Game Log 38

Note to those who care:  Due to excessive Kaylaness, the log is coming
from memory.  I didn't get a chance to write much, and what I did write
got drooled on, and what didn't get drooled on, got eaten.  So, as Pink
Floyd would say:  Deal with it.

	We start with Coolio, er, Claudio.  (Coolio is a cooler name,
anyway) who is checked to see if he's a sorcerer.  He's not, much to his
relief.  Abigail, the lame Melanie wannabe (don't ask why, just sigh and
accept it) IS a sorcerer, though, and she scares Claudio.  She tells
Claudio that he's more important than he realizes, which scares him. 
There's this whole pile of prairie muffins about how his father is really
his mother's brother, maybe, and his real father is Delwin, and he REALLY
is supposed to be King of Amber, but that Bastard Archimedes is a grump,
and won't let him.  You get the picture.

	Laughter came around, but didn't have her memory.  Well, not all
of it, anyway.  Archi discovers that she remembers up until before the
Mergence War, which was a while ago.  Bad.  He is much distraught.

	The nice people who have been using Ulysses as a big battery
decided to use the stored energy, much to Ulysses' (and Melanie's)
chagrin.  Ulysses ended up powerless, and Melanie lost the energy she had
drained from him as well.

	Archi, who is listening to Laughter vomit, is encountered by a
powerless Ulysses.  They, in turn, are scooped up by an odd Trump-like
thing.  They are dumped in a dungeon cell.  Joy.  Abigail comes to them,
and lets them know that they can go free if Archi fights (and loses) a
duel.  Archi agrees, though he smells a rat.  Ulysses slyly slides out of
the cell as Archi's second, and they wait on the field.  Archi is brought
'Song,' and then I, Claudius comes out as his opponent.  Archi tries to
talk his way out, but Claudio wants actual proof that Archi is rightful
King.  Claudio's sword, however, only wants Archi's head.  It seems as if
the third sword of the trio has made its way into the game (incorrect, but
that's what it seemed).  Claudio likes the living sword bit about as much
as he loves Christians, so he gladly helps Archi lodge the sword in stone. 
They agree to go to Amber, where Archi will prove his claim.  Claudio is
now pissed at Abigail, for lying.  Mok arrives, and air lifts our heroes

	Melanie does stuff with Balin, like trying to encourage him to
walk the Pattern, and eating, and other stuff.  She's not pleased with the
Trump plan going awry, but does notice Balin's return when her power
starts coming back.  The log doesn't remember much of what Melanie did,
since the log doesn't like Melanie.  If it was important, the other log
will catch it.  The log does know that Melanie was not happy with the

	Archi returns to find that Laughter is gone, but he doesn't know
where.  Oops.  He pawns Claudio off on Bill Roth, who would be better to
prove the claim anyway.  Archi talks the real Song out of wanting to kill

	Ulysses, with the help of Fiona, discovers that Sand is the one
who turned him into a living Trump.  Ulysses is wondering why he let Archi
save her life, oh so long ago.  Oh well.

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