Session 64: "Hey, it's the Shadow of Nazi cavemen."

	In this week's installment of As the Pattern Turns, we start off
with Ulysses going off on some diplomatic missions, popping in and out of
the Golden Circle (no sick jokes please).

	Killian is in his Shadow, hunting.  Somebody stands in his path,
someone with red hair and a goatee, dressed in velvet, wearing a sword. 
They speak, the stranger is Bleys.  Bleys says the King of the universe is
interested in him, because the King is Killian's father.  Bleys mentions
that he and the King are brothers.  Killian is explained the situation
between Amber and Chaos, you know the whole and infinite number of
Shadows.  Bleys tries to trick him into coming to meet the King through
successive wagers.  Killian one ups him and says that if Bleys can get
away from Killian's dogs, then Killian will go back.  Bleys evades the
dogs in typical Bleys fashion.  He takes Killian away via Trump (a vile
sorcery).  Killian attacks Bleys, but Bleys is too rico suave for that. 
Eventually, a tall dark- haired man approaches.  He introduces himself as
Corwin.  Corwin introduces himself as Killian's father (aahh that King of
the universe).  Corwin tries to explain Pattern and Shadow to Killian. 
Wants him to walk the Pattern, explains how to do such a thing.  Then he
tells Killian of the beginnings and the Unicorn and the Serpent, while
leading him to the Pattern.  Killian agrees to walk the Pattern.  Corwin
gives him a Shadow shifting lesson while they descend the stairs.  He asks
Killian to not bleed on the Pattern.  Killian is successful, and at the
center he thinks of appearing within grabbing distance of Bleys.  When he
appears, Bleys ducks and rolls.  Killian gets a hand on Bleys and begins
to dislocate Bleys' shoulder.  Bleys uses a power word on him, and Killian
falls unconscious.  When he awakens, he begins to head through Shadow back
to Corwin's Amber.  It takes him five years.

	Melanie speeds through ten years.  Her daughter, Alora, has red
hair.  She meets with Swayvill.  She tells Kaedric what job she has
accepted.  Tells Swayvill that she wants to be the Chief Ambassador.  She
has three weeks to pick an ambassador to Amber.(also the one in Corwin's
universe).  Also, he would like to meet her daughter on the morrow. 
Melanie returns to Chantille Vale.  Alora is still a living Trump (she'll
need it as Melanie's child).  Melanie checks in with her Ivory answering
service, but alas Theo is still not back.  Melanie teaches some etiquette
to Alora and begins a letter to Corwin.

	Claudio heads off to a fast-time Shadow to age Graham rapidly. 
Kaedric gets a hold of him and says Claudio is an uncle.  Kaedric invites
Claudio to visit Chantille Vale.  This does not sound promising to
Claudio, so he refuses.  Kaedric tells him when Alora will be presented to
Swayvill.  Kaedric give Claudio a Trump of a fast-time Shadow, and
arranges for a tutor to aid both Claudio and Graham's sorcery lessons. 
The Tutor is named Adira, and she is gorgeous.  Claudio ends up Trumping
Ulysses to ask if he will help Claudio get into contact with Isaac. 
Ulysses owes him for saving Beauty.  Ulysses agrees, and transports
Claudio directly (much to Claudio's dismay, since he wasn't ready). 
Claudio asks a page for the whereabouts of the court (Isaac, Corwin et

	Killian arrives in Corwin's Amber, at the castle, in fact.  The
guards challenge him (anyone else have a bad feeling about this??).  They
ask for his name.  Killian insults them and begins to climb the gate. 
They begin to fire crossbows at him.  Eventually, he gets hit by one.  He
jumps onto the wall and grabs a guard to use as a shield.  He kills his
shield when he gets to the next guard.  He tries to open the gate after
slaying the guards of one tower.  He whistles to his pack, which proceeds
through the gate and begin to attack the guards, and then Killian heads to
the next tower.  A blue-haired woman comes out with a bow and aims at
Killian.  He gets out of her line of sight, right quick.  He heads for the
stairs and begins to fight his way down.   At this point,
Claudio hears the battle going on.  He teleports to the top of the wall to
see a body flying toward him, thanks to Killian's marksmanship.  Claudio
raises a force wall and then puts Killian to sleep.  He places a force
wall around Killian.  He then sees the mayhem going on in the courtyard
and puts the whole courtyard to sleep.  He then sees Isaac and Gareth come
running out.  He bows to the boys and Sky.  They discuss Killian, and
begin procedures to contain Killian and his dogs.  Claudio discovers that
Corwin is away.  Sky and Claudio talk.  They discuss Isaac.  It is still
Isaac's decision on whether or not he will go with Claudio.  Sky is not
happy with the idea, but she accepts it.  She calls in Isaac, and asks if
he wishes to complete his training or go with Claudio.  Claudio mentions
that he would like both of his sons to meet each other.  Isaac decides he
will visit and then come back to complete his training.  Claudio brings up
the problem of having no way to leave this universe.  Sky notes that
Corwin will not be back for a week.  Claudio asks Sky to Trump Corwin. 
She does so, and looks very angry.  She asks Isaac to leave, and the
relays that Corwin wants Claudio and Sky to make amends.  Claudio asks for
the Trump and attempts to contact Corwin, who will have none of that shit. 
They will make up over Killian.

	Melanie Trumps to Corwin's front gate and walks in to see dogs
being collected.  Once she is in the courtyard, the guards challenge her. 
She tells them who she is, and they send word to Sky.  Sky leaves the
chained Killian with Claudio and goes to meet Melanie.  Killian wakes up
shortly there after.  He and Claudio discuss who he is, and why he
attacked the guards.  Claudio discovers that Killian is quite clueless,
but is nigh unto a force of nature.  They discuss Trump somewhat, but
Killian's lack of education makes it difficult.  Killian is freed from the
chains.  Melanie at this time is giving her note to Sky to be delivered to
Corwin.  She spies long enough to get an impression of Killian.

	Niccolo is told that he is to meet the King.  He has a note
addressed to his position.

	Ulysses meets with Random, who asks if Ulysses can get in contact
with Gerard.  Ulysses admits that he can't get a hold of Gerard.  Random
has him sit down, while Random begins to chain smoke.  He mentions that
Gerard has not reported in the past three days.  Ulysses goes to the
juncture between Corwin's Universe and Random's.  He finds out that Gerard
is not in Corwin's universe.  Random wants the Jewel, but Ulysses reminds
him that Archimedes can use it better.  They contact Archimedes, who was
discussing plans to kill the seven wizards in Dexter.  He steps through to
Amber.  They Trump Fiona, and then go to a blank spot in the universe. 
They find Gerard disemboweled, lying in the center of a broken Pattern. 
They Trump to a high technology Shadow and begin to revive his shattered
body.  Fiona, Ulysses, and Random go back to the spot to find out what

	Claudio and Killian continue their vapid intellectual dialogue. 
Claudio discovers Melanie was spying on him.  Melanie arrives next to
Claudio.  Claudio introduces her.  Melanie attempts to heighten the
intellect of the conversation.  She is denied.  The three of them discuss
Killian's encounter with Bleys.  They discuss why Trump is a vile sorcery. 
Sky returns and sends Melanie off to her own universe.  Claudio formally
introduces Killian to Sky.  Sky thinks that Killian could take Claudio to
Corwin.  Claudio decides that it may be best that the children go with
Killian to Corwin, and Claudio will stay here with her.

	Melanie meets with Swayvill, who gives her a list of candidates
for the ambassadorship.  She formally presents Alora.  She mentions that
she has conveyed her message to Corwin's consort.  A Vertix is suggested
for Corwin's ambassador (at least a Vertix that is more loyal to the crown
than to Vertix).  Swayvill gives her a list of known Vertans to talk to. 
She is to start with those who sit on the Council.

	Claudio and Killian are shown rooms.  Killian sleeps on the floor,
Claudio on a bed (see, they really are different).  Claudio attempts to
Trump Kaedric, alas it does not work.  Sky wakes Killian and sends him off
with Isaac and Gareth.  Claudio awakens, uses a spell to find Sky, and
teleports to her.  Sky has not slept, and when Claudio makes a glib
remark, she throws a vase at him.  They begin to argue.

So, the ending scenes are:

Killian walking into Shadow/Niccolo waiting/Melanie relaxing in Chantille

All blissfully unaware that:

Ulysses and Fiona and Random have gone off to the blank spot in the

Archimedes is tending Gerard when Gerard awakens and gasps out one word,

(fade to black)

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