Game Log 35

	Ulysses returns to Amber, where he receives a Trump call from
Sylvie.  It seems that she has decided to give the King to be and his wife
a set of mutant cat-horses, as a coronation present.  Thing is, Sylvie
needs a hand in getting the mounts to Amber.  So, Ulysses goes to Chaos,
and helps out.

	Archi decides to check security for the proceedings that are going
to be occurring in the next day.  This wouldn't be news, if it didn't
happen in the middle of the night.  Laughter wakes, (of course) and
follows him around.  There aren't any REAL guards, so Mok's and Laughter's
elite troops will have to suffice.  Archi talks to Corwin about funerary
arrangements, and then takes the information gained to Flora, to badger
her into having a memorial for Random BEFORE Archi is crowned.  Archi then
Trumps Ulysses to hand off the duty of organizing said ceremony.

	Melanie is in Amber late at night.  It appears that she is talking
to Archi, and that they are talking about Kingship and haste.  Later,
Melanie ends up talking to Sandr, about things like sex.

	Sky and Sylvie wish to be assigned positions in defense of Arden. 
Archi overhears this conversation.  Archi and Laughter and Sky play with
their new horses.  Then, Archi and Laughter return to Foil to recover the
Jewel from its hiding place.

	Funeral.  It's basically Archi, Laughter, Ulysses, some Elders,
Vialle and stuff.  Mid-ceremony, "Melanie" pops up, and shoots a crossbow
bolt at Archi.  A demon snags the bolt, as Ulysses Trumps to behind
"Melanie" to strike her, only she escapes through a Trump Hole.  Guards
are procured to prevent this from happening again, but it does.  Later,
"Maron" swings down from a tree, and fires a shot at Archi.  He misses,
and starts to Logrus off.  Ulysses Trumps to a spot on "Maron's" path,
only to bound in Logrus.  Finally, the funeral goes off without a hitch.

	Archi Trumps Fiona, who is unreachable, then Flora, who demands
that he be made up for the coronation.  Laughter is hiding, showing a
brief glint of brilliance.

	Laughter is in the library, talking with Sandr and Melanie.  Archi
and Flora argue about outfits, and how cool lace is or isn't.  Laughter
tries on dresses.

	Ulysses looks for Fiona, and finds that she and Mandor are being
held prisoner of House Amberlash.  They are manacled, and Pattern and
Trump (all kinds, even Ulysses- based Trump) are turned off in their area. 
Ulysses informs Archi of this, since he can't figure out how to rescue

	Archi holds council with the Jewel, and accidentally enters the
"20 questions with the Unicorn" sweepstakes, and wins.  He finds himself a
guest of said horned beast, and also at a loss for good questions.

	It is at about this time that Mandor and Fiona are returned, much
to everyone's surprise.  Mandor and Jurt request asylum, and are granted
it, when Archi returns.

	Archi assigns all of the Elders jobs, which basically consists of
telling everyone alive to keep up the good work, and then assigning jobs
vacant to people like Laughter.  She gets Julian's job as Headmistress of
Arden, while Mok is given his father's princedom.

	Laughter and Mandor go off to talk about stuff, and since they're
both NPCs, I don't know what it was.  Jurt talks to Archi, about Chaos,
and asylum, and such.

	There is a coronation, which is almost interrupted by a bunch of
pre-pubescent fire demons.  They're handled readily by Mok and co., and
Archi is officially King.  There is the standard Post-Kinging party, and
people dance.

	(Due to small child syndrome, I don't have details on the rest of
the session.  I do know that the following happened, though.)

	Hendrake's universe was hosed.  Benedict, who was in said
universe, is currently not in reality.  People are waiting for his return
to any universe, so that he can be contacted/found.  Sandr and Melanie had
a lengthy, in-depth talk about psychotherapy, and homosexuality, and such. 
Sandr ends up in a peaceful Shadow, where gays are treated normally, to
cope with himself.

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