Session 68: "Only in the Strangeways could Ulysses not get lucky."

	Ulysses is at the Intersection.  He Trumps Corwin.  They speak
about Sky, Killian, and the barred Shadow.  Ulysses takes Corwin to near
the Shadow.  Corwin needs the Jewel of Judgment to get in.  They argue. 
Ulysses retrieves the Taormin.  He tries to Trump Archimedes, but
Archimedes is walking the Pattern.  He Trumps Laughter.  She tells him the
Jewel of Judgment is missing.  They argue about Fiona.  Laughter gives
Ulysses a mental image of Melchior.  Ulysses Trumps him and asks him about
the Strangeways.  Ulysses Trumps Random for the Book of the Strangeways. 
Random goes through to Ulysses.  Random discovers that Archimedes is
walking the Pattern.  Ulysses Trumps Melchior back.  Then he Trumps Bleys,
but Bleys is blocking.  Ulysses transports himself to next to Bleys and
interrupts Bleys' whoring.  Bleys throws him in a Shadow pocket.  Ulysses
returns.  Bleys is upset with him.  Bleys offers no help.  He says that
Ulysses has another child in Chaos.  Ulysses returns to Corwin.  Corwin
says it will take him two hours to get in.  Corwin says there is something
off a ways.  Ulysses retrieves the something, which is Claudio.  Corwin
wants Claudio once he knows who Ulysses has.

	Archimedes reaches the center of the Pattern.  He teleports to
Laughter, who is at the Pattern's edge.  Random is there as well. 
Archimedes faints into Laughter's arms.  He awakens in his own room in the
middle of the night.  Laughter is there, so he puts his arms around her
and returns to sleep.

	Killian arrives with Sky in his Shadow.  He tosses her on the
skins.  Killian goes hunting for two days, then returns.  He avoids the
traps Sky has laid for him.  He doesn't see an ambush.  He sees Sky
sitting by the river bank, sunning herself.  Killian wants her to cook the
game he has killed.  Sky jumps into the river instead and disappears. 
Killian smells a fire and investigates.  Someone is cooking fish.  Killian
waits for the ambush.  The fire blows up instead and knocks Killian out. 
He wakes up in chains.  He breaks them.  Sky dives for the water.  Killian
calls the pack and goes after her.  She drowns a couple of the dogs. 
Killian then goes after her in earnest.  After half of the night he gives
up.  He returns to the bank and sleeps.  He looks for Sky the next morning
and dams the river when he can't find her.

	Ulysses holds his ground against Corwin.  He will give Claudio to
Corwin when Corwin gets them into the barred Shadow.

	Niccolo is sleeping in the castle.  There is much commotion.  A
guard gives him information on what is happening, that one of the
Amberites has been abducted.  Niccolo goes to the main hall.  Benedict is
angry, so Niccolo speaks to him.  He gets little information from Benedict
and looks for someone else.  He finds Flora, but Benedict intercedes and
stops him from getting any information.  Flora tells Niccolo that he has
an appointment with the King the next morning.  Niccolo returns to his
quarters and posts guards.

	In the morning, Archimedes makes love to Laughter to make up for
being stupid the previous day.  He Trumps Random later to check in.  The
plans for looking for the Jewel of Judgment still hold.  Archimedes then
Trumps Bleys, since Ulysses is still working on getting Sky back and is
busy.  Archimedes tells Bleys that Ulysses will be available should they
need him.  Bleys tells Archimedes to meet him at the edge of Arden in
about an hour.

	Niccolo goes to his appointment with the King.  They discuss
complaints that Niccolo has had.  Niccolo gets no more information from
Random.  Niccolo looks for Archimedes, then sends some of his people out
to find out what exactly happened the night before.  He then sets about
finding who of the family is currently not in the castle.

	Archimedes joins Bleys at the appropriate place and time.  Bleys
suggests bringing Kalyn along, since they are short on bodies.  Bleys
Trumps him and pulls Kalyn through.  Bleys puts Kalyn on point until they
reach the broken Pattern were they had found Gerard earlier.  Archimedes
follows Bleys' lead as they traverse the Strangeways.  They go up a high
mountain pass which is treacherous with shale.  Kalyn stumbles and is lost
from view.  Archimedes tells Bleys of this.  Bleys says they'll try to
find him on the way back.

	Melanie wakes up alone with her spell intact.  She no longer has
living Trump.  She uses Kaedric's card.  They speak about her lost powers. 
He tells her she doesn't want to be a living Trump because of the
Serpent's bite.  She packs for Chantille Vale.  Melanie is very angry. 
She arrives in Chantille Vale.  She notices she has better control over
the Shadow now.  She speeds it up, regains the weight she had lost, and
redraws her Trump.  Kaedric discourages her from using the Font.  He says
she'll die.  Kaedric leaves her a note later on saying that he and Alora
have gone hunting until she is in a better frame of mind.

	Niccolo goes to the gap in Pattern-based lands to enter the
Strangeways.  Logrus does not work there.  He exits, then enters again
looking for a trail.  He finds one and follows it.  He winds up being the
reason that Kalyn was startled into falling off the trail.  He disregards
Kalyn and follows the other two Amberites.

	Archimedes and Bleys realize that a Fey is following them.  The
Fey turns out to be the Chaos ambassador, upon questioning.  Niccolo joins
them and says that they are currently following Random's trail through the

	A week passes for Melanie.  The Font is complete and she can make
anyone, except herself, into a living Trump.  She then breaks a lot of
stuff and plots revenge against Caitlin.  Melanie Trumps Sylvester and
talks to him about the ambassadorship to Corwin's realm.  Sylvester
doesn't want it, but will take it instead of giving other names to Melanie
for the position.  They talk about Finndo and Caitlin.  She Trumps Kaedric
to pass Sylvester through.  Kaedric pulls her through as well and they
speak.  Then they go to Mayfair and sleep together.

	Corwin breaks into the Shadow.  Ulysses and Corwin search for
Killian.  They find a dammed stream.  Then they see Sky in a tree.  Then
they see the dogs.  Ulysses runs toward Corwin.

	Killian hears the pack and heads for them.  He sees Corwin and
Ulysses.  Killian runs toward Corwin and Ulysses.  Sky jumps from the tree
onto Killian.  Killian smacks her, but Sky forces mental contact.  Killian
passes out.

	Corwin has stopped the dogs, but Killian and Sky have disappeared. 
Ulysses swears, then he and Corwin search for them.

	Killian comes to with Sky's hands on either side of his face.  Sky
is mentally dominating him.  She has Killian lead her to Corwin's Pattern. 
She Makes Killian stand next to the Pattern and instructs him not to move.

	Corwin cannot find them.  Ulysses and Corwin head out of the
Shadow, then Ulysses Trumps Sky.  She has a dagger at Killian's throat. 
She wants Ulysses to bring Corwin there.  She wants her sons back.

	Ulysses tells Corwin Sky's message.  Ulysses takes them to
Corwin's Pattern.  Corwin and Sky argue.  Ulysses collects the children. 
Once they are there, Sky shoves Killian toward the Pattern and tells him
to move.  Killian avoids stepping on the Pattern and smacks Sky instead. 
Ulysses Trumps Killian to the other side of the Pattern room.  Sky gathers
her kids and Ulysses sends her to where Claudio is.  Killian starts
walking towards Ulysses.  Corwin asks Killian why he did it.  He says that
Sky belonged to no one, so he took her.  Corwin and Ulysses argue. 
Killian leaves.

	Killian gathers his pack and begins to look for Archimedes.

	Ulysses returns to Amber.

	Archimedes, Bleys and Niccolo arrive at a mountain pass.  Niccolo
says that there is something there.  They see a small heard of unicorns. 
Archimedes senses for the Jewel, but it is far away.  There is a truck
coming along the road with three to four people in it.  It looks like it
might be an ambulance of some sort.  Niccolo waves the drive over and says
that their whatever had a breakdown.  Niccolo continues to speak with them
and bums the three of them a ride back into town once the veterinarians
help the unicorn with the broken horn.  They arrive at a tavern once in
town.  They head inside and see a large array of mythical creatures.  They
take a seat at the bar and rest.  A homely guy sitting next to Archimedes
begins to watch him intently.  Niccolo intervenes on Archimedes' behalf. 
The man introduces himself as Brandle, and says that he knows they're not
from the Strangeways.  Through further questioning, they find out that
Finndo is raising armies in the Strangeways.  Brandle offers to help them
steal the Jewel, and Archimedes warns him about what he may be up against
in doing that.  They eat dinner and decide that Niccolo will accompany
Brandle in scouting Finndo's camp, since Finndo is not likely to recognize

	Melanie is done sleeping with Kaedric.  She researches the bite of
the Serpent. They discuss Kaedric's Logrus madness.  Kaedric has taken the
Logrus three or four times.  They discuss living Trump again.  Melanie
doesn't want to have to wait centuries before taking the Pattern.

	Killian Trumps Kaedric.  He is looking for Archimedes.  Kaedric
tells him that Archimedes is not available and suggests that Killian go to
the castle.  Killian says that would not be a good idea.  Kaedric gives
him a sketch of a location, while Melanie attempts to distract him. 
Killian follows the tracks once there.

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