Session 65: "I'm going to have dinner now, and I'm not going to kill you

	Claudio is on his knees before Sky.  Sky refuses to kill him,
since she has a new life here.  She will not kill him, nor throw her life
away.  Claudio stares at her.  Claudio reveals that he wants her back, and
has resolved to fight Corwin if he has to.  Sky goes and gets food, and
Claudio joins her.  She talks about Isaac and nothing else.  Claudio is

	Meanwhile, Killian is walking Shadow with Isaac and Gareth, and
their guards.  He finds Corwin after a day.  Bleys is there.  Killian
smiles at Bleys.  Corwin privately speaks with Isaac.  Killian stares at
Bleys.  Bleys makes eye contact, and lo, Killian no longer desires to kill
Bleys.  Killian shakes his head and breaks eye contact, ending the mental
war.  Isaac and Corwin return at this time, and Corwin announces that they
will set up camp here.  Bleys provides wine, and Killian has a very small
amount of it.

	Melanie is summoned by the King.  She goes.  Swayvill wishes to
move the timetable up.  He asks her opinion on the ambassador to Amber,
and wants to know who Melanie would choose.  She counters by asking what
purpose is the ambassador to serve.  Swayvill wants an improvement of
relations with Amber, and an insider's ear.  Melanie suggests a Vertix. 
Swayvill was thinking of Niccolo Vertix or Mandor Sawall.  They trust
Niccolo over Mandor, but Niccolo is a bit mad.  Melanie will seek to find
a third choice.  They discuss the list of people for Corwin's universe. 
Swayvill will contact the candidates.

	A message is sent to Niccolo requesting his presence in an
audience with the King.  He studies council operations, and makes a long
list of suggestions to discuss with Kaedric.  GM and Niccolo have a
private conversation.

	Melanie is Trumped by Benedict, and asked for transport to
Corwin's universe.  Specifically to Bleys.  She provides it.  They take
Bleys aside and talk.

	Killian asks Corwin why they are patrolling.  Corwin tells him
there are always enemies.  Killian lames Bleys' horse.

	Claudio awakens in the night.  Sky is outside his door wearing
next to nothing, or less.  Claudio throws a force wall up and bids her to
enter.  Claudio drops the force wall when she takes his hand.  She tells
him that he is forgiven.  She offers to sleep with him.  Claudio declines,
stating he wants to marry her, not bed her.  She is confused.  She asks if
she would have to put up her sword.  Claudio tells her no.  She agrees to
marry him.  Claudio makes a torch circlet as a bracelet to serve as a
token for Sky.  She accepts it and leaves.  Claudio is sorely
disappointed.  In the morning, he attempts to rid himself of some of the
energy that is building up inside of him.  He jousts and looks for his

	Archimedes, Benedict and Bleys return to their universe.  Killian
is left with Corwin and his brothers.  He asks Corwin who Archimedes and
Benedict are.  Killian is treated to Corwin's version of Patternfall. 
They arrive at Corwin's castle a week later.  Corwin speaks to guards. 
Claudio is still there and alive.  Corwin goes and speaks to Sky.  Killian
listens at the door.

	Claudio hears, "Marry YOU!" from the courtyard.  He awaits Corwin
with no small amount of trepidation.

	Killian falls as the door he was leaning on opens.  Corwin catches
him and then storms out.  Killian follows him.  Corwin storms toward
Claudio.  Corwin suggests that he was remiss with his consort.  Killian
asks if he stole Corwin's woman.  Claudio and Corwin discuss ownership of
Sky.  She belonged to Claudio first.  Corwin will keep the children for
two years.  Claudio goes to compose a letter for Isaac.

	Corwin instructs Killian to carry Claudio and Sky while Killian
walks the Pattern.

	Sky Trumps Melanie.  She asks for help.  Sky wishes to leave
Corwin's universe.  Oh, and by the way, Melanie is invited to Sky's
wedding.  Melanie sends Sky to Amber, and then tells Kaedric of Sky and
Claudio, including Claudio's method of leaving Corwin's universe.

	At the same time, Claudio finds a steward and delivers his note. 
Killian finds him.  Claudio asks where Sky is.  Gone.  Killian is going to
take him to the Pattern.  Claudio says no, Killian knocks him out. 
Killian is stopped from actually stepping on the Pattern by Kaedric. 
Kaedric offers to take Claudio.  Killian refuses.  They argue on methods
of leaving.  Kaedric Trumps all of them out.  Killian throws his spear at
Kaedric, who catches it.  Killian hits him with Claudio.  Claudio bounces
off a force wall.

	Melanie is monitoring this scene, and wants to use magic.  Kaedric
stops her. Melanie wakes Claudio.  Claudio gets knocked out again. 
Melanie awakens Claudio again.  Claudio puts Killian to sleep.  Melanie
and Kaedric and Claudio discuss what to do with Killian.  Claudio heads
off to Graham.

	Niccolo is researching creatures that can move through Shadow.  He
discovers the fey, and collects a few to train.  He has to train them
psychically.  H goes to faster time Shadow, accomplishes this, then sends
one off and sets a watch to wait for its return.

	Claudio and Graham catch up on what has been going on.  They head
to Amber.

	Killian wakes up with hands on his head and no hostile thoughts. 
Kaedric is realigning his thoughts.  Killian asks where he is. 
Kaedricways.  Kaedric offers him a Trump of Amber.  Killian Trumps there. 
Melanie asks if Kaedric knows where Ulysses is.  He doesn't.  She tells
him of Benedict's request.  They discuss the Amber ambassadorship. 
Mandor's relationship with Fiona comes up.  They discuss the other
appointment.  The next morning, Melanie meets with Swayvill and reveals
that Mandor has connections to Amber.  Mandor is disqualified.  Swayvill
says to still do interviews, to keep up appearances.

	Niccolo is interviewed by Melanie and Swayvill.  He is superbly
diplomatic.  Niccolo is informed of his position by the time he returns
from his interview with the King.

	Claudio talks to Laughter about wedding stuff.  He has his staff
in Chaos take care of the invitations.  He gives Graham a Trump of Sky. 
Graham Trumps through and comes back a half hour later.  He tells Claudio
the particulars of the wedding.

	Niccolo's fey comes back.  It walked through Shadow.  People are
stuck in the Shadow.  He has the fey take a non-fey creature in.  The fey
comes back without the creature.

	Archimedes, Bleys, Benedict, Flora, Laughter, and Julian all sit
down for a war meeting.  Bleys introduces Melchior, who is knowledgeable
about the Strangeways, something that predates Logrus and the Pattern. 
There used to be a map here in Amber.  Finndo stole it.  There is another
map in Atlantis, a nexus for magic near Ivory.

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