2.30 Chemistry

Category: Philosophy of Science

Keywords: chemistry, energy, atoms, conservation, atom, galileo, mass, heat, chemical, maxwell, molecules, newton, motions, electrons, forces

Number of Articles: 402
Percentage of Total: 1.2%
Rank: 30th

Weighted Number of Articles: 344.4
Percentage of Total: 1.1%
Rank: 35th

Mean Publication Year: 1966.3
Weighted Mean Publication Year: 1966.5
Median Publication Year: 1962
Modal Publication Year: 1954

Topic with Most Overlap: Theories and Realism (0.0376)
Topic this Overlaps Most With: Space and Time (0.0357)
Topic with Least Overlap: Liberal Democracy (0.00014)
Topic this Overlaps Least With: Feminism (0.00021)


Figure 2.74: Chemistry

Chemistry Articles in Each Journal

Figure 2.75: Chemistry Articles in Each Journal


I’ve called this Philosophy of Chemistry, but it could just as easily be described as non-fundamental physics. So any kinds of discussion of physics beyond the most fundamental is a candidate for ending up here.

But note this could easily be merged with the later topic on Thermodynamics, which captures a lot of recent work on philosophical issues arising out of the study of entropy. Looking at these graphs gives you a slight underestimate of how much time philosophers of physics (broadly construed) spend looking at anything other than maximally fundamental issues in physics.