Non-Player Character Diaries

The GM occasionally writes diaries from the perspective of the NPCs. Check them out for some insight into their minds.

Table of contents

Alora's Diaries

  1. Session 77 - "I had the briefest of moments to catch sight of myself..."

Beauty's Diaries

  1. Sessions 44-45 - "The first picture."
  1. Session 62 - "I never really thought of the Mergence in the light of a holy war..."

Kaedric's Diaries

  1. Sessions 41-42 - "Ice storm in Ixaxis. No boats will go through today."
  1. Session 50 - "I didn't think it would turn out this way..."

Laughter's Diaries

  1. Sessions 41-42 - "Whatever Ulysses has seen, he has seen either too much or not enough."
  1. Session 43 - "Random, there are moments when I curse you for dying."
  2. Sessions 44-45 - "Archimedes looked up with an intent, focused look on his face..."
  1. Session 51 - "...and I was walking through a war-torn London..."
  1. Session 58 - "The hall in Chaos was decked with blue and silver flowers."
  1. Session 62 - "There's a traitor..."

Mandor's Diaries

  1. Session 43 - "It was a dark turn when they brought my father's head to us..."
  1. Session 45 - "I am a suspicious man by nature..."

Random's Diaries

  1. Session 51 - "Looking into the earnest, worried eyes of my son..."

Sand's Diaries

  1. Session 50 - "My dream, the one that comes to me every night..."

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