Session 70: "If I have to staple your chest back together, I'm going to be
very irritated."

	Ragnar wraps his night up.

	Melanie and Kaedric return to Chaos.

	There is a knock on Archimedes' door.  Both Sands are there with
Claudio.  They want to examine he and Killian because they are both
sharing Archimedes' soul.

	Archimedes arranged for Killian's punishment earlier with a
chancellor, Benedict and Moire.

	Dakota is teaching Killian poker when Archimedes, Claudio, and
both Sands arrive.  Archimedes sits next to Killian and they are examined
by the Sands.  When they are done, Archimedes returns to bed.

	Archimedes discusses Killian with the chancellor he had spoken to
earlier.  The chancellor suggests a week's rest in between trials.  They
arrange for Killian's punishment to begin at noon that day.  Archimedes is
told that Ragnar wishes to speak to him.

	Ragnar discusses Finndo's camp.  Ragnar thinks that they can
infiltrate the camp and kill a few of the men.  He requests transportation
as compensation.  He suggests that Archimedes pick people who can move
silently to go with them.

	Archimedes gets a note from Dakota.  He needs relief.  Archimedes
Trumps Claudio and has him guard Killian.

	Claudio relieves Dakota.  Dakota leaves to sleep.

	Killian ignores Claudio.

	When Melanie wakes up, she notices that Kaedric has left early. 
Alora has left with him.  She talks to Swayvill.  They discuss Niccolo's
replacement.  Mandor is appointed.  They discuss the embassy to Corwin's
realm, which will be maintained by Sylvester, because Vertix doesn't want
him there.  Melanie will inform both candidates.  Melanie talks to Mandor
after leafing through paperwork.  She gets a message from Random regarding
embassy shopping.

	Before noon, Archimedes meets with Random.  Random had talked to
Kaedric about Amber's embassy in Chaos.  Random has two choices, Florimel
and Ulysses.  Archimedes thinks Florimel would work better than Ulysses. 
Random doesn't think Florimel will accept.  Archimedes will talk to
Ulysses if Florimel says no.  Archimedes tells Random of Ragnar's plan. 
Random wants a more detailed plan before he will accept it.  Archimedes
will verify Ragnar's Logrus status with Fiona.

	Ragnar gets a call from his employer at the appointed time.  He
asks for details.  Ragnar tells him of the loose ends.  Ragnar asks about
Abigail.  His benefactor does know of her.  Abigail has some sort of
employee relationship with Finndo.  Ragnar addicted Abigail to morphine to
secure her cooperation.  His employer would like Abigail brought to him or
Archimedes.  Ragnar wants to know if he can sell Abigail to Amber.  His
employer wants Abigail to be disposed of painfully.  Double Ragnar's fee
is arranged for this.  The benefactor wants Ragnar to covey the nature of
his loyalty.  He wants Ragnar to tell Archimedes of his origin.  He wants
a report on Abigail.  It will be in two days.  Ragnar returns to his room
and makes plans.

	Claudio receives a Trump call.  Claudio puts Killian to sleep so
he can take the call.  It is Kaedric.  Melanie has two demands.  Claudio
must apologize for presenting Alora to Amber.  Claudio is also not to be
alone with Alora.  They speak about Sky.  They talk bout the gauntlet. 
Kaedric wishes him luck.  Claudio wakes Killian up after the Trump call.

	Archimedes looks for Fiona.  She looks irritated.  She says Ragnar
has no Logrus.  Archimedes asks if there is anything he can do to help her
irritation.  She suggests the embassy be far away from the castle. 
Archimedes sends Random a note to that effect.  He then prepares for
battle with Killian.

	The combat takes place in an arena.  Archimedes picks a spear to
match Killian's.  Killian says he will not fight Archimedes and drops his
spear.  Archimedes has Dakota fight Killian instead.  They are closely
matched.  Dakota's skill seems to be close to Archimedes', as well. 
Dakota pummels Killian into unconsciousness.  Archimedes declares the
contest over.

	Killian wakes up in the infirmary.

	Ragnar and Archimedes go over the plans.  Archimedes fills in a
few minor gaps and the plans are solidified.  Benedict and Caine are not
interested.  Ragnar mentions some sort of banking system between Chaos and
Amber.  Archimedes leaves to assemble his group.

	Ragnar speaks with Claudio about ferrying funds.

	Archimedes contacts Dakota, Vain, Sky, Claudio and Bleys.

	Melanie and Random go embassy shopping.

	Archimedes tells the plan for Finndo's camp to Random, then
departs with Ragnar and those he had chosen.  They arrive at the camp and
dispatch a few sentries.  Claudio and Bleys are positioned to be effective
at spell casting.

	Ragnar approaches Abigail.  Abigail uses fireballs on him. 
Abigail says there is someone looking for him and she is to take him, if
possible.  Finndo knows about it.  There are three force walls between
Ragnar and Abigail and one behind Ragnar.  Ragnar creates a three G
gravity well above her and everything starts flying up.  Abigail is
pummeled into unconsciousness and Ragnar lets the gravity go slowly so
that he can survive the fall.  Ragnar gives the signal to the others, then
kills Abigail.

	Claudio hits tents then retrieves Gareth from the fray.

	At the end of the venture, the wind picks up and a dark shape
obliterates the stars.  On the way out there is something blocking their
path.  It is Brandle with two giant birds.  They don't want the group to
go to the crossroads.  Ragnar gives his assurance that they won't go
there.  The birds let them pass.  They return to Amber.

	Claudio takes the boys to Chaos first.

	Sky and Dakota come into the infirmary where Killian is, to speak
with him.

	A week passes.  Claudio shows the boys around Shadow.  Archimedes
is wed to Laughter at the beginning of the next week.

	Sand locates Claudio.  She says the analysis is complete.  They
each share half of the other's soul, and the souls are enmeshed.  It will
take time to sort out.  He tells her Abigail is dead.  Sand wants to know
the details.  Claudio is hesitant.  Sand leaves.

	Killian walks the Fire Pattern.  Benedict takes them there. 
Archimedes explains that Killian need only survive to the center and then
return to them.

	At the First Veil, Killian feels like he is being watched.  It
returns at the Second Veil.  He thinks he sees a person in the flames.  At
the Grand Curve, the fire drops and he sees bodies.  He reaches the center
and disappears, making the Pattern take him to where the bodies are.  Many
bodies are there, with Archimedes' lying on a bed.  There is a silver horn
on the headboard.  Archimedes is not breathing.  None of the other people
are, either.  Killian takes the horn and nudges Archimedes with his foot. 
Laughter, Benedict, Fiona, Sky, Melanie, Ulysses, Claudio and four other
people that he does not recognize are there.  Killian blows the horn. 
There is no sound.  He can see no way out.  Killian takes a bowie knife
from Archimedes and looks for a way out.  Killian cuts Claudio's arm to
see if it will bleed.  It does not.  He hides in the shadows when he can't
find a way out.

	Claudio goes after Killian, using the Fire Pattern to get there. 
Claudio arrives and finds a bowie knife at his throat.  Killian lets him
go.  Claudio illuminates the room.  All of the people Dworkin gave rings
to are here.  Claudio looks at how they are dressed.  Everyone is dressed
appropriately for their position in the past.  Killian holds the horn out
to Claudio after a small argument.  Written on it is:  "To awaken them
when the time has come."  Claudio Trumps Fiona and brings her through. 
Claudio asks about the horn.  Fiona wants Killian to give her the horn. 
It is enchanted to appear where it needs to be at the appropriate time.

	Archimedes gets a Trump call from Fiona.  She pulls him through. 
Archimedes suggests they leave the place alone.  Fiona wants Archimedes to
touch it.  He questions that.  Killian tosses the horn to him, forcing him
to catch it.  Archimedes hears a faint horn, not in his mind, and the
comatose Archimedes moves slightly.  Archimedes suggests they leave
everything alone.  Fiona takes them back.

	Claudio Trumps back separately.

	Archimedes returns to his room.

	Ragnar orders swords in town to be made for him, two Japanese
fighting swords and an ornamental short sword.  Ragnar checks in with his
employer.  Ragnar says he had to kill Abigail quickly.  His employer will
keep him in mind should he need anything.  They will keep in touch through

	Melanie talks with Shandril.  Melanie then talks to Kaedric. 
Melanie is happy that Abigail is dead.  Kaedric wants to know who told her
about Abigail's death.  Melanie suspects Maron is with Finndo.  They
discuss this timeline's Abigail.  Melanie has a reception on Friday.

	Claudio's gauntlet is scheduled for the beginning of next week.

	Ragnar passes a week with the 'boys.'

	Claudio tests Fiona's wards on her quarters, then goes to see her. 
Claudio warns Ragnar by note that someone powerful is upset with Abigail's
death.  He signs it and suggests Ragnar not hang out with him.  Ragnar
discussed the note with Claudio at dinner.

	Archimedes sets Killian up in Rebma.

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