Session 75: "Breakfast (in Amber) is, like, 6-9."

	Claudio's wedding reception winds down.  Killian leaves.  Claudio
leaves with Sky.  Twenty minutes later, Benedict takes a Trump call and
leaves through it.  Caitlin is still present.

	Killian pulls through Benedict.  Killian's purpose in Trumping
Benedict is to attack him, so as to test Benedict's mettle.  Benedict
passes the test.

	A short time later, Archimedes gets a Trump call.  Benedict has an
unconscious Killian.  Archimedes takes him from Benedict and calls
Killian's state to Ulysses' attention.  Killian has been soundly thrashed. 
Cordelia comes over when she notices this.  Archimedes and Cordelia return
Killian to Rebma.  Archimedes Trumps Laughter to get back and calls it a

	Ragnar spends some of the evening with Sand (the human one), but
leaves to go to the bad part of town afterwards.  He does surveillance on
an up-and- coming crime lord, researching his competitors and employees,
two of which turn out to be Balthazaar and Penthold, respectively.  Ragnar
will start the next day out there in a new form.

	Ulysses has an urge to go to the Grove of the Unicorn the next
morning.  He is not alone when he arrives; the Unicorn is waiting for him
in her human form.  Ulysses does not fight being seduced a second time. 
She wants him to come to her the next morning as well, for the last time. 
Apparently she is only fertile every seven thousand years.  There is a
catch, though.  She will not be in human form for the last tryst.  Ulysses
makes several snide remarks throughout this explanation, leaving the
Unicorn a bit miffed.

	Claudio spends four years on his honeymoon.  He studies history in
several fast-time Shadows.  He also practices his shapeshifting.  Isaac is
now 22, Graham is 14 and Gareth is 18.

	12 years have passed for Melanie.  Ian's project is not done. 
Melanie and her family return from their travels through time.  Once in
Chaos, Kaedric takes the children separately to meet Swayvill.  Melanie
goes with Ian, but Swayvill still wants to interview him in private.
Melanie thinks that perhaps her son managed to stymie Swayvill.  Ian wants
to see Thelbane afterwards.  Melanie stops by her office and finds Dakota
waiting for her.  He wants to go over some of the rules with her.  He also
says that he wouldn't mind having a tour of Thelbane, either.  (Thelbane
is much like an indoor city.)  Kaedric and Alora are doing the same and
run into the other group.  Dakota is surprised to see a fully grown Alora.
Alora looks at Dakota once, and then does not look at him again.  Ian
glares at Alora because of her behavior.

	Melanie arranges to meet with Dakota on the morrow.  Alora blurts
out an invitation to breakfast.  Dakota says he drinks his breakfasts, but
thanks.  Melanie suggests tea the next afternoon, instead.  Dakota accepts
and departs.  Alora attempts to explain herself to her mother (and Ian).
It is decided that the family will dine in Amber for dinner the next day.

	Archimedes discusses the Pattern with Fiona over lunch the next
day.  Mandor and Maron happen to choose the same restaurant for lunch, as
well.  Fiona bristles, but doesn't want to leave.  They move on to discuss
the Jewel of Judgment.  Fiona agrees to be Archimedes' teacher and he sets
up lessons with her.  He spends the afternoon playing father.

	Claudio talks to Fiona that afternoon, as she had been teaching
him sorcery.  He tells her that he has been gone for four years.  He tells
her that he would like to learn more Force Magic.

	Claudio also talks to Archimedes that day.  He gives Archimedes a
brief run down of the four years and they discuss the institution of
marriage briefly.

	Laughter spars with Ragnar that day.  They discuss Sand and spar
verbally.  Ragnar informs her that she has a reputation in Chaos, mostly
for having a talking sword.  She admits that Sequence calls her 'Mom,'
which Ragnar finds more than a little amusing.  She speaks with him about
setting up a spy network.

	Ragnar researches the customs of Amber.  He then goes to the
castle library to research history and economics, paying close attention
to the GNP and cost of living, as he is working on a bribe amount.  He
checks newspapers and the city for those people who seem to need money.

	Ulysses goes drinking before lunch and looks a bit dazed at
dinner.  Archimedes notices that Laughter is avoiding looking at Ragnar,
so Archimedes queries her about it.  She tries to evade, but Archimedes is
able to guess that she is up to something, and assumes it is her
information network, based on past experience.

	Mok rehearses with his band on Gaia.  A strawberry-blond is in his
hallway when he answers the knock on his door.  She introduces herself as
Caitlin and tells him that his parents aren't his real parents.  She
further elaborates by saying she was sent to find him by his real mother.
She gives him a Trump of the main hall and continues to try to explain to
a skeptical Mok, who thinks that drugs are somehow involved in all of
this.  She eventually wins, and Mok and Caitlin arrive in the main hall.
Ragnar sees them and Claudio further down the hall, while Mok's attention
is taken up with Sky and Claudio.  Claudio reminds Caitlin that she was
not supposed to get Mok yet.

	Claudio talks briefly with Ragnar, then turns his attention to
Mok.  He casts a spell to remind Caitlin of magical spying, and Caitlin
leaves in a hurry.  Claudio decides that Mok should walk the Pattern and
they continue to converse on the way to the Pattern room.

	Claudio Trumps Archimedes for permission for Mok to walk the
Pattern.  Archimedes is surprised that Mok is in Amber, and that Claudio
seems to be acting strangely.  Archimedes asks how long Mok has been in
Amber.  Claudio says just a few seconds.  Archimedes refuses to give his
permission for Mok to walk the Pattern, but Claudio cuts him off, raising
Archimedes' ire.

	Archimedes Trumps Fiona, but she won't do a sweep of the Pattern
room.  He convinces her to send him there, instead.  Archimedes vents his
frustration on Claudio's nose shortly after arriving in the Pattern room.
Claudio continues to blow him off while attempting to explain things to
Mok.  Archimedes is outraged and attacks Claudio, who changes to demon
form.  Mok witnesses this and exits quickly.  Claudio begins to chant a
spell and Archimedes severs his vocal cords with Song.  Claudio leaves.

	Archimedes Trumps Benedict and tells him that Claudio needs to be
detained.  Benedict meets Mok at the top of the stairs and turns him over
to Ulysses.  Claudio arrives shortly thereafter and Benedict asks him what
he did.  Claudio admits to disobeying a direct order from Archimedes.
Benedict informs him he is under house arrest by Archimedes' instruction.

	Archimedes explains what happened to Benedict after walking back
up from the Pattern room.  Still fairly pissed, Archimedes goes to the
practice room to work it off.  Benedict leaves.

	Mok is left alone with Ulysses.  Ulysses explains Trump to him,
and Shadow versus Amber, etc.  Ulysses determines that Mok has already
walked the Pattern, but Mok has no memory of it.  Ulysses Trumps Caitlin
for an explanation of why she brought Mok to Amber, and gets none.  He
continues to try to explain things to Mok.

	Sky goes to Claudio after receiving a Trumped warning from
Archimedes.  She asks Claudio if he's trying to cause trouble.

	Ragnar speaks to Penthold in private.  He negotiates an ongoing
relationship with him.  They arrange to meet with someone call Price.
Word will be left with the barkeep.  Ragnar is followed after the meeting.
He gets ahead of the tag, then shifts forms and returns the favor.  He
warns the guy off.

	Claudio continues to talk to Sky.  He tries to let her down easy
when she indicates she would like to make love.  She tackles him, but
still gets none.

	Melanie has invited Sylvester to breakfast the next morning.
Alora wants to take the bite of the Serpent.  Melanie reminds her that
they will be dining in Amber this evening.  Melanie talks with Sylvester.
Corwin's ambassador to Chaos is his son, Evan.

	Archimedes returns to his room at three a.m. the next morning.

	Random wants to speak to Claudio the next morning.  He wants to
know if there is any way to clear the mess up.  Claudio wants Archimedes
to apologize to him.  Random releases Claudio from house arrest, and
Claudio informs him that he will be going to Chaos.  Random then orders
Claudio to clear things up with Archimedes.  Claudio heads for Archimedes'

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