where assassination isn't a sport might be
better, then asks what child he's referring to.  Claudio explains. 
Kaedric will set things up for him.  Does he have any interest in raising
the child at all?  Just looking in on it occasionally.  Maybe he should
foster it out, then.  What is that?  Kaedric explains, and offers to
foster the child himself.  Claudio is happy to take him up on it.  He's
naming the child Graham, based on Caitlin's suggestion.  Kaedric thinks
this is a strange idea.

	Grass talks to Archi.  Caitt's been talking to him, and he thinks
he should choose a new name, but he hasn't found one yet.

	Claudio Trumps Random and asks to come through.  This is done, and
Claudio explains about Corwin and Sky, as well as Sky and himself.  Random
makes him sit, then Trumps Archi, telling him to come through.  Random
figures that since Claudio owes him no loyalty, he can explain it to his
liege-lord.  Claudio does so.  Random decides to go to bed.  Archi points
out that this makes Random a great-great grandfather.  Random likes this
not at all.  Archi tells Claudio "good job."  Claudio asks if Archi knows
of a nanny, and mentions that Kaedric is looking for one.  Archi says to
leave it in Kaedric's hands.  Claudio Trumps back to his quarters in

	Kaedric informs Melanie of the child he will be fostering. 
Melanie is not pleased, to say the least.  Kaedric tries to assure her
that she'll never even have to see it, if she doesn't want to.  She says
it can go wherever it wants, since she won't be around to see it.  She
then Trumps out, and dumps a load of pig shit on Claudio.  Then she Trumps
her wedding ring back to her bedroom, so Kaedric can't trace her, and goes
to Ivory.

	Claudio takes a bath, changes quarters, and Trumps Orrin.  Orrin
wants no part of this, once he learns that Melanie is involved.  His
advice: run or seek sanctuary in Halybardways.  Claudio opts for the

	Ulysses returns for Oriana, who holds her arms out and says,
"Shithead."  Laughter is appalled, and has Ulysses Trump the kids away
from Archi, then Trump her to him.  He fends her off with a quarterstaff,
then draws Song when she draws Sequence.  Archi protests to Laughter that
Ulysses started it.  Laughter threatens to teach the kids to take heads,
but this doesn't bother Archi.  Laughter is miffed at this, which makes
Archi laugh.  Ulysses begins feeding the babies squash, so that he can
dump the stinky shit that results in Archi's pants.

	Archi is at dinner when the glorious moment arrives.  Ulysses
warns Laughter to say she's got to the bathroom or something, and excuse
herself.  Laughter pats her stomach and gives the thumbs up.  Archi sees
this and leaves, but Ulysses Trumps him back, and then deposits the shit
in Archi's pants.  Archi tries to Trump to Rebma, but goes nowhere. 
Ulysses prevents him from leaving for a couple of minutes.  Archi leaves
as soon as he is able to, without saying much.  Laughter Trumps Ulysses
and asks what he did.  He explains.  Laughter asks if he still can't be
killed.  Nope.  Good.

	Laughter Trumps Archi after ten minutes have passed.  He doesn't
want to take it, but Ulysses pushes it through.  He tells her to talk to
him later.  Ulysses won't let him break the contact initially, but
eventually does.  Archi Trumps to Rebma.

	Merlin comes to see Caitlin at the end of the two days.  He's very
serious.  He explains that he's spoken to Benedict, and he has permission
to court her.  Her jaw drops.  Then he adds that he's courting her for the
King of Chaos.  What does this mean?  Well, for people without much time,
this is a bit of a tradition.  He tells her all of the reasons she should
marry Swayvill, and has already taken care of the difficult task of
getting Benedict's permission.  Merlin is technically their go-between. 
This is not the most choice assignment that he's been given by Swayvill. 
Can she say no?  Yes.  It would be a morganatic marriage, of course. 
Caitlin doesn't see the point.

	Laughter tries to sleep with Archi, but he's not in the mood.  She
Trumps Ulysses to complain, because it's all his fault.  Ulysses makes
Archi desire his wife.  Afterwards, Archi leaves, asks to borrow the Jewel
from Random, and goes to Rebma.  Laughter Trumps Ulysses and tells him
that he made things worse.  Ulysses tells her where Archi is, but he's out
by the reef, which is beyond the area of Rebma where non-Rebmans can
breathe.  She has Ulysses Trump her to Rebma.  Archi Trumps Laughter,
tells her that he's mad, and he'll be back when he isn't.  He also warns
her that she can't reach him where he is.  He's mad because last night was
not his idea, it was Ulysses', and he'd appreciate it if she didn't drag
Ulysses into their arguments.  He tells her to go to Foil.  She won't,
because now she's mad at him.  He breaks the contact.  He eventually
returns to Amber and hangs out with the kids until Laughter returns, with
Vain in tow.  Doh!


"It was a fairly successful mission.  Claudio got better, and I came back
to life." -- Archi to Random

"Did (Aelle) really say 'butt?'" -- Dwinn
"She said it in Thari, so it comes out OK." -- GM
"Everything sounds better in Thari." -- Wendi

"Hey, I've been successfully neutered, it's not my problem any more." --
Archi to the group at large

"Oh, what's the worst that's happened to (Archi) recently, a cracked rib
and death?" -- Shade to Wendi

"Oh, there's a choice.  Ask the six-year old who he wants to pick: the
people who've raised him from birth, or the tall, forbidding black man."
-- Kris
"I know, but it's the only honorable way to get out of raising my son." --

"You know, if you get slapped on the back while making that face, it'll
stick that way.  But then again, with your wife, that may not be so bad."
-- Ulysses to Kaedric

"Babies require lots of changing, and feeding.  You're a prince of Amber,
you can hire someone to do that." -- Caitlin to Claudio

"Benedict is still respected in Chaos." -- Merlin to Caitlin
"I don't know if respected is the right word for it." -- Dann
"Feared." -- Kris and Dwinn, in unison

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