Session 69: "If you want to sleep with my grandmother, that's OK."

	Claudio wakes up in his room in Amber.  Hearing voices from the
other room, he gets up.  Graham knocks.  Claudio dresses quickly.  All of
Sky's children are in the other room.  Graham opens the curtains to the
day beyond.  Claudio speaks with the children.  Isaac gives him some past
history, then interprets a conversation between Claudio and Sky.  She
tells Claudio he can not seek out Killian and dispose of him.  Claudio
teleports outside of Random's office.  He runs into a spell that draws the
oxygen out of his blood.  He adjusts and speaks with Random.  Claudio asks
after Archi.  Random tells him Archi is in the Strangeways.  Claudio goes
to Arden to hunt, when he recovers from the spell enough.

	Ulysses sees who is in Amber.  He goes to Beauty, who is with
Laughter.  Laughter bribes Ulysses with breakfast.  She wants him to look
for Archimedes.  Laughter suggests taking Claudio.  Ulysses assumes that
Claudio will be getting beat up soon.  Laughter then suggests taking
Dakota.  Ulysses Trumps Sky.  He asks if she wants to help round up Archi. 
They go to Foil to pick up Dakota, then leave for the Strangeways.  Sky
and Dakota pick up the trail and begin to follow.

	Killian tries to follow Archi's trail as well.  He arrives in a
desert and sees an enormous camp.  An army is riding against them.  An
ocean lies beyond. Killian hides.  He has lost the trail.  He backtracks. 
The water in the lake begins to part.  He leaves faster.  The landscape
changes to forest.  There s a river with a bridge and a pavilion to the
side.  An armored man in black comes out and challenges him to a duel. 
Killian melts in to the woods, then crosses upstream, running into a green
knight.  Killian melts into the woods again and makes a spear.  He sneaks
over the bridge, then runs into a blue knight.  He smacks him upside the
head to stun him, then breaks his neck.  He takes a hatchet from the
pavilion, then butchers the knight's horse.  He approaches a castle with a
white pavilion.  A white knight challenges him.  Killian kills him, then
searches the pavilion and takes a mace.  The drawbridge is lowered.  A
woman runs out and calls Killian her savior.  He leaves.  The woman
follows.  She wants to go to Camelot.  She says they will know of
Archimedes there.  He throws the woman over his shoulder and runs to

	Melanie and Kaedric finish being intimate.  She asks about the
shard ring.  She tries to use the Logrus to retrieve it.  She gets it an
hour later.  She can wear it.

	Archi feels her put the ring on.

	Melanie can tell where Archi is.  She sees him in the tavern in
the Strangeways.  She and Kaedric speak of the Strangeways.  The Fey come
up.  Kaedric teaches her the counter spell to the one Orrin used to kill
him.  They speak of Ran and the hole between Ivory and Atlantis.  They
look for Sylvester and Alora.

	Bleys and Archi head out after Niccolo and Brandle.  They track
them.  They see Brandle and Niccolo talking to a man.

	Ragnar notices that Brandle has not come alone and is with a
Vertix.  They speak.  Finndo has hidden the Jewel.  Brandle says some
people came through looking or the Jewel.  They are also interested in
destroying Finndo's army.  They discuss Niccolo and House Vertix.  Finndo
is currently in a cave, Brandle says.

	Archi overhears Niccolo paraphrasing that Ragnar wants to get the

	Ragnar tells Niccolo to get lost and will not speak of his plans. 
Ragnar then smells Archi and Bleys.

	Niccolo gives Bleys and Archi away.  Archi conjures a crossbow and
aims it at Niccolo, then comes out.  Niccolo quibbles.  Archi warns him
about keeping his mouth shut.  Ragnar says his interests coincide with
Archi's.  Niccolo continues to be annoying, so Archi shoots him in the
foot.  Ragnar suggests it might be poisoned, and lops off Niccolo's foot. 
Niccolo sticks it back on.  Ragnar assumes that Archi is indeed Archi and
introduces himself.  Ragnar's employer wants him to deliver the Jewel to
Archi.  Archi is shocked.  Ragnar will not discuss his employers, but is
interested in the Halybard poison that Archi mentioned earlier.

	Killian does not find Archi at Camelot and kills Merlin.

	Sky stumbles across Killian's trail and wants to follow.  Ulysses
won't let her.

	Claudio is with his sons.  They discuss what Gareth is to call
him.  They discuss Sky's temper in relation to Gareth seeing his father
again.  They also discuss training.

	Melanie continues in the fast Shadow drawing Trump.

	Kaedric talks to Claudio about Alora's dinner in Amber.  Kaedric
warns Claudio that he is saving Claudio's ass.  He tells Claudio that
Killian is more than likely in the Strangeways.  He says that Ulysses,
Dakota and Sky went after them.  Kaedric learns of Claudio's plot to kill
Killian.  Claudio explains what happened.  They discus how Sky got away
and got her children back.  Kaedric explains that Killian and Archimedes
are linked.  Killian was in contact with Archi when he retrieved his soul. 
Claudio teleports to near Fiona and walks the rest of the way.  Fiona is
dressed in a stunning fashion.  He asks about extraction of a shared soul. 
He then shares that he believes Killian and Archi are sharing souls, and
tells her that Kaedric told him.  She suggests Sand.  Claudio escorts
Fiona to dinner.

	Ulysses is on his way to the crossroads.  He sees Archi, Bleys,
and Ragnar.  Archi and his group see Ulysses and company.  Archi
introduces all.  They discuss whether or not Archi needs rescuing, then
they move out.  They find an enormous stone slab.  There is a small man
with fire for hair.  He is crying. His feet are roots.  His right hand is
stone, his left is wood.  They discuss Finndo.  They query the guardian. 
Ulysses asks how many children Archi will have.  The guardian says he will
have 15.  Then they hide.

	Finndo exits, and the guardian lets them in.  Archi uses his
connection to the Jewel to find it.  It is deep inside a stalagmite. 
Archi frees it and Sky asks for a book.  Archi stalls for a bit, then
looks at Bleys.  Archi can not bring himself to allow Killian to come to
harm, which he finds exceedingly odd.  Archi tells Sky not to kill
Killian.  Ulysses will go with her.  Archi will return to Amber with the
Jewel and Ragnar.  Archimedes tells Ragnar to do no harm in Amber.

	Kaedric Trumps Melanie.  He makes her promise not to be angry. 
They are presenting Alora to Amber.  They discuss misleading each other. 
He tells her that Claudio's family is whole.

	Archi and his group exit the Strangeways and Trump back to Amber. 
Archi Trumps Random, notices the tuxedo that Random is wearing, and cuts
the contact.  He warns the others that there is a state dinner this
evening.  Archi turns Ragnar over to Florimel and heads to his room to

	Ulysses and company find Killian.  Killian whacks Ulysses with his
mace.  Ulysses says that was stupid, since he is only there to keep the
peace.  Killian then attacks Dakota, who blocks, knees him in the groin,
stomps on his foot, and punches him in the nose.  Dakota lectures Killian. 
Ulysses insults Killian.  Dakota continues to lecture Killian all the way
back to Amber.

	Ragnar presents himself to Florimel.  He flirts with her
aimlessly, not really expecting to get anywhere.

	There is a tuxedo waiting for Archi.  Laughter tells Archi that
Killian has a part of Archi's soul, and then suggests going to dinner. 
Archi assumes that it happened when he was walking the Pattern.

	Archi is Trumped by Sky.  They have Killian.  Archi goes through
to deal with it.  He consults the chancellor and Random, then lets Killian
decide his fate.  Killian chooses trial by combat, ordeal and quest. 
Killian is placed under house arrest until then.

	Dinner is well attended.  Ragnar, in a different form, is tall,
pale, and dark-haired and eyed.  He is very handsome, in a patrician sort
of way.  Killian lets his nose bleed.  Niccolo is paranoid of Archi and
Ragnar.  Claudio's and Melanie's children are introduced.  Melanie wants
Kaedric to tell her about Ragnar.  He says Ragnar has no honor.  Niccolo
expires at the end of dinner.  Ragnar gets over to Archi and claims
innocence of the affair.  Random adjourns the party to the next room.

	Kaedric and Melanie search the body.  They find a note.  It states
that there is a new Head of House Vertix.

	Archi spends time with Laughter.

	Ragnar explores the town and ends up at Bloody Piotr's.

	Ulysses spends time with Beauty.  She says it is okay for him to
sleep with Fiona if he wants to.  They discuss monogamy.

	Dakota tries to get Killian to play cards.

	Claudio goes to Ixaxis.  He receives a letter from Sky.  When he
gets to Ixaxis, there are two Sands.

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