Session 74: "Ulysses goes back to his room and crosses 'Unicorn' off his
list of people to do."

	Archimedes.  3 a.m.  Knock at door.  Vialle is there.  Random is
missing.  Archimedes Trumps Fiona and tells her.  Archimedes pulls her
through.  They go to where Random last was.  Magic?  Time magic is gone. 
Talking bones?  Random went to his office.  There is no trace of him in
the office.  It is blocked to further magic.  Archimedes Trumps Kaedric.

	Ragnar is contacted by Kaedric.  Kaedric asks if anything odd is
up.  Ragnar has not seen Random.  Finndo has been using the normal routes
through the Strangeways to Halybard.  Kaedric wants Ragnar available every
six hours.  Ragnar has been winning the camp's trust.  Ragnar decides to
keep an eye on the incoming prisoners.

	Claudio makes wedding rings, then returns to Amber.  He tries to
Trump Orrin but is unsuccessful.  Claudio prepares for the wedding and
cuts himself shaving when there is a knock at his door.  It is Isaac.  He
is to bring Claudio to Sand's wedding present.  They arrive in a
white-tiled bathing chamber.  Claudio's children are there.  Sand offers
him purification.  Mazadan comes in, along with his old comrades.  He is
bathed and spends the night praying.

	4 a.m.  Archimedes Trumps Benedict and Gerard.  It is determined
that Finndo is unlikely to be the cause of Random's disappearance. 
Random's trail in Shadow keeps leading back to Amber.  Six and a half
hours later Fiona locates something in Arden - a small clearing, a tree,
and an altar with Random lying on it.  Archimedes cuts him free and sits
him up.  Random vomits.  He was snagged by the counter group to the Cult
of the King, and is well spent.  Archimedes takes him back to the castle. 
Archimedes explains what happened to Vialle.  Fiona says that she can have
him sober in five hours.  Archimedes leaves to clean up.

	Ulysses is dreaming.  He wakes and goes to breakfast in the dream. 
He goes to the grove of the Unicorn.  A beautiful woman steps out of the
trees.  She has internal light.  She asks if Ulysses is ready.  She kisses
him.  Ulysses assumes he is ready.  They make love.  Half-way through he
realizes it's not a dream. She stays for a bit after.  He asks her name. 
She says it doesn't translate.  He can call her Aislinn.  He's always been
her favorite, she says, and then leaves.  Ulysses is left naked in the
grove of the Unicorn.  He returns to the castle and goes about his
business normally.  It's the day of Claudio's wedding, so Ulysses buys a

	Killian.  Morning.  Knocking at the door raises the pack.  It is
Cordelia.  Killian opens the door wearing nothing.  Cordelia looks away. 
Killian gets dressed and returns.  She asks if he finished his quest.  He
turns the question back to her.  Killian breaks a lamp and startles her. 
She offers critique.  Killian is to prepare himself for a test - table
manners, ballroom dancing.  He decides he likes dancing with Cordelia. 
She ends the lesson an hour early.  There is a wedding.  She leaves and
Killian follows.  Cordelia returns to her house.  Killian waits on the
roof.  An hour later, two men knock on the door.  Twenty minutes later,
Cordelia and her sister leave with them.  They head to the castle. 
Killian asks who the two men were in the town.  He learns of the wedding
in Amber and heads there.

	Ragnar works on gaining credibility in Finndo's camp.  He has
Sand's Trump.  Next morning, Finndo returns with a prisoner.  The prisoner
resembles Finndo.  Finndo makes an announcement that this is his traitor
son, Orrin.  They are to roll out the sky wheel for his torture and
execution.  They break all the bones in his extremities.  Ragnar watches
for a bit, then leaves.  Finndo watches but is not accessible to Ragnar. 
Ragnar waits for Kaedric's contact.  Ragnar tells Kaedric about Orrin. 
Kaedric says that if he has a ring with a ruby jewel, he should be saved. 
Ragnar figures he's going to have to kill Finndo to do that.  Ragnar
Trumps Sand.  It doesn't animate.  Finndo is calling for him.  He wants
Ragnar to torture Orrin.  He is to make sure Orrin is in a great deal of
pain.  They cut off his remaining hand and stuff it in his mouth.  Ragnar
keeps him spinning.  They talk.  Orrin tries to get Ragnar to take his
ring to Archimedes.  Ragnar slips out eventually to where Trump works and
asks for Sand's help.  She goes through to help with Finndo.  They discuss
Finndo's arsenal of spells.  She wants first hand information.  She is to
be Ragnar's getaway driver.  She says a certain object would be helpful
and begs time to get it.

	Sand Trumps Ulysses for the Taormin.  He wants to know what she's
going to use if for.  She answers "To 'whack' Finndo."  Ulysses leaves to
get it.

	Ragnar sneaks Sand in to look at Finndo.  The Taormin radiates a
lot of magical energy.  It will take her concentration to keep his spells
down.  Ragnar approaches Finndo while invisible and in combat form.  He
feels an enormous blast of magical energy that actually singes him. 
Ragnar jumps on Finndo and cuts the muscles that govern sword use in his
arm.  Ragnar then beheads Finndo and runs to Orrin.  Ragnar reattaches the
hand with its main artery, then returns to Sand with Orrin.  Sand is
unconscious.  Ragnar wakes Sand up, and she drops the spell.  She
teleports them away.  They are at the crossroads.  Ragnar gets them out. 
Sand takes Orrin to Amber.

	Ragnar arrives during the wedding.

	Claudio is in the chapel when Sand, Ragnar and Orrin show up. 
Sand takes Orrin to the infirmary.  Ragnar leaves Archimedes a note that
Finndo is dead.

	Killian tries to find out who's getting married and does.  Killian
offends Julian.  Julian warns him off.  Mandor approaches Killian from
behind.  Killian doesn't recognize him, but he bears some resemblance to
Laughter.  Mandor tells Killian that Julian is temperamental.

	Killian asks Claudio if he's nervous.  Fiona has sobered Random up.

	Archimedes sees Killian and shoots Ulysses a dirty look, then
slips his arm around Laughter to bug Killian.

	Caitlin follows Ragnar to the infirmary.  Ragnar informs her that
Finndo is dead.  Orrin screams when Caitlin takes his hand.  Ragnar gets
information on the wedding and then goes to change.  Sand knocks.  She is
dressed in black velvet.  Ragnar says they could be late.  They spar
verbally, and it is determined that Ragnar will be her date.

	Random looks just a bit tipsy.  Random talks to Claudio, asking
him about the vows.

	The guests are seated.  Archimedes makes Killian Ulysses'
responsibility.  Corwin comes in late and Ulysses makes Corwin Archimedes'
responsibility.  Young Beauty is the flower girl.  Caitlin is the maid of
honor.  Beauty is in the wedding party, as well.  Dakota walks Sky down
the aisle.  Random leads the prayer.

	Killian gets tapped on the back of the neck.  It is Cordelia.  She
tells him to leave Merlin alone and sits next to him.

	The wedding takes place.  Dakota takes them to a side room to
consummate the marriage after the vows are given.

	The reception.  Beauty dances with Ulysses.  She hasn't seen him
all day.  Killian dances with Cordelia.  He talks to her about the shared
souls.  Her date tries to cut in but Killian scares him off.  Killian
practices his wooing skills on Cordelia.

	Claudio and Corwin try to set Archimedes up.  He dances with Fiona
for protection.  Killian takes that opportunity to dance with Laughter. 
He still glares at Cordelia's date.  He and Laughter talk about the souls
and his progress in Rebma.

	Ragnar dances with Sand for the first dance.  Flora and Fiona
dance with him as well.  Kaedric speaks to him between dances.  He asks
after Ragnar's mission.  Ragnar and Flora discuss marriages.  Ragnar
returns to Sand.  They speak of loyalties.

	Both of the Sands dance with Claudio.  They speak briefly about
the marriage.

	Kaedric comes to speak to Archimedes.  They speak privately, and
Kaedric tells Archimedes that Finndo is dead.

	Killian looks for Corwin and grins at him.  He asks Corwin what a
University is compared to a school.  Killian tells Corwin about Cordelia's
plan to attend University.  Corwin tells him that the University is in the
Golden Circle.  Killian wants Corwin to make sure that Cordelia is able to
go.  Corwin wants Killian to stop laughing at him, then.  He can still
laugh at Claudio, though.  Killian reveals some of his feelings for
Cordelia.  Corwin gives him the family run down.  Corwin tells him to
respect Gerard.  Corwin talks to Cordelia.  Killian heads for Gerard and
speaks with him.  Gerard invites him over the next day.  He gets Gerard's
take on everyone.

	Ragnar dances with Laughter.  He asks if Archimedes is a jealous
man and asks her a favor.  He wants out of his oath to Archimedes.

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