Session 67

	We start out with Melanie and her madness, she is in a strait
jacket and strapped to a chair.  She sees Claudio enter the room with a
sword and approach her.  She watches curiously as he stands before her,
and then he raises his sword and lops off her head.  The world goes black
to her, so apparently she is dead.

	Archimedes is lying down in the main hall of Amber. Laughter
enters and he feels happy without the delay.  He tells Laughter that he
thinks he got his soul back.  Laughter, ever the optimist, remarks on how
wonderful it is that he has his soul back because now he can die again. 
The importance of their discussion is lost with their pleasantries.

	Melanie awakens, sadly the death scene was just another
hallucination.  She sees Kaedric reading a book near a pile of cigarette
butts.  Claudio is snoring in a chair.  Upon talking to Kaedric she finds
out that she has had lucid periods before in her madness.  She asks about
the explosion.  Kaedric believes that Finndo may have set the spell. 
Kaedric explains that there were two explosions, the one in Ivory and one
in Atlantis that caught Bleys, Benedict, and Archimedes.  Melanie notices
a buzzing noise and concentrates on it, and she lapses into madness.

	Fiona, Random, and Ulysses wonder into the Alice in Wonderland
Shadow, where the Serpent and the Unicorn fight each other for the control
of the universe.  They are currently tied in the win-loss record.  They
pick up a Cheshire cat to go along with the boy they picked up in a
previous Shadow.  The cat shows them a map of the Strangeways that they
use to get back to Amber.

	Meanwhile, Killian sees Laughter and immediately feels what normal
people call love for her.  Niccolo is watching the two of them.  Laughter
gets hit on by Killian and typically is confused.  Killian watches her go
up the stairs.  Niccolo goes to see Archimedes.  Laughter follows him,
Killian follows her, it's a merry little march.  Niccolo waits in the
sitting room while Laughter goes into the bedroom.  Niccolo starts to rant
about various things, when he mentions the Strangeways, Archimedes gets
out of bed in his underwear and goes to the door.  He talks to Niccolo
about the Strangeways.  Niccolo rants about being ignored.  Niccolo thinks
that he can find Random, et all.  Archimedes draws him a map of the area
around the Shadow that had been removed from Pattern.  Niccolo explains
that Chaos would rather have Random on the throne than an unknown

	Melanie becomes lucid again.  She eats with Kaedric, who tells her
that she must purposely induce her madness until she has built up an
immunity to the Logrus.  She asks how long one should wait to take Pattern
after taking the Logrus.  Kaedric tells her that Merlin waited two hundred
years.  She goes mad again.

	Niccolo and Flora exchange witty words in the hallway.  Amazingly,
Flora wins the exchange completely.  Flora leaves Niccolo and finds
Killian.  She wants to make him into a gentleman.  He ignores her.  Flora
eventually gets pissed.  Killian laughs as he evades her.

	The whole gang, except for Melanie, gets together for dinner. 
Much merriment ensues as Alora and Graham are introduced to Random. 
Laughter finds out that Ulysses kissed Fiona.  Laughter is quite upset, as
is Archimedes and Random.

	Archimedes and Random talk privately.  Archimedes tells Random
that Finndo may have the Jewel.  But Random shouldn't worry, because
Archimedes has got his soul back.  Random states the obvious that the
Jewel should be retrieved.  They discuss who is to go with Archimedes to
get the Jewel.  Killian is added to the group when Random tells Archimedes
that Killian seems to be fond of Laughter.  Niccolo shouldn't be forced to
go, since getting the Chaos ambassador killed would not be a good thing.

	Meanwhile, Claudio shows Graham, Alora, and Niccolo to the Pattern
room.  Niccolo's head hurts.  Graham mindrapes his father.  Claudio takes
Alora back to Kaedricways.  He then returns to find that Graham has taken
up residence with Sky.

	Melanie and Kaedric talk.  She is sane, happy, happy days.  She
talks to Alora.  Kaedric quits smoking.  Kaedric visits Claudio and set up
spells to keep Graham and Alora out of the Pattern room. 

	Killian braids his hair and paints his face and waits.  Killian
goes to Sky's bedroom late in the night.  He knocks her out and goes to
the Pattern room.  He kills the two guards, but one gets a yell off.  He
begins to walk it.  Meanwhile, someone knocks on Archimedes' door.  He is
informed of Killian's attack.  He Trumps Benedict from the Pattern room,
and then Claudio, who goes through with his sword in hand.  Killian is on
the Pattern.  Claudio steps onto the Pattern and begins walking it. 
Archimedes expresses concern over whether Claudio can take Killian. 
Claudio doesn't think so.  Archimedes starts to walk the Pattern behind
Claudio.  Benedict, proving that the brains stopped with his generation,
Trumps Ulysses.  Ulysses locates Killian, who is in his barred Shadow with

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