Session 79:  "This is fun.  I get to be a different person every morning."

	Archimedes returns to Random.  He asks to take Mok and Killian to
Atlantis with him, to talk to Dworkin.  Random suggests he take Laughter.
Archimedes thinks that would be a bit  painful for her.  Random thinks he
could get to know her.  Archimedes says if his memory doesn't come back
soon, he'll find a way to get his soul back from Killian.  Random gives
Archimedes a concerned look.  Random suggests starting out in the morning.
Archimedes agrees.  He looks for Laughter.  She is in the dining room.  He
sits down next to her.  He says he has good news and bad.  He remembers
everything except her and the kids.  There are holes where she and the
children are concerned.  He tells her of the morning's plan.  He says that
if his memory doesn't come back, he'll find a way to get his soul back
from Killian in hopes that it returns.   She says it was sort of his
fault.  He promises to fix it.  She asks him where he'll sleep.  Wherever
she wants.  She doesn't know.  He offers to stay in the room.  She doesn't
want him to if he doesn't remember her any more than he did when he first
came to Amber.  He suggests he stay with her.  Laughter asks if he still
finds her attractive.  He says most men would.  She wants to discuss it
more in private.

	Archimedes talks to Chance.  Chance says that he makes her mother
cry.  Archimedes says not intentionally.  He talks with her for a bit.
She says they can be friends.  Archimedes says that Chance will have to
fill him in on her life. She looks confused.  Archimedes says Laughter can
help.  Chance says that Beatrice hit her last week.  Archimedes asks why.
Because Beatrice is mean, she answers.  Archimedes spends the evening with
the children.  Laughter is writing a letter.  After the kids are in bed,
he asks her what she's been doing.  She puts the letter away and asks if
he's ready for bed.  He says that was a little obvious.  She takes him
into the bedroom.  He turns around so she can undress, then does so
himself and crawls into bed with her.

	Ulysses goes to dinner and eats a lot.  Then he works out.  Random
comes to find him.  Random asks a favor that turns into an order.  Crowns
are discussed.  Random tells Ulysses of Archimedes' plan to look for
Dworkin to locate the missing shards.  Two of them have gone errant.
Random wants Ulysses to go with them.  Ulysses is sarcastic, at worst.
Beauty's otter phase is brought up.

	Killian wanders around after dinner.  He then decides to hunt the
city until about 2 a.m.

	Archimedes notices that Laughter gets up in the middle of the
night and doesn't come back.

	Killian sees someone on the battlements.  Killian climbs the wall
up to them.  It's Laughter.  He talks to her.  He asks if she's having any
problems.  She wants to know how he climbed the wall.  By the crevices.
He offers to show her.

	Archimedes looks for Laughter in the library and the garden.

	Killian asks after Archimedes.  Laughter says he doesn't remember
her still, and that his memory is in Killian.  Killian admits to this.
She asks if he's kidding.  He is not.  Killian asks if he lost the other
part of the soul.  She thinks Archimedes should get his soul back from
Killian.  Laughter thinks that if he has lost the other half, that might
explain it.  Laughter thinks that it is a mind thing over a soul thing,
based on what Ulysses did.  She is not sure that soul has anything to do
with memory.  Killian agrees.  Killian doesn't have memories of her.  He
just has feelings for her that he denies, Laughter asks?  Killian says
it's something like that.  Killian says that he has half of Archimedes'
soul, shouldn't he know Archimedes better than she?

	Archimedes arrives at the battlements and hides when he sees
Killian and Laughter together.

	Laughter does think she knows Archimedes better, because it is
very hard to look at your own nose.  Killian asks her how well she knows
her own hand.  The logic gets more convoluted.  Does she think of her
hands when she uses them?  She does, to some extent.

	Killian looks around, notices Archimedes, and flicks a dagger into
the wall next to Archimedes as an example.  Laughter is displeased.  She
leaves to let them talk.

	Killian tells Archimedes that Laughter is a confusing woman.
Archimedes says that he understood her.  Killian says he can do without
the headache.  Archimedes says there are drugs for headaches.  They head
their separate ways.

	In Chaos, Kaedric says he needs to meet with Lord Ridar, but then
he will rest afterwards.  Melanie checks on her pregnancy.  Melanie
suggests he hurry.  She tells him that Trump still aren't working.  He's
not happy about this.  She suggests that he be indisposed.  Unfortunately,
he has to take the reigns and let his presence be known.  They want to
talk to Caitlin.  Kaedric doesn't think she really knows what's going on,
in that she is no longer the Serpent's servant.  Melanie thinks Caitlin
still might know more about the Serpent.  Kaedric says that maybe Caitlin
knows more than Melanie.  Kaedric is not amused by her barbs.  He leaves
with Lord Ridar.  Melanie has never seen Kaedric look this put out.  Alora
looks uncomfortable.  Melanie thinks of getting rid of her baby and is
rendered immediately unconscious.  She is out for about five minutes.
Melanie sends a messenger for Caitlin.

	Claudio wakes up.  He didn't quite make it back to his Ways, and
awakes in a guest room.  It is night.  He puts his armor back on.  He
heads back to his Ways.  Claudio leaves a message that he is leaving for
Alora.  He changes when he returns.  He heads to the edge of Chaos and
attempts to shift Shadow.  He believes his Pattern still works, but it is
very erratic.  He leaves the edge of the Abyss.  He heads to where there
is celebrating.  Claudio watches them.  He does not feel that good, about
50%.  Claudio watches for opportunities to verbally assault Wickling.
There are actually no Wicklings around, as they contributed no major
troops to the cause.  Claudio returns to Kaedricways.  Claudio puts his
ring on and goes to sleep.

	Kaedric secrets himself with Lord Ridar.  Afterwards, he says the
Council meeting will be in the morning.  Melanie tells him not to think
about getting rid of "it."  Kaedric passes out.  She wakes him up.  They
banter, then go to dinner.  She tells him that Claudio has gone back to
his Ways.  Kaedric doesn't know whether Claudio will spill the beans or
not.  Kaedric plans on wearing robes in the morning.  Melanie offers to
help in any way she can.  Kaedric can think of none.  They eat.

	Melanie notices that Ian is not at dinner and goes looking for
him.  He's in his lab in the basement.  His door is locked and he won't
open it.  Melanie threatens to break the door.  She tries to get through
the wards and a sorcerous battle ensues.  Ian says she can't make him come
out, because he's Head of House.  She can because she is the Queen.  Ian
doesn't want to open the door.  He doesn't want to let her into the work
room.  She wants to talk to him in person.  He's afraid he'll get beaten.
She asks him if he saw that in Amber.  He says yes, but is lying.  Melanie
continues to work on the door.  He tells her to stand back.  Ian comes out
wearing a mechanical suit.  It is 1960's tech.  She asks if he thinks he
needs protection.  He is paranoid now, because he is Head of House.  And
he wasn't in as much danger as the heir to the position before?  He hadn't
thought of that.  Melanie examines the suit.  The suit is made out of
Trump.  There is also sorcery.  There might also be Pattern.  She doesn't
know how he did it.  He did the Trump by engraving the suit.  Melanie
cannot tell what it is an image of.  There are no obvious weakness.  He
says there is a bio-tube for food and waste.  Ian says it is bio-mecha.
She points out that he can't use his demon form.  He admits the suit can't
fly yet.  Melanie thinks Ian should show the suit to his father.  Ian
doesn't want to disturb him.  She wants to talk to him about walking the
Pattern.  Ian wanted to save them.  Ian says he had a plan.  He wanted to
get the suit.  Then he would have found them with his Pattern.  He says he
read a book on Pattern and then walked it.  Ian says he could kill the
Serpent in the suit.  Melanie says he showed up next to Kaedric.  Ian says
that Archimedes told him Melanie was OK.  Where was Archimedes?  Busy.  He
had amnesia.  Ian isn't sure if he still has it.  Melanie points out he
could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, then loses her patience.  She
points out that there are places where sorcery, Trump and Pattern do not
work.  He hints that the suit can shapeshift.  She says there are ways
shapeshifting can be got around, as well.  Ian says if someone overcomes
all of his power, he deserves to die.  Melanie wants him to think ahead,
next time, pointing out that in the end, he did not need to walk the
Pattern.  She talks Ian out of the suit by making him come to dinner.  Ian
would rather eat out of the suit, then watch everyone else eat while
inside of it.

	The next morning, Archimedes wakes up with memories only up to
trench warfare in France.  He rolls out of bed and onto the floor.  He is
in a medieval room with a beautiful woman.  He asks her why he is in
Amber.  She asks him if he's kidding.  She mentions some of the things
from his past.  He attacks and pins her until she gives him more
information.  She doesn't react and explains that he has amnesia.  He lets
her go and she pins him.  He asks why she let him get away with it.
Because they're married, and he wouldn't hurt her.  She suggests finding
Ulysses.  They get dressed.  The room they are in is nice.  He can tell
that they are definitely in castle Amber, once they leave the room.  They
knock on Ulysses' door.  Laughter says they need a memory jog.  Ulysses
says to have him walk the Pattern in his mind.  Archimedes can't find it.
Ulysses doesn't help.  Laughter says Archimedes changed.  She shows him
his children as proof.  She tries to explain.  Archimedes is for getting
his memory back and wants to return to Ulysses.  Laughter says that he
needs to walk the Pattern.  Laughter suggests that he conjure Ulysses
breakfast.  Archimedes suggests that he'd just have to shove it up
Ulysses' ass.  Ulysses flings the door open and palms Archimedes' head.
Archimedes is mentally flogged onto the Pattern.  He walks it.  When he
reaches the center, he remembers everything up to Ragnarok, including
Laughter.  Archimedes wraps his arms around her.  She says that Chance is
four now.  Laughter says they will now make up for lost time.  Laughter
gives him a 30 second summary of what he's missing as she's taking his
clothes off.

	Mok and Killian spar in the morning.  Killian is helpful, pointing
out with hits when Mok shouldn't do that.  They talk about Atlantis.  Mok
asks if Killian does anything but beat people up.  Killian also hunts
animals.  They discuss hunting.  Mok tries not to explain life rings.  Mok
insults Killian.  They leave to get Archimedes.  They can tell he's
indisposed at the moment.  Killian attempts to jam them in with his broken
spear.  Mok asks Killian the name of his Shadow.  There is none.  The
world is called the world.  Mok suggests they stop talking and eat
instead.  Mok wonders about Fiona and Benedict's assumed capture.  Mok
asks who Killian thinks is behind it.  They run over the list of who's
powerful, bad and dead.  Killian thinks it's a Chaosite.  Mok asks about
Benedict's and Fiona's weaknesses.  They talk about Patternfall and Eric.
They discuss Benedict's skill.

	Mok tries to knock on Archimedes' door with magic.  The spell is
very weak.  Mok goes to the door.  Archimedes answers it.  Laugher has to
remind him that he's going to Atlantis.  She also has to remind him that
Mok is alive.  Archimedes leaves to change.  He returns and Laughter
suggests talking to Random.  They all head there, and Random is told what
Archimedes remembers this morning.  Killian announces that he has half of
Archimedes' soul, much to Archimedes' surprise and consternation.  Random
says that Archimedes and Killian have settled their differences.

	Mok leaves to get Ulysses.

	Archimedes and Random discuss how they are going to get to
Atlantis.  Archimedes is to ask Dworkin what is going on in the universe
and what happened to the shards.  They prepare.  Killian's pack is going
with them, as well.

	Night has passed as well in Chaos.  Melanie and Claudio are
awakened for the council meeting.  Melanie is three weeks further along.
She and Kaedric go in Ixaxin robes.  Kaedric expresses his sorrow at the
death of Swayvill.  Status quo will be maintained until things calm down.
Caitlin gives her full support to Kaedric.  This is unusual, as the
Priestess of the Serpent usually is at odds with the King.  The meeting is
short.  Claudio is nearly healed.  Caitlin left with Orrin after the

	Kaedric and Melanie return home.  Kaedric has spoken with Caitlin.
He will begin his confinement now, as Caitlin did not know anything.

	Claudio seeks out Orrin at House Halybard.  Claudio asks for
someplace private to talk.  They can talk freely where they are.  Claudio
asks after Orrin's shapeshifting abilities.  Claudio asks if Orrin can
determine if the Serpent did anything besides bite him.  Orrin tells him
that the Pattern is in flux.  Orrin checks him over.  Claudio is full of
venom.  Claudio can be a better shapeshifter and can learn to draw Trump.
Claudio's Pattern imprint is still there.  Orrin would like a hint as to
what to look for.  Orrin asks how he encountered the Serpent.  Claudio
says he was drunk.  Orrin asks him if he summoned the Serpent.  Claudio
changes the subject, giving Orrin his answer.  Orrin has him sit on the
desk.  His reflexes are fine.  He listens to Claudio's heart with a
stethoscope.  Claudio can still cast spells.  Orrin says that he is fine,
but dumb.  Orrin wants to know what Claudio is looking for.  Claudio wants
him to check for cancer.  There are two different ways.  A diagnostic and
by checking his cell growth in Shadow.  Claudio will get back to him.
Orrin takes the diagnostic, just in case.

	Kaedric is doing okay and has moved into his own room for the
night.  Melanie ponders what could make Trump go out.  She tries to
eliminate possibilities, but cannot.  Trump energy is still there, but
increases too dramatically.  She cannot determine the source.  It is
affecting both Pattern, Logrus and personal Trump, including Trump drawn
with Serpent or living Trump energy.  They all fail equally.  Brand had
mentioned the plane of Trump.  Pattern is the most reliable way to get
there, or via Logrus.  She studies Logrus and Pattern Trump.  She cannot
search for anything reliably with Logrus right now.  She has no idea of
where the plane of Trump might be.  Kaedric is meeting with Alora.
Melanie says she wants to talk to him when he is free.  He doesn't know
where the plane of Trump is, either.  They are moving into Thelbane
tomorrow.  Kaedric asks after Ian's armor.  Melanie explains.  Melanie
checks her Jewel shard ring, but nothing has changed.

	Claudio heads back to Kaedricways.  He goes to Kaedric's bedroom.
Claudio asks after Kaedric and Melanie's health.  Kaedric has to pee.
Melanie says that gets worse.  Claudio isn't sure whether it's happened to
him or not, but hints that it hasn't.  Claudio wants their help to wipe
out House Wickling.  Alora asks why.  Claudio says it's just prejudice.
Alora doesn't understand.  Kaedric says that it is not politic for the
king of Chaos to show disfavor so soon.  Claudio says it should at least
be considered.  Claudio is to help Alora for the next few days, as Kaedric
will be in confinement.  Melanie will have to choose a new chief
ambassador.  She can no longer hold the position as queen.  Claudio offers
himself for the post.  Claudio says to Kaedric psychically that his
knowledge of the future should help.  Kaedric would rather he dig dirt on
House Wickling.  Alora explains to Claudio what will be going on for the
next three days.

	Archimedes' lack of memory is slowing his group down.  Archimedes
suggests they knock him out and see what memory he wakes up with.  Only
Ulysses likes this idea, so it's thrown out.  Ulysses suggest they try
Pattern teleportation.  Ulysses takes them to Atlantis.  Dworkin wants
Ulysses to make psychic contact with the wall.  Dworkin then downloads
into Ulysses' mind and starts screaming.  Killian knocks Dworkin out by
hitting Ulysses.  Ulysses wakes Dworkin up.  Dworkin wants out because he
doesn't want  to give birth again.  Dworkin tries to get into Mok, but
Ulysses fights it.  Dworkin says he wants steak.  Archimedes conjures
some.  Ulysses eats, but Dworkin still refuses to get out.  He wants a
portable vessel.  Hewitt is suggested.  The transfer doesn't work.
Ulysses starts looking for another vessel and the rest follow him.
Dworkin suggests Song.  Ulysses refuses.  Killian?  No.  Ulysses snags an
acolyte and flushes Dworkin into him.  They tell Dworkin that the powers
are in flux and that the shards are missing.  Dworkin wants a body that
has powers.  Archimedes asks why he didn't stay in Ulysses.  Because
Ulysses is going to give birth.  Ulysses snaps the acolyte's neck as the
other men stare in shock.  Killian throws Mok at the acolyte and Dworkin
jumps to him.  They question Dworkin/Mok.  Magic is not working because of
the rift created during the explosion in Atlantis.  Magic exists as
scientific and esoteric.  The two will soon blend into one.  Archimedes
asks about the Pattern.  Dworkin/Mok doesn't know yet.  They take
Dworkin/Mok back to see Bleys.

	Melanie works on storing magical energy.

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