Session 76:  "Chaosites in Amber.  That hardly ever happens."

	Killian wakes up in Rebma in his room.  A Rebman with him pulls
out a Trump.  Killian does not recognize him.  The Rebman is Trumping
Benedict.  The man says that Cordelia is worried.  Killian has his Trump.

	There is a knock at Archimedes' door.  It is Benedict.  Claudio is
also there.  Benedict says that things need to be explained to Killian,
like why Killian hasn't been killed.  Archimedes needs to explain it to
him.  Benedict offers to deal with Claudio.  Archimedes doesn't think that
will help.

	Archimedes then deals with Claudio.  Claudio wants an apology from
Archimedes.  Archimedes throws him out and goes to Rebma.  He goes to
Killian's house once he arrives.

	Cordelia is in the sitting room reading when Killian comes down.
She informs him that it is night.  Cordelia warns him against challenging
Benedict.  There is a knock at the door.  Cordelia answers the door.

	Cordelia leaves when she sees Archimedes' frown.  Archimedes asks
why Killian is trying to kill himself.  Since he has failed the challenge,
he cares not how it ends.  Archimedes says that if he has to choose
between Killian's death and ending the challenge, he will end the
challenge.  Killian is confused.  He thought his death was the ultimate
goal.  Archimedes says there was never any intention of killing him. 
Archimedes and Killian discuss Benedict.  Archimedes returns to Amber.

	Killian Trumps Gerard and pulls him through.  Gerard tries to be
gentle but Killian provokes him.  Gerard warns him off using his full
strength.  Killian tries to make it a learning experience.  Killian
manages to amuse Gerard.  Gerard wants to go drinking that night.

	Ragnar's morning. He works out, checks on Sand.  She is not there,
and nobody knows where she is.  He leaves a message.  He goes into the
city to talk to a merchant.  He will use this for Laughter's spy ring.  He
looks for wealthy and important people.  He finds that the money in Amber
is old.  He eats lunch at the castle and socializes.

	Claudio writes Random a note telling him that Archimedes threw him
out.  The wizard school on Ixaxis is not in session.  He spends time on
the Christian side instead, observing their lives.  He is able to tell
that about 200 years have passed.  They have discovered gun powder. 
Mazadan is not dead.  Ixaxis is equal in time with Amber.  Claudio spends
the day there and then comes back.

	Melanie is arguing with Kaedric over Alora taking the bite of the
Serpent.  Melanie irritates Kaedric into storming out.  Melanie goes her
office and does paperwork.  She has a meeting with Dakota.  Melanie
answers his questions.  He is sparse on protocol.  She gives him a brief
lesson.  He shows his new manners at tea that afternoon.  Alora is well
behaved.  She looks like she is weighing something in her mind.  Alora
goes to her room after Dakota leaves and goes immediately to Thelbane. 
She is in Swayvill's office when Melanie locates her via Trump.  Alora
returns to Kaedricways right before dinner.  Melanie speaks with her. 
Alora is dressing for dinner and avoids the questions.  Alora suggests
that Melanie help Ian dress for dinner.

	Before noon, Archimedes is summoned by Random.  There is a new
relative, Joseph, an uncle.  Joseph has been with Benedict.  Archimedes
tells Random that Claudio's mission failed.  They go to lunch.

	Ulysses has an appointment with the Unicorn.  The Unicorn does not
talk in this form.  Ulysses attends lunch afterwards.  Ulysses has not
told Beauty.

	Killian is stiff and sore the next morning.  Cordelia is waiting
for him.  He mentions that he was fighting with Gerard.  He thinks he's
going to stop now.  Killian is to learn about wines this day.  There will
be a field trip.  They use his Trump of the city of Amber, where they go
to Bayle's Wine Emporium.  They run into Ragnar.  Ragnar recognizes
Killian.  Cordelia introduces him to Killian.  Ragnar tries to impress. 
It works on Cordelia.  Cordelia explains that she is Killian's tutor. 
Killian sends mixed signals.  Wines are discussed in detail.  Cordelia
asks Ragnar to lunch.  Killian practices being polite.  Cordelia seems to
be sincere in Ragnar's opinion.  They separate after lunch.  Cordelia has
limited knowledge of Amber.

	Cordelia suggests that Killian work on his sincerity, after Ragnar
leaves.  Killian asks for an explanation.  Killian's lesson is done for
the day.  Killian breaks a piece of crockery in the house.

	Ulysses seems to have an inner glow at lunch.  Archimedes and
others notice.  Random comments.

	Ulysses does "stuff" for the rest of the day.

	Killian gets used to the idea of living.  He checks on the pack
and runs them through town.

	A state dinner is held for the presentation of Melanie's children. 
Claudio Trumps Melanie right before dinner.  He apologizes for not being
able to attend dinner.  He admits to having a strained relation with the
royal family.  Melanie appreciates his thoughtfulness and accepts his

	Dinner is uneventful.  The children are announced.  Ian is stunned
by the presentation.  Ulysses captures Alora's attention.  Ulysses has a
halo.  He is getting looked over by many.  Graham thinks a lot during the

	Melanie speaks to Archimedes after dinner, concerning Dakota. 
Dakota needs training.  Archimedes says that he will help if he can, and
says that Ulysses is in charge of Dakota.  Melanie is unable to find
Ulysses, and leaves Archimedes a note to this effect.

	Kaedric talks to Claudio.  Claudio heads to the Pattern room. 
Claudio cannot tell where Graham is by using sorcery.  The guards let him
in.  Graham is walking the Pattern.  Claudio's spells are gone, as are
Kaedric's.  Claudio Trumps Random.  He tells Random that Graham is walking
the Pattern, and tells him of his and Kaedric's spells.  Graham used
sorcery to get past the guards.  Claudio watches as Graham gets to the
center and disappears.  Kaedric won't let Claudio walk the Pattern after
Graham.  Kaedric thinks Graham will be back in an hour.

	Claudio pulls out a Trump of Rebma and goes there.  Claudio goes
to see Llewella.  Claudio wants to walk the Rebman Pattern.  The Rebman
Pattern is monitored as well.  Moire is in Amber.  Claudio goes to see

	Killian invites Claudio in.  Claudio sits within reach.  They
speak of his time in Rebma.  Claudio tells him that his son has walked the
Pattern.  He thanks Killian for attending the wedding.  Killian asks after
Sky.  She is angry.  They speak of Killian's scuffles.  Claudio returns to
Amber after the discussion.

	Ragnar speaks with Penthold.  Ragnar is being disturbed by the guy
next to him.  The man continues to bump Ragnar's arm.  A bar fight is
started.  Ragnar tries to avoid it, but is scratched and takes
precautionary measures.  Price comes out and breaks up the fight.  Ragnar
begins to detoxify his arm.  He can't tell the quality of the poison. 
Ragnar bleeds the cut.  Price offers him a seat.  They talk about
Strongbow's arrangements.  Ragnar reiterates them.  Strongbow has many
resources.  He operates under the table.  He wants to avoid bad business. 
Ragnar is interested in expanding into Amber.  He wants Price to handle
this for him.  Price has not heard of Strongbow.  Price is leery.  They
speak of Balthazaar.  Money is discussed.  Price wants time to think about
it.  Ragnar gives him two days.  Ragnar's arm is blistering.  He can
tolerate the pain for now.  Price wants Ragnar to think of a name in the
two days.  The name is Damita.  He wants information on this man.  Ragnar
wants information on the man who poisoned him.  Price has no information. 
Ragnar wants him to think about it.

	Ragnar stands and the world spins.  He realizes he has been
poisoned with the Hendrake house poison.  He blacks out.  He comes around
briefly.  Somebody is carrying him.  It is Sand.

	Claudio waits for Graham to return.  He sets a detection spell in
the main hall.  Graham returns.  Claudio Trumps him.  Graham is two years
older (16).  Claudio wants an explanation.  Graham doesn't want to explain
it.  He says he's sorry.  Claudio says he will be.  Claudio cuts the
contact.  Graham Trumps him back.  Claudio puts the ring on.  Claudio
Trumps Kaedric.  It doesn't animate.  Claudio Trumps Sky.  He wants to
talk about Graham.  Claudio informs her of Graham's escapades.  Claudio
mentions that he wants an apology from Archimedes.  Sky points out the
flaw in this.  Claudio is more concerned about Graham.  Claudio says he
will be in Chaos.  Claudio leaves a note for Graham before he leaves.

	There is a knock on Melanie's door.  It is the butler.  Graham is
there to see her and Kaedric.  Graham asks for hospitality.  Claudio is
irritated with him.  Kaedric offers him a guest room.  Kaedric and Melanie
discuss Graham.  Kaedric doesn't think Alora will take the bite of the
Serpent.  Melanie tells Kaedric of Alora's visit with Swayvill.  They

	Mok visits Ismene in the Golden Circle.  Ismene has a political
marriage in Assyssla.  She is a princess, being married to a younger son. 
Mok and Ismene have nothing in common.  Ismene cannot help him with his
'powers.' She doesn't know why Eric put him in Gaia.  Eric died a month
later.  Mok asks why she wanted to see him.  He's her son.  Ismene leaves
at this point in tears.  Caitlin comes in shortly afterwards.  Mok does
not have a Trump deck.  Caitlin says she is Benedict's daughter.  Caitlin
offers to spar.  They move to the yard.  Caitlin is faster, but Mok is a
little stronger.  Caitlin is not getting very tired.  Mok is disarmed
three hours later.  Caitlin offers to let him see her children, as she is
trying to avoid his questions of the future.  Mok sees the kids and
apologizes to Ismene.  Ismene would like him to pass a week with her.

	That night, Killian checks out the Trump of the mountain.  He
explores and returns.  Killian takes Cordelia on a picnic during the week. 
He attempts to kiss her and is successful.  She looks confused afterwards. 
She offers him another sandwich.  Killian looks confused for a moment,
then carries on with the picnic.

	Cordelia approaches Killian at the end of the week, two days
later, and asks if he actually kissed her two days ago.  Killian admits
remembering it.  Cordelia blushes.  Cordelia is not interested if he is
wooing her only if she is convenient.  Killian mentions her sister as an
answer to that.

	Ragnar wakes up.  He is in the infirmary.  He has a fever.  This
is worse than the last time he was poisoned.  Archimedes has extra guards
posted.  Ragnar feels like he is dying.  Sand asks him if he knows an
antidote.  He doesn't and blacks out.  When he wakes up his mother is
there.  She provides the antidote.  He feels a needle prick in the arm,
and in the bottom of each foot, then the other arm and his ass.

	Ragnar wakes up feeling much better.  His mother is still there. 
She does not know who informed her of Ragnar's poisoning.  She'll collect
the favor later.  She congratulates him on killing Finndo.  She leaves
after some witty repartee.  Ragnar Trumps Sand.  He thanks her for her
part in saving him.  She withholds her information source.  He wants to
know where Sand stands, as he is afraid she might have given him away.  He
asks for her theories.  She says she has many.  She informs him that he
has passed a week in recovering.  She found him in an alley two blocks
away from the bar.  Sand has not talked to anyone about him.  Ragnar wants
to report to the King.  Sand tells him to wait until morning.  He returns
to sleep.

	Archimedes passes a week.  Laughter goes into false labor on
Tuesday night.  Archimedes spends time with Dakota, teaching him social

	Killian asks for an audience with Moire.  He asks for a new tutor. 
Moire agrees.  Cordelia storms in that evening.  She is angry that he got
her fired.  He offers no explanation.  Cordelia storms off.  The next day
he goes to Cordelia's house.  The are bags outside.  Killian walks into
the house.  A woman screams.  He asks after Cordelia.  She is at the
harbor in Amber.  Killian goes to city Amber and gets directions.  The
harbor is large.  Killian approaches a boat and looks for the captain.  He
asks where the University is.  It is in Assyssla.  The captain suggests
the roster.  Killian is given directions.  He asks after Cordelia at the
appropriate ships.  He is told to check the passenger lists.  He returns
to Rebma.  Killian takes the pack to city Amber and finds Cordelia. 
Killian knocks one of the crewmen overboard for calling him Julian. 
Killian knocks on Cordelia's door.  She doesn't want to see him.  He asks
her to lunch, then dinner.  She says no.  He points out that she is going
to the University, and that's what she wanted.  He says she is no longer
convenient.  He offers her her old job back.  She refuses, and points out
that he wasn't supposed to woo her.  She's not easily left.  They argue. 
He asks her what she wants.  She doesn't know.  She admits that he has
wooed her successfully.  He says she can tell the Queen what she wants. 
Cordelia borrows a Trump and steps out.  Killian can't see who she is

	Archimedes gets a Trump call from Cordelia.  Archimedes asks her
what Killian's done now.  She says he has successfully wooed a woman. 
After awkward conversation, she admits that the woman was her.  Archimedes
Trumps Killian and tells him that he has been released, as he has
successfully completed the challenge.

	Cordelia returns.  Her baggage arrives.  Killian asks her who she
called.  She admits who, and says that Archimedes didn't make her cry. 
Killian asks her what she wants.  She doesn't know.

	Killian Trumps Archimedes to see if he has a Trump of Assyssla. 
He says one could be made.  Killian says that he will see Cordelia in
Assyssla.  Killian takes her into his arms and kisses her.

	The week in Chaos:  Swayvill calls a Council meeting.  Alora has
caused this.  Alora is absent when this is announced.  The meeting will
take place at the end of the week.  Claudio Trumps Sky to warn her of a
possible delay.  Kaedric mentions nothing to Alora.  Claudio discovers
that Graham is in Kaedricways.  Claudio tells Graham there is a note for
him in Amber.  Alora and Graham have not interacted over the week.  Graham
helps Ian glare at Dakota.  Graham apologizes to Claudio the day after. 
Claudio discusses education with him.  Claudio wants to be informed the
next time, and he wants Graham to have Kaedric's help.

	Melanie and Kaedric finally make up.  Claudio Trumps Kaedric.  He
arranges help for Graham.  Melanie meets with Dakota occasionally.

	Mok's visit with Ismene is finished.  Mok wants to go out into
Shadow to test his powers.  Caitlin volunteers to play guide.  They relive
the 'what's a horse' conversation.  Mok attempts to saddle the horse.  Mok
makes contact.  Mok's horse is hungry.  Mok follows Caitlin.  Mok looks
for an air bike.  Air bikes don't work in all Shadows, Caitlin explains. 
Mok isn't good enough to make the bike work.  He returns to the horse. 
Once on Iomyo, he talks to the captain and books passage home.  Mok goes
to see the band.

	Claudio gets Graham squared away.  He takes up residence in a
nearby city.

	Ragnar goes to see the King.  He explains that he was poisoned,
and points out that someone in town knows an awful lot about Chaos and is
awfully well organized.  Random thanks him for the information.

	Before the Council meeting, as Melanie is working in her office,
she hears something in the hall.  There is a battle out in the main hall. 
She does not recognize the combatants.  Kaedric comes to get her out. 
Kaedric thinks it has something to do with Finndo's army.  Kaedric takes
her out a secret way.  He takes her higher up into Thelbane.  She hears
keening whistling.  She shifts her eyesight.  Kaedric tells her to get
behind him.  They are being gassed.  The gas is fast-acting.  Melanie
loses consciousness.

	Melanie wakes up on a pallet.  Kaedric is unconscious next to her. 
He is very bruised.  Two people are sitting in the corner.  Sorcery and
Trump aren't working.  Neither is Logrus.  Shapeshifting is working.  One
of the people stands and stretches, walking toward the door.  Her foot
seems to stick for a moment as she stands.  Melanie shifts into her demon
form.  She has no items with her.  The second person approaches. 
Conjuration does not work.  Melanie sits up.  Melanie tries to avoid being
touched.  The man has brown hair and red eyes.  He will not tell her who
he is.  He says they are acquainted.  She tries to avoid him.  She is
grabbed.  She is returned to her normal form.  He kisses her.  She bites
his tongue and realizes that it's forked.  She falls unconscious.

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