Session 69

	It begins with the awakening of Claudio, who is sore all over.  He
hears voices in the outer chamber of his quarters.  He begins to get
dressed slowly.  Painfully.  Graham asks to speak to him while he is
struggling to get dressed.  He bids Graham to come in, who fills him in
that Isaac, Gareth, and most importantly, Sky, have returned to Amber. 
Claudio finishes dressing and enters the parlor room.  Sky speaks to him,
through Isaac.  She leaves, and Claudio tells his sons that he needs to
speak to the King, but then he would like to go hunting with them. 
Claudio teleports in front of Random's office.  Unfortunately, he doesn't
know of the spell Fiona has set up.  He is immediately bereft of all
oxygen.  Of course, he shapeshifts away his need for oxygen, but he's
hurting.  He enters Random's office.  He speaks to Random, and finds out
that Archimedes has already entered the Strangeways.  Claudio informs the
King that he will be in Arden, in case Random has need of him.  He also
tells him that the spell will not stop a resourceful person from Chaos. 
Random says that he'll tell Fiona about Claudio's comments.  Claudio
thinks this is bad.  He goes to Arden with his sons, after getting
Julian's permission.

	Ulysses is in Amber, so he speaks to Laughter.  Laughter cons him
into going after Archimedes.  Ulysses agrees, but balks at taking Claudio. 
Ulysses ends up taking Sky and Dakota, after some insults passed between
the three of them.  They enter the Strangeways, following Archimedes'

	Killian is in the Strangeways, standing on a bluff.  He sees
abandoned tents and people fleeing before an army.  He starts to backtrack
when he sees the water parting before the fleeing people.  The landscape
changes to a forest terrain.  He's following a trail again, but he's lost
his tracks again.  (If this wasn't the Strangeways, we'd wonder if he can
track at all).  He sees a river and a pavilion.  A knight comes out and
challenges him.  Killian hides, and then crosses in a different area.  He
comes to another stream, and the Green Knight challenges him.  He kills
the knight.  He comes to another stream with another knight.  He kills
this one as well.  He approaches a castle.  He is challenged by the White
Knight.  The White Knight gives him a mace that Killian uses to kill the
Knight.  He enters the castle and a scurvy-ridden wench with red hair
speaks to him.  She questions his Knighthood (an amusing thought, that). 
He has lost the trail again.  She asks him to take her to Camelot. 
Killian puts her over his back and runs to Camelot.

	Melanie is done pleasing her man.  She practices using Logrus
tentacles.  She puts her ring on, and Archimedes knows it.  Kaedric
explains how the Strangeways works.  The only animals that seem to be able
to find the paths and come back are the Fey.  They seem to learn to learn
it from their packmates.  Kaedric teaches her the counter-spell to the
spell Orrin cast that killed him.  He refuses to teach her Orrin's spell,
as it is disgusting to him.  They talk about Ran.  There is a hole between
Atlantis and Ivory.  They have dinner with Alora and Sylvester.  Melanie
begins to redraw her Trump.

	Ragnar is to meet a man three hours after sunset.

	Archimedes sits in a bar with Bleys.  They don't trust Niccolo and
Brandle.  So they begin to follow them.  Archimedes senses that the Jewel
is in the area.  They go into a forest area.  Brandle meets with Ragnar,
along with Niccolo.  Ragnar and Brandle talk about stealing the Jewel. 
Ragnar and Niccolo talk about treachery.  Niccolo vainly attempts to find
out why Ragnar wants the Jewel.  Ragnar's only reply is to tell him to get
lost.  Niccolo proves obstinate.  Then, in a truly stupid move, he calls
out to Archimedes.  When Archimedes appears, Ragnar offers to kill
Niccolo.  Archimedes doesn't agree, although he and Ragnar operate on
Niccolo's foot by shooting it and then slicing it off.  Niccolo eventually
puts his foot back on.

	Killian gets to Camelot.  He rids himself of Scurvy Girl.  He gets
brought to Merlin (not Corwin's son).  Merlin tells Killian that
Archimedes is dead.  Killian mentions green hair, and Merlin suggests
looking at a book, so Killian eventually kills him.  Killian tries to

	Ulysses and the rescue crew find Archimedes and crew's tracks. 
They also find Killian's tracks.  Sky and Ulysses argue about beating up
Killian.  They follow Archimedes and crew.  They head to the crossroads.

	Claudio and Gareth talk in an effort to find out more about each
other.  Isaac teaches Graham how to shoot the bow.  They go in to dinner. 
Kaedric talks to Claudio.  He tells Claudio that he is currently saving
Claudio from round two of the pig shit.  He also tells Claudio about the
fact that Killian and Archimedes are sharing souls.  Claudio excuses
himself from Kaedric and teleports near Fiona's quarters.  He asks her
about the soul problem.  Fiona suggests Sand.  Claudio escorts Fiona to
dinner, knowing that Sky will probably not understand.

	Ulysses and crew see Archimedes and crew.  Ragnar, upon seeing
Ulysses, offers to grow breasts.  Archimedes doesn't think it is
necessary.  Ulysses and Archimedes argue about whether or not Archimedes
needs rescuing.  They get to the cave that the Jewel and Finndo is in. 
There is an elemental man there.  Ulysses and Ragnar talk about
masturbation.  Ragnar tries to persuade the elemental man to go along with
his plan.  It works.  Ulysses asks how many kids Archimedes will have. 
The elemental man answers 15.  They all wait in hiding while Finndo leaves
the cave.  The crew goes into the cave after the Jewel, and get it.  Sky
asks for one of the maps.  Archimedes looks at Bleys.  Sky asks for
permission to kill Killian.  Archimedes denies this but gives his
permission to beat him up, displeasing Ulysses a bit.  Ulysses, Sky, and
Dakota go to beat up Killian.

	Archimedes and crew return to Amber.  Flora shows Ragnar to his

	Killian sees Sky, Ulysses, and Dakota.  He decides to hit Ulysses. 
Ulysses feels it, and takes the time to explain that he is here to make
sure that Killian doesn't die.  Killian tries to hit Dakota, who schools
Killian quite harshly.  Dakota talks to Killian, much to Killian's
displeasure.  Ulysses begins to lecture as well.  Dakota ends up giving a
sermon.  They head to Amber, Killian in tow.

	Ragnar and Flora spend time aimlessly flirting.

	Archimedes speaks to Laughter.  She makes him wear a tuxedo. 
Laughter tells him about the soul problem.

	Ulysses and Sky Trump Archimedes.  Archimedes comes through and
talks to Killian.  The end result is that Killian accepts trial by combat,
ordeal, and quest.  Killian is placed under house arrest.  Dakota and
Killian exchange looks (it's a good thing that Killian needs to be alive).

	Kaedric, Melanie, and Alora are presented as a family.  Everyone
is in tuxedos and at dinner (excepting Caine and Gerard).  Claudio
presents Isaac and Gareth as his sons.  Claudio, Killian, Dakota, and
Ulysses sit at the same table (yeah someone doesn't keep up on the

	At the end of the dinner, Niccolo slumps over dead.  He was
assassinated by his own house of which he was the Head.

	Ragnar assures Archimedes that he didn't have anything to do with
the assassination.  Claudio leaves to go to Ixaxis.

	Dakota teaches poker to Killian.

	Beauty tells Ulysses that she doesn't mind if he sleeps with
Fiona.  They talk about their relationship at length.

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