Game Log 33 - Would you like some vegetables to go with your living Trumps?

	Melanie releases Caine and Gerard from the dungeon, but Caine
seems too stupid to be real, so she Trumps him.  Sure enough, the
dungeoned Caine was a fake.  She'd check Gerard too, but he was stupid to
begin with.  Eric died in jail, from that fatal disease known as
beattoshitandlefttodie-itus, that Finndo failed to diagnose or cure. 
Melanie then decides to investigate Brand's study, since she hasn't done
anything stupid in a while.  She discovers that most of the childrearing
logs have been faked, but the living Trump manual looks real.  Melanie
peers into the past to discover where the Jewel went, and what happened to
Maron.  The Jewel left with Dworkin, and Maron was an idiot.

	Archi is revived by Laughter, once life is calm in Foil, and she
relates the end of the last session to him.  He is confused, and goes to

	Ulysses starts to sketch Beauty, so he can bring his family back
from Flying Monkey World, but the sketch finishes itself in seconds, and
the contact opens.  It seems that only a few seconds have passed there,
which confuses both parties.  Ulysses brings the whole crew, button
included, back to Foil.

	Melanie Trumps Archi, and relates the Jewel information to him. 
He agrees to go to the Jewel with her, which means going to Ygg and

	Cameron stays in Foil, and notices that Sylvie is gone.  She,
oddly enough, chooses this moment to Trump Cameron and inform him that she
isn't coming home.  He, not having been himself recently, doesn't care. 
Sylvie gets that "I'm a chick, and your balls will be mine" kind of angry
look, and huffs out.

	Mok gathers his stuff in Gaia, after his vacation/war de-briefing
party ends, and gets set to return to Amber.  He does this by Trumping the
first face that falls out of his Trump deck.  Cameron.  Cameron relates
the events of the last two sessions, in his own special Cameron way.  This
prompts Mok to bestow the title of Lore Master on Cameron.

	Dworkin is shoveling fertilizer with Sandr at Ygg, when Archi,
Laughter, and Melanie arrive.  Dworkin gives Archi the Jewel, and a less
then heartening seal of approval.  Archi wants to attune himself, so he
Trumps Ulysses.  Ulysses takes the group to the Primal Pattern, where they
find Melanie walking the beast.  Sandr is also there, looking on silently. 
When Melanie is done, she ports to Sandr.  Before Archi starts walking,
Mok Trumps him.  Archi instructs him to re-gather his army, to help
re-take Amber.  He gladly does this.  Archi walks the Pattern, and attunes
himself to the Jewel.  He learns of its ability to slice, dice, and
julienne.  It also boils eggs.  Archi returns to his group, which then
goes back to Foil.  Melanie and Sandr return to Ygg.

	Laughter tells Archi about her time as a captive.  She told Finndo
and Maron that her fetii (fetuses?) were Ulysses, so that they would be in
no danger.  Archi sighs.

	Melanie and Sandr talk.  About what, I don't know.  Read Kris' log
or diary if you're THAT interested.

	Cameron wakes up, and goofs around.  Silly Cameron.

	Ulysses checks on his new family, and all is well.  Cameron finds
Ulysses, and they talk.

	Morning and breakfast happen.  Cameron talks to Archi about the
goings on.  Archi Trumps Vialle.  They discuss Rebman shit, and funeral
arrangements.  Archi Trumps Flora to check on his mother-in-law, and Uncle
Drooler.  Fiona is a little crazy, switching from child to bitch, and
Bleys is just useless.  Archi takes Fiona into his care, and sticks her in
a corner.  Archi gets Ulysses and Laughter to help Fiona, but then
Laughter bails, so it's Ulysses.  Fiona wonders who did "that" to him, and
Ulysses is confused.  It is revealed that Ulysses is a Living Trump.

	Archi wants to talk to Mok, so he Trumps Ulysses to get a Trump. 
Ulysses finds out that his new found power isn't exactly what he thought
it was, so he actually has to draw the Trump.

	Cameron gives Vialle the nickel tour.

	Sky has a Pattern manacle, and goes to Grampa King to get it off. 
Archi removes said object, and orders Vain to clean his armies out of
Amber.  Vain and Flynn meet, and boy is it a hoot.  Archi and Laughter
talk about Fiona, and her future.

	Sandr and Melanie listen to Dr. Trump.  Sandr learns Trump
artistry, and Melanie listens to the "How Trump work with Pattern" part of
the story, since she just picked up a new Pattern.

	Laughter doesn't think that Ulysses is a shape shifter, since his
wounds don't hurt.  She tells him the same stuff she told Archi about her
captive time.  She also suggests that Ulysses talk to Sylvie about the
shapeshifting possibility, but he doesn't want to tell too many people.

	Mok is Trumped by Archi, and they discuss armies and plans.

	Cameron Trumps Rhiannon.  They discuss the demon army in Amber.

	A few days pass, Melanie investigates someone near the Black Zone,
and draws Trumps.  Ulysses investigates his new power, and learns Pattern
lens from Fiona, who is better now, thank you.

	Archi gets planning with Flynn and Vain and Mok's army.  Flynn is
solid, Vain is an idiot.  Sky and Laughter help out too.

	Cameron is talking to his mom, who disses him.  He's trying to
learn the rest of Adv. SS.

	Sandr learns most of Trump artistry, and Dworkin gets ready to
boot him.  He sketches Melanie, and Trumps her.  They talk about Amber
related stuff, and she pulls him through.

	Mok Trumps Ulysses, to get a Trump of Sandr.

	Archi goes to see the baby, Laughter is there.  She uses the
opportunity to start Archi's child rearing education.

	Sandr gets Trumped by Mok, and they talk about Trump and other things.

	Laughter holds Judgment Day, and the terminators storm the Shadow. 
Sorry, wrong world.  Archi practices being king, and Random is embalmed,
so that he'll keep until Amber is regained.

	Sandr and Melanie go talk to Archie.  Sandr is sad and whiny, and
Archi agrees to take him back.  Sandr feels useless, and Archi points out
things he can do.  Sandr talks about future magics and stuff, and Archi
nods his head.  Sandr talks about being sick, and it is decided that his
medicine will work in Amber now.  But if Sandr screws up, it's all over.

	Ulysses watches his daughter, and Fiona.  Sandr comes in and
blubbers.  Ulysses listens, and tells Sandr that it's no big deal, and
they're still friends.

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