Session 52: "Thanks for messing with my mind yesterday, it was really

	Laughter and Archi chat a while, before going to bed and getting,
um, reacquainted.

	Fey is encountered by a female servant, who screams and runs away. 
Later two pages find Fey, call for Archi, then run to get the King.  Fey
enters Archi's quarters and hides under his bed.  Four guards enter the
room, and figure that whatever it was, it didn't eat Archi.  They draw
their swords and flip the bed over.  Fey leaps out and slashes two of them
as she passes, scoring on the one without armor.  The others draw and face
her.  The guy in white, scaly armor whistles, which annoys Fey, so she
attacks his face.  Julian ducks, and slams Fey into the wall.  Then two
white hawks fly in the window to attack her.  She leaps out the window and
glides to the ground.  The hawks circle overhead, so Fey goes up a tree. 
Then she dives for the ground and begins burrowing.

	Laughter thanks Ulysses at breakfast for messing with her mind. 
Coming from anyone else, this might seem strange, but for Laughter it's
par for the course.

	Archi enjoys the novel experience of sleeping in.  When he wakes
up, he finds the Jewel in his pants, so to speak.  He shows this to
Laughter, then Trumps Ulysses and asks for transport back to Amber. 
Ulysses provides it, and Archi asks to see Random.  Random wants to know
how Archi wound up with the Jewel.  Archi explains that he woke up with
it.  Random calls the Jewel a slut, and asks if Laughter remembers him
sending anyone to a tournament the first time around.  Nope.  OK, he'd
like Archi to find Corwin.  And the tournament?  It's in Chaos, and Amber
has been invited as a matter of course.  Since they didn't go last time,
Random wants to send people this time.  Archi should underplay his skills. 
No kidding.  Random also tells him about the thing that attacked Julian's
ranger.  Archi would like it captured alive, since it brought him his
children from the future.  They discuss how to present the children, and
the fact that Mandor doesn't know that Laughter exists, yet.  Oh yeah,
that.  Random agrees to say that he officially married Archi and Laughter. 
He did in the future, after all.

	Melanie wakes up and discovers that time magic no longer works. 
She's pissed.  Kaedric informs her that he's found Sand, and she's stuck
in Archi and Laughter's wedding rings, in much the same way that Kaedric
resides in Melanie's bracelet.  Sucks to be her.  Melanie works on a spell
to immobilize the living Kaedric, and begins casting it on his door, but
Kaedric warns her that Abigail is approaching before she has finished. 
Melanie ducks down the hall, and hears Abigail enter Kaedric's room.  She
doesn't remain long.  Melanie scans the room and detects something, so she
enters to check it out.  The source turns out to be a love charm hidden
under Kaedric's mattress.  She begins laughing.  Kaedric doesn't find it
all that amusing.

	Caitlin does a Trump reading.  The reading comes out like thus:

	8		3
	9	4	2/1	5
	10		6

	Where the cards are numbered thusly:

	1 - King of Cups (Rev.) (King of Chaos)
	2 - Magician
	3 - Page of Wands
	4 - King of Swords (Archi)
	5 - The (Well) Hanged Man (Ulysses) (Rev)
	6 - Justice
	7 - Knight of Wands (Rev.)
	8 - King of Wands
	9 - Devil (Rev.)
	10 - Page of Pentacles (Merlin)

	Caitlin then asks about info on Chaos, and who's around.  Cameron
and Benedict are knowing on the topic, but not presently available.  She
tracks Benedict down, to get the skinny.  Swayvill is the King, Hendrake
is in good status.  She inquires what were to happen if she were to locate
Aelle.  There is talk of a trip to Chaos, and the curse upon Benedict and
his kin.  Caitlin decides to Trump Aelle, weapons ready.  Aelle is
surprised, to say the least.  They discuss the "past," and the pregnancy,
and all this nonsense about Archi taking vengeance on the Jezetti or vice

	Ulysses goes to visit Flora.  Nothing need be said about that,

	Fey surfaces, and the Lil' Ol' Man is there.  Fey is chased
around, and finally gets snagged.  Fey is given a job, and tries to bite a
finger.  Fey wakes up in a hallway of a castle.  Ulysses comes along, and
Fey wants to stop him.  Ulysses Trumps past.  Dworkin arrives, and teaches
him to say "Beauty," which comes out "Booty."  How apropos.

	Fey meets Ulysses again, unleashing Fey's new vocabulary.  Ulysses
is not impressed, and splits.  Ulysses is hunted down by Fey, and finally
decides to follow Fey (much to delight of Fey and Plot).  They end up in a
vine covered castle, and Ulysses gains entrance.  He recognizes it as the
castle that Beauty would have ended up in if she had fallen prey to the
curse.  Which apparently is how Dworkin wrote off Beauty coming back to
the past.  Fine by him and Ulysses, I guess.

	Claudio is designated bodyguard for Sky, who has been charged with
investigating Archigate.  Sky Trumps Ulysses, to contact Archi, then talks
to he grandpa.  He says to let him handle it.

	Melanie finishes casting her spell on Kaedric's door, then
finishes Orrin's Trump and does some Trump spying.  She decides to check
out the Atlantis-Ivory Nexus while she's waiting for the living Kaedric to
return from Chaos.  Kaedric tells her that the two entrance points for the
Nexus are the Atlantis temple and the Ivory bazaar.  She opts for the
latter.  While she wanders through the bazaar, he explains that in order
to learn the local magic, which is illegal, she needs to join a house. 
Kaedric suggests Cormallon, which is the house he belonged to.  She sets
up an appointment to meet with Ran, the Head of the House, at three,
claiming to be from the planet Tellys.

	Laughter ends shifting in Foil, and waits for the splattering of
the na siogai against the barrier to begin.  She and Archi discuss how he
will clear his name in Rebma.  Last time, he threatened to hurt Muriel if
she doesn't tell the truth, but he doesn't want to be that mean again, so
this time he's thinking of standing trial.  Laughter likes this not at
all, and claims she has to talk to her guards.  In reality, she Trumps
Sky, comes through, and asks her to look into what the charges against
Archi are, as well as work on clearing his name.  Sky agrees to do this,
and to not tell Archi about it.

	Ulysses returns to Foil with Beauty and Oriana.  Archi asks where
he found them, and Ulysses explains.

	Fey plays her flute, and discovers that it can actually attract
animals.  She plays some more.

	Archi plays with his kids for a while.  Eventually, he notices
that the Jewel has returned.  Random Trumps him shortly thereafter, and
retrieves the Jewel.  He's not happy with how it keeps returning to Archi. 
Archi asks Random to stay out of his personal business.  Random plays
innocent, but Archi ain't buying it.  After he breaks the contact, Archi
finds Laughter, who tells him that her wedding ring is in the river, where
she threw it when she couldn't remember why she had it.  He fetches it,
then Trumps her, and she pulls him through.  When he still insists on
going to Rebma, she trees him.  He tries to call the Jewel to him, but
gets no response.  He thinks evil thoughts.  Laughter Trumps Sky, and they
plot their trip to Rebma.  Laughter dies her hair green, so she won't
stand out.

	Melanie wanders around the Hanging Gardens and does some more
Trump spying, while waiting for her appointment with Ran.  She finds the
whole Archi mess amusing, but not something she wants any part of.

	Caitlin asks Bleys to draw a Trump of her to give to her father. 
Sure thing.  She looks for Aelle, but although her bed has been slept in,
she's not around.  She Trumps Ulysses, but he's doing "Booty," and doesn't
answer.  She asks a page who's a Trump artist, and is given the names of
Bleys, Fiona, Brand, and Ulysses.

	Laughter and Sky go to Rebma to see Muriel.  Laughter holds
Sequence to Muriel's throat, and shortly afterwards Muriel agrees that she
will tell the truth when Archi comes to trial.  Afterwards, Laughter
suggests that Sky find a place to hide, since Archi will be likely be mad
when he is released.  Then Laughter goes to speak to Random, and asks him
to get the Jewel to Archi, since she doesn't want to be near him when he
gets out of the tree.  Random says, "Good for you."  Laughter says it's
revenge for his almost dying on the Pattern.

	The Jewel appears next to Archi.  He untrees himself, then spots
Laughter standing on a distant hill.  He Trumps her, but she refuses, so
he uses the Jewel and forces her to accept.  She tells him that his trial
is set for tomorrow.  He breaks the contact, takes the children, and
Trumps to Amber.  He finds Vialle and asks her to talk him out of killing
his wife, explaining what happened.  Vialle asks if he has any plans to
prove his innocence.  Well, he'll tell the truth.  Which makes it his word
against Muriel's, with Brenner likely to corroborate her story, in a crime
for which the penalty in Rebma is death.  Of course, he could get Fiona to
cast a truth spell, but that would be just as heavy-handed as what
Laughter did.  Archi leaves the kids with Vialle, and Trumps Laughter to
let her know where they are.  She gives him the dirtiest look she's ever
given him.  Archi breaks the contact and goes down to the beach.

	Caitlin Trumps Ulysses and asks him for a Trump of Aelle.  He'll
work on it.

	Dworkin finds Fey, shows her a Trump of Archi, and tries to get
her to say his name.  Good luck.  Then he tries Archimedes has the Jewel. 
Bring the Jewel here.  Shit.  This last word is the one Fey learns, of
course.  Dworkin eventually gives up and impresses what he wants on Fey
psychically.  Fey likes this not at all.

	Laughter asks Sky to relay her apology to Archi for her.  Sky
reluctantly agrees.  She Trumps Archi, explains what Laugher told her, and
asks him to leave her out of it.  He Trumps Laughter and tells her to
leave Sky alone, then breaks the contact.  Then he senses that Laughter
has removed her wedding ring.  He forces another Trump contact with her,
and admits that what he said was uncalled-for.  He also admits that he
wasn't thinking rationally.  She asks to discuss this in person, so he
pulls her through to the beach.  He checks to make sure that no one is
watching, gets down on one knee, and apologizes.  Then he asks her what
she did while he was treed.  She explains that she moved his trial date
up, and threatened Muriel.  He Trumps Random and returns the Jewel.  Then
he returns to Foil with Laughter, and Trumps Sky, telling her that she's
grounded.  He'll let her know when she's not.  He and Laughter proceed to
make up, and the conversation moves on to things involving restraints,
which is really more than the log needed to know.

	Fey tries to reach Archi, but bounces off of the barrier to Foil. 
Which is fine, since Archi no longer has the Jewel, anyway.

	Caitlin finds Aelle in the fencing room, and tells her that she's
commissioned a Trump of Aelle.  Aelle would like one of Caitlin.  *sigh*
Guess it's time to talk to Ulysses again.


"Oh great, now (Fey is) going to divide the human race into two groups -
people who are menstruating, and people who aren't." -- Dann to Sean

"Go get the King.  I'll be right with you.  In fact, I'll go with you." --
one page to another, upon finding Fey outside Archi's quarters

"There are eight legs in this room?" -- Fey to GM
"Good God, it's a spider!" -- Dann

"Something, kind of in your pants, is glowing." -- GM to Archi
"What are those, the Crown Jewels?" -- Sean

"Oh, by the way, thanks for messing with my mind yesterday, it was really
helpful." -- Laughter to Ulysses

"Jousting.  Where two people sit on horses and run at each other with
sticks?" -- Archi to Random
"(In Chaos), they are their own horses." -- Dwinn

"You know that my sword and my life are yours." -- Archi
"Good.  Handy in a Crown Prince." -- Random

"Dakota Smooth is too smooth for words." -- Dwinn
"So is a good bowel movement." -- GM

"The Rapist of Rebma and the Butcher Queen of Foil." -- Ulysses to Flora
"Sounds like a tag team." -- Dwinn

"Booty." -- Fey
"I don't swing that way, rat-dog!" -- Ulysses

"You're only one year old, we're seven years in the past." -- Ulysses
"How inconvenient." -- Beauty
"Isn't it, though?  And here I thought I wasn't going to be able to have
sex with you." -- Ulysses

"Claudio is to be your bodyguard?  Well, it could have been worse.  It
could have been Merlin." -- Archi to Sky

"Do you think that (Archi) would let me stand trial in a foreign country
where they bare their breasts to anyone?" -- Laughter
"I really don't think that's relevant." -- Sky

"The next time Dworkin appears before me in that white light, I'm going to
choke the hell out of him." -- Archi to Laughter
"Why do I think that's not what's going to happen?" -- Dann

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