Session 73: "Whatever you're going to do, I'm sure it's stupid, so don't."

	Ulysses gets a Trump call from Merlin in the morning.  Caitlin has
had twins.  Ulysses admits that he knows who the father is, then cuts the
contact.  Merlin Trumps back, but Ulysses refuses the contact.

	Archimedes spends time with Laughter, then Trumps Kaedric and
pulls him through.  Archimedes wants Kaedric to stab him to see if the ink
worked.  Kaedric will not and calls for Laughter.  Laughter comes out, not
exactly dressed for company, and quickly returns to the bedroom.  She
comes back when clad, but she won't cut Archimedes, either.  He cuts
himself, and the wound heals quickly.

	Archimedes receives a Trump call the next morning from Merlin.  He
announces that Caitlin has twins.  They will be coming to Amber soon. 
Archimedes will arrange rooms for them.  Merlin asks for advice on raising
twins.  Archimedes chuckles and asks him if he's a patient man. 
Archimedes allows that Laughter would be knowledgeable on the subject,
should Caitlin wish her advice.

	Claudio wakes up tied to Corwin.  He can move a little.  Corwin
has failed to break the bonds.  They decide to find out who did this to
them.  Corwin says they have to do some "mutual twisting" to free
themselves.  Claudio discovers that magic does not work.  On the count of
three, they twist and are free.  Claudio determines that Fiona and
Archimedes were last in the room, once he is out of it.  He Trumps

	Archimedes takes the call.  Claudio tries to get Archimedes to
come through to him.  Claudio says that Sky is there.  Corwin and she have
drawn blades on each other.  Sky wants to talk.  She wants them to
forswear their vengeance.  Sky wants them to get along, or she won't marry
Claudio and she'll kill Corwin.  Corwin wants to injure the party who tied
them together.  Sky says no.  Claudio teleports he and Corwin to his
quarters.  Sky screams.

	Archimedes heads toward the sound.  He meets the three of them in
the hall.  Claudio wants to speak to him in private.  Archimedes sends a
help pulse over the ring to Laughter.  Laughter then Trumps Ulysses and
hands him breakfast.  Ulysses wants to know what's up.  Laughter says she
doesn't know, but he has to stop it.

	Ulysses appears in the hall.  A hilarious argument ensues about
why Corwin and Claudio can't beat the snot out of Archimedes.  They ask if
they can at least ambush him at some later date.  Ulysses says no. 
Archimedes says that no matter what, he won, as Corwin and Claudio are now
getting along, which was the whole point of the endeavor.  Corwin stalks
off.  Claudio goes to his own quarters.

	There is a knock at Claudio's door.  He throws up a force wall. 
Sky Trumps him.  Claudio says he has business.  Sky comes through. 
Claudio is not interested in the advances Sky offers him.  Sky assures his
presence at the wedding.  Claudio agrees, then goes to Chaos.

	Killian is surrounded by the Pack when he awakes.  Cordelia
screams when she sees them.  Killian escorts her to another room after
accustoming the dogs to her.  Cordelia continues his lesson.  She is
interested in leaving him the work and leaving herself.  She asks about
the Pack, then continues his lesson.  At noon, she suggests some field
work.  He needs to find a woman to woo.  He can choose a woman at the
market or castle.  Killian takes the Pack with him.  He keeps them under
control.  He wanders, and Cordelia wants him to choose.  He says none are
prettier than she, and he doesn't see the need to go to the castle.  She
leaves him another book.  Killian goes to the castle with the dogs to see

	Archimedes gets a Trump call from Moire.  Psychically, she says
that Killian has his dogs in her throne room.  He also wants to walk the
Pattern.  She wants Archimedes to come through, so he does.  He asks why
Killian wants to walk the Pattern and the answer is to help the wooing
process.  Archimedes asks if he can play escort, then.  Killian consents. 
The Pack also happens to like Archimedes.  They walk the Pattern and
Killian takes them to the room off of the Fire Pattern were the bodies
are.  He takes the horn.  Archimedes doesn't stop him, as the horn is
magicked to appear when needed.  Archimedes Trumps Moire to get back.  She
wants Archimedes to give Killian a Trump of Archimedes and of Rebma. 
Archimedes passes this message on to Ulysses, then rewards Killian's good
behavior with a mental picture of Corwin and Claudio tied together.

	Ulysses gives Killian an entire pack of cards, minus only a few.

	Kaedric and Melanie discuss passing time in Shadow.  He is going
to inspect Shadows.  Alora is amenable to the idea.  They discuss more
than one Shadow to spend time in.  At the end of the afternoon, he takes
them to two Shadows, 1900's New England and 1960's Oxford.  Alora likes
the Oxford Shadow.  Melanie does not.  They will leave for Ixaxis after
Claudio's wedding.

	 Claudio Trumps Orrin, but does not get through.  He is updated on
Finndo's occupation of Halybard by his staff.  There are rumors that
Caitlin is alive.  He Trumps Melanie and goes through to her.  They
discuss Finndo.  Claudio has business to attend to.  Claudio apologizes
for presenting Alora.  Claudio returns to his Ways and hires someone to
find Orrin.  He then goes to Ixaxis.  Kaedric find him there.  He knows
that Claudio hired someone.  Kaedric was checking on the wedding plans. 
Kaedric wants to know what happened with Corwin.  Claudio tries to coerce
Kaedric into helping him trap Archimedes.

	Archimedes gets a Trump call from Kaedric and pulls him through. 
He wants to speak to Sky, and warns Archimedes that Claudio is out to get
him.  Archimedes warns Laughter of his beating to come, and spends the
rest of the afternoon wandering.

	Ulysses gathers a staff to teach Dakota to read.  Beauty is having
the first bouts of morning sickness.

	Killian puts Archimedes' card on the top of the deck Ulysses gave
him, and stows the cards.  He goes hunting.  Nothing very big shows up. 
He spend the night hunting.  Cordelia arrives as usual.  He gives her the
horn, plus the "collector's item" spiel, since the horn won't blow.  He
gets a quiz.  Killian chuckles every now and then and has to explain it to
Cordelia.  They return to etiquette, and Killian hunts once again.

	Archimedes asks Random for advice on handling Corwin.  He can
offer none.

	Kaedric Trumps Claudio.  He explains the upcoming wedding, which
Sky has planned.  Sky wants Claudio's input on who will perform the
marriage.  Random is agreed upon.  Kaedric asks when does Claudio want to
have his shapeshifting turned back on, and he also tells him of the
bachelor party.  Claudio says he wants none and Kaedric Trumps out.

	Melanie gets a Trump call from Laughter.  She wants help with
Sky's bachelorette party.  Beauty will be there, and Flora.  Laughter is
trying to choose between Rebma and Ivory.  Rebma is chosen.  Flora
suggests The Egg and Cup.  Laughter goes to collect Sky.

	Archimedes gets Trumped by Kaedric and invited to the bachelor
party.  Archimedes passes the invitation on to Ulysses.

	Caine, Dakota, Isaac, Gerard, Julian, Random and Vain are there
for the bachelor party as well.  Kaedric says they're going to Rebma and
are going to be properly garbed.  They collect Claudio, change him, and
take him to Rebma.

	Melanie disguises herself while at The Egg and Cup.  There is a
floor show and generous portions of alcohol.

	Killian goes to sleep early, then goes to look for Cordelia's
house.  The Pack heads for the marketplace.  Killian stays hidden as best
he can.  The dogs lose the scent at the market.  He heads to the tailor
shop.  He asks about Cordelia's house.  He gets directions.  He heads to
the house.  He sneaks into the house through an upstairs window.  He
searches the house for Cordelia's room.  Killian finds Cordelia's journal,
once there; Cordelia is asleep.  He reads the journal.  Cordelia had a
fight with her sister.  He heads back out the window to his own house.

	At the bachelor party, Kaedric keeps Archimedes supplied with
drink.  Claudio is plied with liquor and women.  All participants wind up
with a woman on their lap.  Archimedes defends his fidelity by massaging
the one on his lap into a nap.  Ulysses Trumps Beauty for permission to
play.  Mutual permission is given and Ulysses takes his first right there
at the table.  A queue forms.

	Claudio's resolve wears down in direct proportion to the alcohol
consumed.  Kaedric saves him from indiscretion and is punched for his
trouble.  Then Claudio punches Archimedes.  Kaedric takes him back to the
surface.  Archimedes head back to his quarters as well, and finds Laughter
waiting for him.  She removes his loin cloth with a smile.

	Melanie heads home and changes.  She and Kaedric speak.

	Ulysses goes to The Egg and Cup to find Beauty.  He cuts to the
front of her line.

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