Session 70

	Claudio and the Sands arrive at Archimedes' quarters in Amber. 
Claudio knocks on the door, and Archimedes answers it.  Claudio explains
that the Sands need to see both him and Killian in the same room so that
they can learn more about the soul problem.  Archimedes agrees to be
examined and they head to Killian's quarters.  Upon arrival, they see
Dakota and Killian playing poker.  The Sands examine the two of them in
some mystical way, and then leave to analyze the situation.

	Archimedes speaks to his counsel about Killian's punishment.  The
aide mentions that Ragnar would like to speak to Archimedes.  Archimedes
agrees to meet with him.  During their talk, Ragnar discusses returning to
Finndo's camp.

	Claudio, on the behest of Archimedes, relieves Dakota.  A
messenger arrives and tells Killian and Claudio that Archimedes and
Killian are to duel.

	Melanie heads to Thelbane, to see Swayvill.  They discuss
Niccolo's death.  Mandor will be the next ambassador.  Sylvester will be
the ambassador to Corwin's universe, mainly because the Vertix don't want
him to be in that position.  A party is to be held for them by Swayvill in
a week.  Melanie goes back to her office and sorts papers.  She sends a
messenger to Mandor, who arrives shortly thereafter.  She tells him the
good news.  After he leaves, she tells Sylvester.

	Archimedes speaks to Random.  They discuss who to send to Chaos as
the Ambassador from Amber.  Flora is first choice, Ulysses the second
choice.  They discuss Ragnar's plan.  Random agrees to it.

	Ragnar speaks to his employer.  They discuss Abigail and what to
do with her.

	Kaedric Trumps Claudio, who puts Killian to sleep before
concentrating on the Trump call.  They discuss Melanie's temper and
Claudio's upcoming wedding ceremony.  Kaedric breaks the contact and
Claudio awakens Killian.  Killian tells him not to do that again.

	Fiona and Archimedes talk about her being mad, and whether or not
Ragnar has Logrus.  Fiona doesn't think he does.

	Archimedes and Killian enter the arena for the duel.  They both
are using spears, but Killian refuses to fight Archimedes.  Dakota fights
Killian in place of Archimedes.  Dakota beats him silly.

	Archimedes and Ragnar discuss the plans for attacking Finndo's
camp.  Benedict refuses to help.  Ragnar and Archimedes discuss Abigail
and agree to have her killed.

	Melanie and Alora speak of their activities.  Melanie goes embassy

	Ragnar speaks to Claudio about getting his money from Chaos to

	Archimedes, Bleys, Ragnar, Dakota, Vain, Sky, Isaac, Claudio and
Gareth are going on the raid.  Laughter disapproves, mainly because she
can't go.

	Ragnar sneaks up on Abigail and casts a spell on her.  This sets
off a spell of fireballs.  This alerts the camp.  Guards are coming, and
Abigail is behind a force wall.  Ragnar uses a gravity spell to knock her
and most of the guards silly.  Then he kills her.  He sends up the signal
that the rest were waiting for.  The Amberites seriously damage Finndo's
camp.  When leaving the battlefield, Brandle and two Rocs are waiting to
make sure the Amberites are not going to attack the town.

	Sky and Dakota visit Killian in the infirmary.  Sky has a gash on
her arm.  Dakota patches her up.

	Archimedes and Laughter get married, again.

	Sand comes to see Claudio.  She gives Claudio some disappointing
news about the soul problem.  He tells her about the death of Abigail.

	Killian undergoes the second part of his punishment.  He walks the
Fire Pattern.  He sees something beyond the Pattern.  He sees bodies lying
beyond the Pattern.  When he gets to the center of the Pattern, he tells
the Pattern to take him to the bodies.  The bodies laying in a row are
Archimedes, Laughter, Sky, Benedict, Fiona, Ulysses, Melanie, Claudio, and
four others that he doesn't recognize.  Killian sees a silver horn, so he
picks it up and blows on it.  No sound comes out.  He takes Archimedes'
knife and checks out the area.  No way out.  He cuts Claudio's arm, which
doesn't bleed.  Claudio, who had been walking the Pattern, arrives. 
Killian decides not to kill him.  Claudio recognizes the rest of the
bodies to be Orrin, Caitlin, Gerard, and Aelle.  Claudio investigates,
then Trumps Fiona.  Fiona investigates and then Trumps Archimedes. 
Archimedes doesn't want to touch the horn, so Claudio tosses it to him. 
He catches it reflexively, and hears a note in his head, and the bodies
start twitching.

	Ragnar get two swords forged.  Then he speaks to his employer
regarding the future (his employer is either Swayvill or Kaedric).

	Shandril makes an appointment to see Melanie.  She is there on the
behalf of interests that want to kill Caitlin.  Melanie agrees to a
meeting with the unnamed party.  Shandril tells her that Abigail is dead. 
Melanie is pleased about this.  Later, she speaks to Kaedric about Abigail
and Maron and Caitlin.

	Ragnar and Claudio talk about business and wedding plans.

	Killian's third punishment begins.  He must live as a Rebman until
he wins the heart of a woman, the Rebman way.  Archimedes will stay a
couple days to help Killian get used to it.  Laughter joins him that

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