Game Log 36

	Melanie finds Sandr an apartment, and it is tres nice.  Melanie
has scheduled Sandr for a head shrinking at 10 a.m. the next day.  Sandr
wanders around his new home Shadow, and Melanie departs.

	The coronation ball drags on.  Archi hobnobs with the last of the
Golden Circle losers.  Ismene, Mok's mother, talks with Archi.  Laughter
urges Fiona to get Ismene away from Archi, as she is flirting with him. 
Archi continues building his network of power and information.  It is
revealed that Cador had assisted Finndo, and that Dolt, err Dalt, has
taken over in Kashfa.  Archi goes to bed, but doesn't get to sleep before
Laughter decides that she craves a snack.  She leaves, and doesn't return

	Melanie lenses around Foil, looking for 'something'.  'She' is
sitting by the water, picking herbs.  'She' has a sword.  'She' is
startled by Melanie's approach.  Adrian comes out of hiding from behind a
tree.  The three ladies chatter.  Melanie wishes to talk to Lady, who is
revealed to be ANOTHER Pattern ghost of Laughter.  They talk about how
uncomfortable Lady is in Foil, and Melanie offers an out.  She offers to
take Lady to another Universe.  Adrian thinks this is a bonus idea, but
Lady isn't so sure.

	Melanie Trumps Maron from Ygg.  She offers Lady to him as a cheap
replacement of Laughter.  He politely declines.  He suggests that Melanie
move the Eye of Peace, since Ygg may well give it to the wrong person. 
The discussion then turns to Benedict, who was the one who aced the
Hendrake Pattern, and then rode the wave to Atherton.  She informs him
that Sandr is in therapy, and has no bodyguard.  Adrian comes into the
discussion, and Maron remembers who she is.  Melanie goes to get Lady and
Adrian, and Maron leaves Ygg.  Melanie gets the Eye, and then goes to

	Sandr is in the Azalea Festival.  He's just kind of going along
with the massive flows of people in the streets.  He scouts/wanders
around, then returns home.  There is a cat there.  He decides to feed said

	Back in the castle, Laughter heads back to her room.  Melanie
passes her in the hall, and walks with her for a bit.  As they get towards
Laughter's room, Archi is awakened with a sharp headache, and Melanie
finds the Eye growing amazingly hot.  Melanie vanishes.  Archi goes to
find the Jewel, which destroyed the tree it was sitting in.  Laughter gets
burnt retrieving the Jewel.  Archi inquires, and Laughter points out that
she was walking with Melanie, and *poof,* she was gone, and then Archi
showed up.  Hmmmm.  Archi puts the Jewel in a safebox, and puts that under
his pillow.  Sequence is babbling, and Laughter coils up in the fetal
position, as if to hug her fetuses.  Melanie ponders the Eye, off in
Shadow.  She hides the Eye near Foil, in a magicked box.

	In the morning, Ulysses arranges the Funeral.  Sandr has therapy
with Dr.  Edwards.  Archi does paperwork, and Bill Roth gives a hand. 
Melanie gets a proper dress, and then goes to breakfast, where she informs
Archi of Benedict's plan.  Melanie implies that Ulysses is of Chaos
heritage.  It is pondered that Benedict will finish destroying all the
Patterns.  Sandr, who arrived with Melanie, simply listens.

	Melanie and Sandr discuss how the head shrinking went.  Sandr
notices that Melanie has TWO Pattern imprints.  He indicates that he
wishes to talk to Archi about this, after he has left Melanie.  Archi is a
little hesitant, since Sandr wishes to talk psychically, but finally
assents.  Sandr relays this information to him, and then goes off to talk
to Laughter.  It is made apparent that Bleys split after replanting Arden.

	Balin interrupts Melanie's spying on Sandr.  He wants Trumps. 
Melanie Trumps Flora, then Ulysses.  Ulysses is not amicable, and he sends
her to Archimedes for authorization.  Ulysses gets the Trump deck while
she gets authorization from Archi, and then dumps it in front of them,
when Archi Trumps to tell him to do it.  Balin then gets a Trump lesson.

	At the Funeral, the flying demons are a little annoying, so
Laughter makes then invisible.  Sadly, they can't see each other, and thus
have collisions.  One falls on a guest, injuring him.

	Sander goes to dinner with a stranger in Assyssla, as per Doctor's
orders.  His guest is gay, and the two separate at midnight.

	It's petition day.  Brenner, Muriel's brother from Rebma, brings a
'marriage' license to Archi, to show that Archi is already married to
Muriel.  Archi brushes him aside, insisting that it's fake.  Archi Trumps
Llewella, to have her investigate the marriage thing.  He then talks with
Bill "I'll save your ass" Roth, and then Laughter.

	Ulysses Trumps Tianen, looking for help on the whole Living Trump
thing, and she agrees to help in exchange for sex.  He begrudgingly
accepts, after discovering that the Trump trails of the two perpetrators
are impossible to follow.  Tianen shapeshifts into Melanie, and goes to
talk with Shandril about who did it.  Shandril has no idea, and was only
BSing to Ulysses to get him to go away.

	Fiona Trumps Archi and Laughter.  Benedict is in the Atherton

	Sylvie bursts in on Ulysses and Tianen, and then runs off. 
Ulysses follows her, and they have a big talk about Benedict, Tianen,
love, Balin, and what Brenner did.  Then Sylvie goes to see Melanie, but
Melanie already knew about Benedict.  She didn't know that Ulysses was
banging her mother, though.  Sylvie didn't know that Ulysses was part
Chaosite, either.  It's just Revelation day.

	Sandr wakes up in Shadow, to the sound of his piano being played. 
He goes to investigate, and finds, much to his surprise, that it's Brand. 
Sandr passes out, and wakes up much later to find Brand gone.

	Sylvie helps Melanie fend off a Trump from Sandr, and then
realizing that it's him, lets him through.  He comes to them, and orders
Sylvie to go away.  She is pissed.  She storms off to talk to Ulysses. 
Melanie and Sandr discuss Brand, and his arrival in Sandr's apartment, and
whether talking to him is a good idea.

	Archi goes to the library to read up on Chaos.  Balin, who Archi
discovers was Lord of Serii, is also there.  They talk father and son

	Ulysses wakes and goes to find Archi.  He makes known his intent
to go find Benedict, by walking the Atherton Pattern.  Tianen is going to
be going too, as is Sylvie.  Sylvie talks with Archi and Laughter. 
Laughter tries to Trump Fiona, Ulysses tries to stop her, and fails. 
Fiona has her own plan, naturally.  Ulysses and Fiona go to Ygg, where he
tells her that he'd rather do it his way.  She miffedly agrees.  Ulysses
gathers Tianen and Sylvie, and then heads to the Atherton Pattern.  He
walks it, takes his family into the new Universe, then shacks them up
while he re-learns Pattern lens.  He finds Benedict, and readies the group
to go to him.

	Archi, acting on information given to him by Sylvie through
Ulysses, looks into the Brenner incident.  IT seems that he didn't return
to Rebma after leaving Amber, but instead he went to Kashfa.  Odd.

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