We start our journey with two wanderers, Kalyn and Goldfinger,
Goldfinger and Kalyn.  Two men in search of an army, a victory, mayhaps
even a clue.  They travel for days with no success, until at last Kalyn
finds purpose.... in the form of a Trump call from his Aunt Fiona.  She
tells him that no she does not have an army, nor does she wish to find one
for him, but she does need some expendable muscle to help her collect
those that fell through the cracks during Patternfall, oh didn't they tell
you about that, yes well it happened, come through.

	This he does (along with Doctor No), and they arrive in Nazi-land,
(Fun for the whole family!  Just two miles past the Zeeb Road exit!) where
Fiona buzzes Sandr, Sandr buzzes security, and Kalyn just acts buzzed. 
After a brief but invigorating quest for a proper forum for discussion,
Sandr discovers that nowhere is really good to hear that your Dad is dead
and everyone is glad.  Eventually, he admits that it kind of is good news
after all, but by that time Kalyn has slunk (slinked?) off privately to
Trump M.... er, Bleys, who informs him that yes, Deirdre is gone, no, we
aren't anxious to find her, and women, what women?  Fiona and Sandr
compare their best imitations of spoiled brats, playing the "believe
me/why should I" game.

	Meanwhile, a man called Jubal rides through the desert on a horse
with no name, but his traveling companion appears to have several:
Archimedes, Archi, Dakota, Coda...  one can see right away that this must
be Random's pup.  Jubal, however, can see very little, since the more the
impending Trump contact bears down on his raisin-like brain, the more he
tries to pickle it with whiskey.  Eventually, he blacks out, hears a voice
which asks him if he's killed "him" yet, and answers no, Coda beat me to
it.  The voice is not pleased, but it goes away, leaving Jubal trying
vainly to convince Archi that nothing happened.

	Laughter plays with her special herbs.

	Cameron goes to Grand Central, an ambiguously defined Shadow, thus
confounding the game log with more spurious and iffy material.  I... I'm
just too upset.  Go on, please.

	Caine demonstrates his renowned tact and respect for women by
naming his ship "Jezebel."  He docks her good.  He and Cameron have a
friendly chat, marred only by occasional good manners, and both try to
convince the other that neither is any more concerned about Cameron's ma
than is the gamemaster, who still has not named her.  Cameron tries to
Trump his ma, but she's always had better cards.

	Sandr blubbers, and all can't help but feel that Brand would be proud.

	It is at this point, actually, that Kalyn calls Chief, but it
really seemed to work well earlier, don't you think?

	Sandr works for that daytime Emmy.

	Kalyn, meanwhile, finds out from Number One that he'll give him no
army, and for the second time in the session (third overall) the
Patternfall War is summarized in a few sentences.  Would that Corwin could
have managed that feat.

	Coda keeps pestering Jubal about the Trump call, and Jubal reminds
him that they don't go into personal matters.

	Kalyn decides that he dislikes Brand.  In the mood to be
infuriated, he asks what happened to his mom, who apparently died with his
cat in Julian's company.  Personally, this chronicler is sick to death of
obscure backstory, but I could just be jealous.  As a crowning insult,
Bleys informs him that there are drugs for his condition.

	Laughter Trumps Fiona in the middle of her delicate discussion
with Sandr to ask about her plans for dinner, demonstrating that while
good stuff does not prevent you from doing stupid things, it does increase
your life-expectancy afterwards.

	Sandr begins to waver, and Fiona hurries him back to Amber, along
with Kalyn and 99.

	In cosmic punishment for pestering Jubal about the Trump,
Archimedes gets Trumped by Flora, who wants him... for dinner... to dine
with the others... meet his cousins!  Phwew.  He declines.

	Meanwhile, back at archetypal reality, Flora gushes over Kalyn and
Sandr, who both feel more comfortable in their clothes, thank you.  She
leaves in a huff, much to Fiona's amusement.

	Fiona gives Sandr a tour of the castle, i.e. she shows him the
library and hints that maybe Brand wrote something, why don't you go check
it out, bye now.

	Kalyn takes Benedict's Trump in his room, and after negotiations
to which this chronicler was uninvited, it is decided that Kalyn never
really had any choice in the matter.  He does go to dinner first, however,
the mission apparently being of little importance.

	Cameron dresses appropriately, distinguishing himself among his

	Laughter dresses as she pleases.

	Flora states her belief that they all would've turned out much
better were she allowed to raise them.


		JIMM--er, sorry.

	Goldfinger, not being an Amberite, is uninvited, sparking much
debate amongst the players as to who all the DNPCs in fact are.  Merrie
clarifies that Laughter has a foster daughter named Beauty.  "For good
reason," she says.  Pran reveals that Moonraker is just this guy with a
silly name.  "For good reason," he says.  Jason finally decides to name
Cameron's mother Rhiannon, for no particular reason except that Cain
enjoyed riding her for awhile.

	Aside from a brief quarrel, which results in Cameron apologizing
that The Man with the Golden Gun has a stupid name and is physically
incapable of amounting to anything, dinner passes.  This chronicler
refuses to recount dinners anymore, having grown bored with them through

	Gerard invites Sandr up to his room, and Bleys, Laughter, Kalyn,
and Cameron go fencing, promising to bring back something nice in a

	Coda needs to "make sure" that the dynamite works, so he enlists
the aid of a local dispatchment of cavalry.

	Kalyn eventually gets ill from watching his dad show off and
decides that now might be a good time to see about protecting the Crown
Prince (or is that Crown Pretentious-Squiggle?).

	After Sandr pours his angst-ridden heart out to Gerard, the big
galoot reassures him, saying that Brand "had anger."

	Kalyn tries to find a tank, and the bitchin' migraine that ensues
is the Universe's little way of saying "nuh-uh."  Meanwhile, Octopussy is
distressed to discover that his little appendage doesn't work.

	Ten hours later, Archi notices that he's being followed, so he
drags Jubal along on a short-lived Hellride.  Kalyn tries to Trump him,
but this proves to be ill-thought.  Eventually, Archimedes gives up and
waits.  Kalyn rides up, gesticulates frantically in Jubal's direction, and
denounces him as the "thing of Chaos."  Calmer heads prevail, but Kalyn is
still the one who calls in Benedict, whose learned assessment of the
situation is that Jubal is from Chaos, but if Archimedes is dumb enough to
play with him, more power to him, and where the hell was I when I was
Trumping you.  Kalyn asks for an army, and even Jubal's flute agrees that
that was unwise.  (This, of course, is after Archimedes declines to assist
him either.) Jubal and Coda ride off into the sunset, (or is that merely
the glow of explosions?), and Kalyn returns to Amber.

	Sandr quietly reads his father's works, when Kalyn bursts in, says
that Benedict is Trumping people and running off giggling, and then
himself departs.  Sandr returns to his book.

	Kalyn tells Fiona everything, reminding her why she wanted to fill
Amber with inexperienced youth.  She also suggests he speak with Cameron,
though I don't seem to have noted why.  She was probably just being
bratty, though.

	Sandr goes to Brand's room, but does not find the illumination
which he sought.

	Cameron, unaware of the cruel fate which Fiona has so gleefully
prepared for him, Trumps Caine.  They indulge in some idle jabs and
carefully avoid seeming concerned about, Rhiannon, sorry.

	Fiona cheers Sandr up by mentioning that he'll have to pose for a
Trump portrait, giving him purpose in life, and a reason for Laughter to
take him shopping.

	Kalyn questions Cameron about shapeshifting, but the half-breed's
answers are slippery at best.

	Cameron gets Bleys to try Rhiannon's Trump, but he claims that he
can't get through.  He does mention that since Cameron wants to go to
Chaos quickly he should know that Benedict could send him quickly to Hell.

	Kalyn builds an army and loses most of it.

	After destroying a handful or three of Washington, D.C.'s, Coda
Trumps Llewella to do some private scheming with the gamemaster.

The above is true, insofar as it may be accurate.

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