Game Log 32

	Sandr finds a demon in Cameron's Trump.  It wants to eat him. 
Sandr doesn't want to be eaten.  The demon thinks Sandr would have been a
drain on the palate anyway.  Sandr Trumps Cameron.  Cameron pulls him
through, and Sylvie is there, too.  Sandr is confused.

	Sky talks to Merlin, mainly about Shandril.  She was recommended
to Merlin by Benedict.

	Breakfast happens.  Hewitt trucks off to get cookies (to find
Dworkin, so he can get fixed).  Melanie sees he and Ulysses talking, and
sighs.  Cameron sneaks into breakfast after Sylvie.  Laughter arrives,
informing Ulysses that Beauty is pushing.  Ulysses goes to support.  He
gets Sylvie to come along to help.  Cameron is somewhat stealthy.  Beauty
says she may have been lying when she said she didn't love Ulysses.  She
squeezes his hand, and almost breaks it.  Ulysses tries to soothe the
savage mother, and fails.  Sylvie comes back, and taunts Cameron some

	Cameron steals back the ring that he put on Sandr, because Sandr
was stupid, and left it in the hall.

	Sky talks to Flynn, and we all learn that Flynn is an idiot. 
Stuff about Thunder people, and shit.  Yeah, right Flynn, whatever you
say.  Uh huh.  He has met Dworkin, though.  I guess likes attract.  Well,
alike in the sense that they're both out of their respective gourds.

	Melanie gets bitchy with Sandr, who thinks Melanie has snake hair. 
Sylvie mocks Cameron some more, for he is being silly.

	Melanie and Sandr go to Ygg to talk privately.  The area around
the tree is tres' screwed.  Probably because of the mass of new realities
that were created, you know?  Sandr contemplates the Universe, which
doesn't take long.  He relates his recent vacation to Melanie.

	Sylvie informs Ulysses that Tianen will probably try to take the
Atherton throne and not Amber.  When asked to help Ulysses get in touch
with Tianen, Sylvie huffs.

	Caine Trumps Cameron, and needs Sylvie's help to change himself. 
Cameron offers to do it instead.  Cameron grows hands.  They have some
stupid slapstick conversation, and stuff.  It turns out that Caine killed
the Rhiannon fake.

	Sandr and Melanie keep talking, and Sandr warns that "You never
know, some day you might wake up and find yourself a lesbian."

	Caine and Cameron fight over who takes Nicodemus.  Cameron ends up
with him, and gets sneaky.

	Cameron Trumps Laughter, and goes back to Foil.  He leaves the
baby in a basket outside Sandr's door.  He shifts the kid into Uberchild.

	Sky explains Flynn to Archi, and gets confused.

	Ulysses is Trumped by Melanie, and refuses, since he's helping
birth a child.  She tries Archi, who pulls her through.

	Cameron Trumps Mom, and she really couldn't give two shits about
the baby.

	Sandr blinks and drools as he finds the baby.  Drools more over
Archi shirtless.  Melanie and Sandr haggle over the baby.

	Sky slowly begins to learn sword fighting.  Sandr looks for 'tits'
(that what Amy wrote), hey there's a first time for everything.

	Kayla coos and stuff, and Sandr snags a wet nurse.

	Sandr, Melanie, Ulysses, and Laughter play the who's child is
this?  game.  Cameron joins the fun.

	Hewitt returns home.  He had many cookies.

	Sandr requests some trousers, and goes to bed.  The bed posts
stare at him, and he gets spooked.  He looks for a new bed, and doesn't
find one.  He goes back to his bed, and it's tame now.

	Beauty gives birth to a girl, Oriana.  Tianen Trumps Ulysses.  She
'offers' to help.

	Melanie and Cameron discuss the baby, and handwriting.  Sylvie
knows that Cameron wrote the note.  Sylvie wants to adopt it.  There is a
discussion of baby eating.  Sylvie and Cameron talk mentally.  Sylvie is
pissed at Cameron, wants the baby.  Sylvie takes the baby to Rhiannon.

	Ulysses and Tianen talk.  She wants to know if she should check
the Logrus, and he says yes.  She offers to go with Sylvie to check. 
Ulysses, Melanie, and Cameron, join them.

	Archi is Trumped by part of Corwin.  He ate a grenade, it seems. 
It will be a while, until he gets better.  Benedict was manacled, as was
Corwin.  Corwin's manacle is gone, though.  Eric is/was dead.

	In Foil, it starts raining blood.  Laughter is Trump Holed, and
vanishes.  Hewitt warns that the turtle is dead, and that the bad guys are
coming.  Ulysses takes Beauty, Caitt, and the baby through Hewitt, and
leaves them all there.  It's flying monkey world.  Sky takes Flynn out,
with Archi.  Ulysses goes to Archi, getting his armor in the process. 
Ulysses Trumps Laughter, and gets a Trump hole.  He uses nifty Trump
powers to get away.  Hah.

	Sandr, bitching about the lame weather, finds Dworkin, bitching
about how they killed the turtle.  He was staying in the attic.  Sandr
asks Dworkin to get the manacle off.  He does.  They discuss Melanie and
Trumps.  They Logrus off to a hardware store, to get manure.  They return
to Ygg, They fertilize.

	Tianen, Melanie, Cameron, Sylvie, go to the Logrus.  They find
Random, Fiona, and Bleys in the middle.  Tianen gets them out, but Random
is dead.  Melanie tries to Trump Laughter and Archi, but gets nothing.

	Ulysses arrives in Castle Amber, and then Trumps back to Foil. 
Melanie Trumps him to get the group home, but quickly he sends the group
to Flora, to recover in peace.  Melanie informs Ulysses of the 411.  He
Trumps Archi and explains.

	Sky is Trumped by Merlin, who offers his help.  He comes through,
and offers allegiance to Archi.  Ulysses Trumps Archi again, and brings
everyone together.  Archi goes off, and Melanie disappears.

	Ulysses follows Archi, who wants a Trump drawn on his arm, to make
it indestructible.  Ulysses balks at this idea.

	Sandr and Melanie and Dworkin discuss Maron and Laughter.  They
con Dworkin into helping rescue Laughter.  They go to Amber.  Melanie
Trumps Archi, and he, Sky, Ulysses, go to join them.  Melanie Trumps
Cameron.  He joins in.  Dworkin Logruses inside, with all.  Dworkin gets
Laughter, and brings her away with him.  Merlin takes off with Sky. 
Ulysses Trumps her, and grabs her.  She leaves Merlin behind.  The group
Trumps Finndo, to get Merlin.  He Logruses through the Trump.  Bad. 
Merlin runs down the stairs.  Good.  We all split.  Finndo follows us, but
Pattern Boy knocks him out.  The group Trumps through to Finndo, and
Ulysses stomps on his head, and Cameron sets him on fire.  Sky relates how
she killed Maron.  Firedo is put out, and all go back to Foil.  A Jewel
search is on.  Sandr tries to relate the trouble at Ygg.  Archi Trumps
Llewella, and she comes through, and they talk armies and stuff.

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