Game Log 41

	Melanie is Trumped by Sand.  They talk about Claudio and Abigail,
and how to permanently differentiate between herself and the Shadow bitch. 
There's talk of a scar.

	Six months after the end of last session, Benedict goes to
Caitlin, reassuring her that she will be safe.  Caitlin is confused. 
Benedict explains that he means that there is no danger at the wedding. 
Caitlin, still smarting over the revelation of Sandr's gay-osity, is
nonplussed.  She Trumps Ulysses, in order to procure attire for the

	Laughter tries to convince Archi to attend.  He wants no part of
their gay culture.  Or more accurately, Maron.  Seeing as he'll be there. 
Laughter tells him he won't be able to hurt Maron.  He's still not going. 
Laughter gets Ulysses to help, but still no luck.  Ulysses tries to point
out the faux pas involved in the King snubbing the weeding of a Prince. 
No go.

	Laughter relates the sad news to the happy Groom.  (Or is he the
bride?  Who knows.) Sandr tries to talk to Archi.  He also fails to
convince him, but is resigned to the fact that Archi hates him.  Poor
Sandr.  The plot, demanding his presence, sends Fiona as its Avatar. 
Fiona, through unknown means, manages to convince him to go.  Archi,
needing a vent for his swallowed pride, punishes his wife.

	Ulysses procures a dress for Caitlin.  He resists to get pink
triangles in the blue motif of the dress.

	In Paxis, the wedding happens.  Everyone is playing Discs of Tron. 
Sort of.  All are stationed on their own floating discs, encased in force
walls.  The wedding happens, then there is a reception.  Archi and
Laughter don't go.

	Cameron brings an intelligence report to Archi.  Amberites are to
be shot on sight in Chaos, and he's missing a hand.  Oops.

	Another six months later, Sandr Trumps Archi.  Gather everyone, he
insists, for I'm going to unveil the new Saturns.  Ooops.  I mean, Sandr
wants to present his plan for Universal Salvation.  Archi, Laughter,
Ulysses, Fiona, Benedict, and Dworkin all arrive in the great conference
room, where Sandr presents his options.  The group offers criticism, but
it isn't taken well.  Archi says don't call us, we'll call you.  Sandr
gets pissed.  Archi puts him in his place.  Dworkin snores.  People leave. 
Sandr talks with Eddie, who informs him that he's not unique.  Sandr goes
home to his kid.

	Laughter and Archi talk about attunement to the Jewel.  Laughter
suggests Ulysses, should a new person need to be attuned.  Ulysses,
Oriana, Archi, and Laughter all eat together in the King's quarters. 
Something odd is in Archi's juice.  He goes and locks himself in the
closet.  Laughter Trumps him to relate that there is a wreath of Wormwood
on his chair, and he has drank Absinthe.  Laughter and Ulysses discuss the
ramifications of this.  Ulysses takes Archi to a 'safe' haven, where Archi
proceeds to go on a rape and pillage tour.  Oops.

	Melanie Trumps Maron.  He comes through to her.  Maron wants to
separate his Universe from the rest of them.  He's going to do this by
re-drawing his Pattern.  Sandr immediately begins trying to work this into
his own plans for saving the universe.

	Caitlin is doing the daily grind.  She goes out drinking with
Claudio, Merlin, Mok, and Sky.  Sky leaves, and Merlin cries into his
beer.  Mok and Caitlin try to console him, but he's hopeless.  Caitlin
learns how to pilot Mecha from Mok, then much paintball is played.

	Mok then suggests White Castle.  Archi Trumps Ulysses, for he is
sober again, and ready to go home.  Ulysses sends him there.  Ulysses has
joined the White Castle crew at the behest of Caitlin.  Laughter Trumps
Ulysses, for an Archi Update.  She wants to know where he is, and for the
second time this session, he reminds her of the ring.  Duh.

	Archi and Laughter talk about what happened and why.

	Laughter goes to Ulysses in White Castle land, and smacks him. 
Again.  It's the ambiance, I tell you.  They talk (alone) of Archi's
rampage, and how to stop it from happening again.  She wants to go to
Kalevala, but he wants to wait for tomorrow.  The gang goes to see Live
Action Mortal Kombat.

	After, Caitlin gets Ulysses to take her home.  They talk as they
walk through what was left of Arden, and once back at the castle, she
offers him some coffee.  They go to her room, for his is not-guest
presentable.  (Hmm, could Tianen be there?) She is subtle about her
wishes.  Yeah, and the KKK was subtle about asking blacks to get out. 
Ulysses, with great difficulty, manages to not have sex with her.

	Ulysses, sitting against a wall out in the hall, is tracked down
by Sylvie.  She informs him of the Cult of the King's hand in the drugging
of Archi, and they begin to hunt them down.  Sylvie goes off into Shadow
to find the petitioners.

	Laughter wakes around 10, and is Trumped by Sandr.  He has yet
another resolution to the Universe problem.  This one involved Maron,
which just thrills Laughter.  She doesn't want to know, because she'll
tell Archi, and Sandr didn't want that.  Sandr sighs and goes away.

	Morning.  Archi is in the training room, destroying things. 
Caitlin wakes, and goes there as well.  She watches as she trains.  The
amount of pent up frustration in the air actually chokes a small animal.

	Ulysses finds the Eye in Chaos.  With the help of the Taormin, he
discovers that it's in the hands of House Wickling.

	Archi gets that drunk feeling, and realizes that someone is
conjuring alcohol directly into his blood.  Fiona puts him in his room,
where he is abducted.  Laughter is not happy.

	Archi finds himself in a clearing, where his is trussed up in a
tree.  Time passes very swiftly here, as Archi watches the sun move across
the sky, and the moon rise, as midnight approaches.  Archi conjures
himself a blade, and cuts himself down, just as a bunch of Cultists stroll
in, takes something from him, and let him go.  He kills two of them, and
the rest get away.  He was stunned by the strength of one of them, who
seemed to psychically hold him in place.

	Laughter bolts from the training room, looking for Fiona.  Caitlin
Trumps Fiona for her, and brings her through.  Fiona, Caitlin and Laughter
all go to where Archi is, and all are confused.

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