2.32 Kant

Category: History of Philosophy

Keywords: kant, kantian, maxim, maxims, intuition, transcendental, critique, berkeley, categorical, idealism, pure, synthesis, faculty, humanity, imperative

Number of Articles: 276
Percentage of Total: 0.9%
Rank: 56th

Weighted Number of Articles: 227.6
Percentage of Total: 0.7%
Rank: 74th

Mean Publication Year: 1966.6
Weighted Mean Publication Year: 1959.2
Median Publication Year: 1973
Modal Publication Year: 1937

Topic with Most Overlap: Idealism (0.0548)
Topic this Overlaps Most With: Early Modern (0.0141)
Topic with Least Overlap: Races and DNA (0.00021)
Topic this Overlaps Least With: Thermodynamics (0.00023)


Figure 2.78: Kant

Kant Articles in Each Journal

Figure 2.79: Kant Articles in Each Journal


A fairly easy topic to describe - it’s Kant. Both Kantian ethics and Kantian metaphysics end up here. Like all of the other early modern topics, it drops away a bit after Ryle takes over Mind and decrees that only Greek history will be allowed in the journal. But it always hovers a bit above the zero line.

I had expected there would be a bit more in recent years, but I think I’d been taking Philosophical Review to be a more representative than it turns out to be. The data is a little noisy, but it does look like Philosophical Review has been substantially more receptive to work on Kant in the last twenty years than any of the other journals.