2.62 Personal Identity

Category: Metaphysics

Keywords: sortal, identity, wiggins, identities, identification, persistence, identical, survive, stages, continuity, parfit, sameness, personal, shoemaker, individuation

Number of Articles: 296
Percentage of Total: 0.9%
Rank: 53rd

Weighted Number of Articles: 277.3
Percentage of Total: 0.9%
Rank: 58th

Mean Publication Year: 1986
Weighted Mean Publication Year: 1979.8
Median Publication Year: 1988
Modal Publication Year: 1988

Topic with Most Overlap: Ordinary Language (0.0543)
Topic this Overlaps Most With: Origins and Purposes (0.0444)
Topic with Least Overlap: Liberal Democracy (0.00066)
Topic this Overlaps Least With: Game Theory (0.00087)

Personal Identity

Figure 2.141: Personal Identity

Personal Identity Articles in Each Journal

Figure 2.142: Personal Identity Articles in Each Journal


Given how big a topic this was when I was a graduate student, I was very surprised that it wasn’t bigger than it turned out to be. But a look at the overall graph explains why I got this wrong. The high water mark for this topic was from about 1985-1995. When I was in graduate school, it really was over all the journals that we were reading. We couldn’t have predicted that it would fall from nearly 2% of the articles to under 1%.

One of the upsides of having a computer model analyse the data rather than going with one’s own impressions is that it reduces the impact of having an idiosyncratic set of experiences in cases like this one.