Game Log 31

	Cameron and Sylvie are in the demon underground, spying, after
Lark was beheaded, and Guariel was mortally wounded.  It is at this point
that all of the demons decide to gang tackle all the Hendrake demons. 
This, sadly, is what Cameron and Sylvie were disguised as.  Cameron tries
to be subtle and unobvious in his retreat, while Sylvie takes the more
Demon-like approach, and hacks up her arm, to retreat as a wounded
warrior.  A Hendrake demon comes out of the Serpent's cave, bearing a
large red jewel, and shouts that it is time for them to leave.  Cameron
does so, but is grabbed by his mother.  He and Sylvie Trump to Rhiannon's
sitting room.  Mom chides Cameron for not thinking.  There is talk of who
all is going to draw their own Patterns.  Rhiannon wants to know how Caine
is taking the double that she gave him.  Cameron is surprised to learn
that it is a double, and comments that Caine must like her, since they had
another kid. 

	Sandr goes off to a bedroom, where he can play "Hunt the Wumpus"
in private.  He roots around, looking for Random, and finds that Shadow
paths are being closed down, and that Random isn't in Amber or Rebma. 
There is a large brain frolicking in the city, however.  In the dungeons,
there is Caine, Gerard, and Eric, much to Sandr's surprise.  Sandr goes to
report his failure to Archi, who informs him that he is free to leave at
any time.  Sandr decides to stay a bit as Laughter and Archi seem to be on
their way out. 

	And they are.  They go out to the barracks, where Vain is being
kept by Laughter's guards.  Archi and Laughter talk about how he's being
kept, and if it's sufficient.  Vain is jacked into some wacky kind of VR,
which Archi cheerfully removes from his head.  Archi asks about Vain's
army, whom his sister now leads.  Vain also has another sibling.  Maron
tried to persuade Vain to join him, with his army, to go Shadow walking. 
Maron gave Vain a Trump of Archi, and finally conned him into joining. 
Vain mentioned that there was a third person involved, but didn't know
who.  Vain wants the throne, and Maron is going to take the throne, but he
doesn't know why.  (If you're confused, join the club.  Vain is an idiot.)
Vain is going to go to war again, once he gets back home.  He and Archi
discuss longevity, and how some other guy (Maron) wants Laughter, because
he used to be married to a Shadow of Laughter.  Archi conjures up a horse,
and takes Vain on a Shadow tour-on-acid.  Archi advises Vain against
taking part in future invasions.  The second army was Shandril's. 
Laughter trees Vain, for safe keeping.  Archi and Laughter discuss the

	Ulysses talks to Archi, tries to Trump Random, and gets warm.  He
explains to Archi what this means.  They trade information.  Ulysses
Trumps Flora, to see how she's taking this war thing.  She's hiding out in
Shadow.  Random is either dead or missing (surprise).  Ulysses tries to
find out where other elders went.  An army or two destroyed Arden. 
Ulysses returns to Archi, and Archi brings Llewella to Foil, for safety
reasons.  Finndo took the throne by force, and Corwin came and went from

	Someone points out that something is in the middle of the Primal
Pattern.  Ulysses, at the advice of Archi, Trumps Sandr, to get him to
find out what's going on.  Sandr doesn't care, and storms off.  Ulysses
informs Archi of this, but knows that Sandr will look into it anyway. 
Bleys' Trump also grows warm.  Archi suggests that Ulysses Trump Tianen,
but he decides to wait. 

	Cameron wonders who the double is, and then turns to Sylvie.  He
has her Trump Ulysses, who pulls them (Cameron begrudgingly) through to
Foil.  The whole group shares its information. 

	Sandr finds Mandor at the center of the Primal Pattern.  (See, we
knew he'd look.) Sandr gets Mandor out, and then Mandor bolts, without
taking time to thank Sandr.  Sandr is offended. 

	Archi is Trumped, and gets a note.  Sky has been kidnapped.  He
asks Ulysses to sketch out a Trump of Sky, which he goes about doing. 
Cameron contemplates the ring that he was given, and when he should do
what he's supposed to do with it.  Melanie finds Archi pacing, and they
talk while Ulysses putters away with his pen. 

	The sketch finished, Ulysses Trumps Sky.  He knows where she is,
but he can't contact her, because she's in a locked Shadow.  He and Archi
go off into Shadow, on a rescue mission.  On the way, yet another of
Archi's spawn is found.  This one is a son, and also happens to be a
father to Sky.  Flynn, his name is, and idiot seems to be his stock in
trade.  Ulysses makes many a snide comment, and takes many a header into
the turf, care of Archi.  Then the group is hit but what seems like a
directed Shadow storm, and is thrown far away from Sky.  Laughter Trumps
Archi, and comes through.  She was ring spying.  Dworkin was around, and
Sylvie was donating a lot of blood, in the hopes of being able to destroy
Patterns in the near future.  Beauty is also about ready to pop.  Archi
sends Flynn back with Laughter, and he and Ulysses continue on. 

	Sandr finds a what he thinks to be a piece of a destroyed Trump,
but upon concentrating on it, it fills out the image, and appears to be a
study.  Sandr, being the curious type, goes through.  It's one of Brand's
old haunts.  There are many books about, including such classics like:
"Ten days to a Trump Body" and "The Song of Melanie", and "Maron, bastard
son."  Sandr commits them to memory, and then leaves.  He's wandering
around the dark corridors that lead away from the office, when he gets
beat up by a bunch of minotaurs.  They take him to Finndo, to whom Sandr
is snippy.  Finndo, ever the level headed, kicks Sandr in the jaw, hard. 
He then throws Sandr in Corwin's cell.  Sandr, naked, and wearing a
manacle to prevent his Pattern use, Trumps to the Lighthouse.  His broken
leg makes it hard for him to locomote, but he manages to get inside.  It's
empty.  He makes his way down to a boat, which he then takes toward Rebma. 
Once there, he steals himself some clothes, gets his amulet back and goes
to find Martin, who wants no part of Sandr.  He finally agrees to let
Sandr have a Trump of Cameron, which he uses. 

	Archi and Ulysses, after being tossed about many times, finally
get to the Shadow where Sky is.  They rescue her, and she relates how
Sandr tried to save her, or something.  All that matters is that at one
point she was caught in a Trump hole, which is plenty indication that
Sandr didn't kidnap her.  Ulysses points this out to Archi, and suggests
that Maron did it.  He also suggests that they try to find Fiona and Bleys
when they get back. 

	Sandr Trumps Cameron, and goes to Foil.  Cameron heals Sandr's
leg, and then sets about trying to get the manacle off, by making Sandr's
arm smaller.  It hurts a lot, and fails.  Sadly, the manacle also shrank
and won't expand again, so Sandr's stuck with a small arm.  It's not too
bad, though.  Sandr is also hearing all of the negative thoughts about
him, in his head. 

	Sandr wigs out hard, so Ulysses asks Archi to hit him with some
morphine, to put him out.  He does so.  This is important, because later
that night, while all are sleeping, Cameron slips the aforementioned ring
onto Sandr's hand, and *PooF*, Sandr vanishes.  Cameron is confused. 

	Melanie Trumps Shandril, and they discuss Sandr.  Shandril says
that Maron set the voices in the head spell off.  Shandril and Finndo are
at war, which is good.  Melanie Trumps Tianen, who's not in Chaos.  They
discuss the new Patterns, and what will happen to the new Jewel after the
Patterns are all drawn.  Tianen is informed of Sylvie's blood collection,
and her eventual plan to destroy the Atherton Pattern.

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