Game Log 34 - Our Family Tree isn't a line, it's a circle.

	We start in Chaos, where the ever loving Cameron has decidedly
finished learning Adv. Shape Shift.  He practices it.

	Archi moves Laughter's and Corwin's armies through the
Ulysses-brand Trump gate, and to a more Amber-centric location.

	Sandr wakes up in Foil, and goes to Archi, and gives him a Trump
of himself.  He then proceeds to draw another Trump of himself, this time
so he can use Trump defense.

	Ulysses goes to Archi, looking for information on Shandril.  Archi
has never seen her, so he directs him to Sky, who has.  Ulysses goes
there, and gains an image of her.  He tries to Trump her, but she is in a
No-Trump Zone.

	Mok is moving his armies.  I'm not all too sure if it was towards
or away from Amber, but he was definitely moving his army around.

	On the next day, the War Council happens.  Archi, with Laughter,
Vain, Sky, and Sandr in tow, meet with the Demons.  Vain goes to try to
convince his sister that staying would be a bad idea.  Dworkin arrives,
and takes the form of a demon, and begins spouting.  The Demons laugh at
him.  He reveals that Laughter is much larger than originally thought, and
the Demons decide that kneeling would be wise.  The demon army agrees to
leave, but 20 of them are going to stay to guard Laughter.

	Corwin is hanging around, as is Sandr.  Mok tries to find out if
Corwin wants help.  Corwin isn't too keen on this.  Corwin offers his
condolences on Eric's death, which is news to Mok.

	Mok goes to Archi, only to find that his dad is dead too, and
there is no sympathy to be found there.

	Cameron gets Trumped by Sylvie.  Tianen tried to kill Ulysses
while she was Logrus mad, but he didn't notice.  Living Trump are that way
when they sleep.  Sylvie is never going to take the Logrus.  It's also
pointed out by Sylvie that people who are Logrus mad feel the opposite of
their true feelings for people.  So, her intense hatred for Ulysses might
be love.  This thought scares the players.  Sylvie wants to know when
Cameron is coming home.  He is terse, so she gets miffed.  She's going to
call her dad, who loves her (so THERE).

	Melanie Trumps Sylvie, to get the happs on Tianen's recovery. 
Sylvie takes this opportunity to go see Ulysses.  She points out that
Tianen is still a little crazy.  Melanie notices this in Tianen's new wave
reading technique.

	Ulysses is blessed with a visit from his daughter, to whom he
offers the chance to finish the Trump Gate that he is working on.  She
declines, and he procures cookies for her.  Orange Milano, to be specific. 
They talk about stuff.

	Mok is Trumped by Shandril, who informs him that she is his
sister.  She wants Mok to set up a protected audience with the King,
alone, before the coronation.  Mok smells a trap.  Mok discusses this with
Archi, who finally agrees.  Mok also relates that he can detect lies, most
of the time.  Mok goes to play army games, and Archi agrees to keep the
Tech level high enough for Mok's troops.

	Melanie finds that someone is going into Brand's study.  It's
Brand.  This is bad.  He scribbles something into an empty journal, and
then leaves.  Melanie goes there, and reads the journal.  It's a fable
about retribution.  She replaces the journal, as well as the self-help
guide she had stolen previously.  Then, she splits.  She later discovers
that Tianen woke Brand up and set him free while she was Logrus mad. 

	Sandr goes back to Foil, and draws Trump.  Fiona comes in, reviews
the work, and then enlists Sandr's help to assist with Bleys.  He agrees. 
Bleys won't speak, but wants to restore Arden.  Sandr goes Shadow hopping
to find the manpower and supplies to let Bleys accomplish this feat.

	Mok and Cameron have a lengthy discussion about things that the
Game Log just couldn't hear, because they were quiet.

	Shandril Trumps Archi.  She wants to swear allegiance to him.  She
offers to inform him of how she got her armies into Amber, if he'll play
nice.  He will.  They came up through the sea caves in Kolvir.  She's real
pissed, since Eric was a crappy father.  They discuss various things,
including the current state of Maron's well being.  Not only is he not
dead, but he's been busy.  He drew the Halybard Pattern, and has an
artifact that will allow people to be made into a living Trump.  Ugh.

	Ulysses goes on an info quest.  He first stops in on Shandril, and
badgers her into spilling her guts about the Ygg thing.  She insists that
it wasn't her, it was just people who look like her.  She bolsters her
case with Trump of two people who match the description given to him by
Ygg.  She claims that the Trump are of Tianen in a different form, and
Perseus, who is supposedly Ulysses' father.  Ulysses is not pleased. 
After continued badgering, Shandril tries to Trump away.  Ulysses blocks
it.  So, she Logruses off.  Oh well.

	Ulysses tries to Trump Perseus, to talk to him, but he's in his
own universe.  (Oh, did I not mention that he's Head of House Atherton?)
Ulysses, while there, tries to find Benedict again.  Oops, also in another
universe.  Hmm.  Ulysses puts that one off until Archi can help them with
the Jewel.  Speaking of Archi, Ulysses Trumps him to relay this Benedict
information.  Archi is pleased.  He instructs Ulysses to invite the people
that have yet to be invited to the wedding.  So, Ulysses Trumps Caine, and
invites him, and then tries to contact Melanie.  She's not answering.  So,
he looks for her with a Pattern Lens.  She's on the other side of the
tree.  Duh.  So, he goes over to her, and invites her.  He makes it clear
that attendance is strongly desired.

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