4 Categories

The 90 topics we’ve looked at so far are informative, but they are arguably too detailed to provide a useful big picture view of what’s happening in philosophy. To do that I divided up the 90 topics into 12 categories. Or, to be more precise, I divided 80 of them up into categories, and the other 10 were split between two categories. I’ll return in the next chapter to how this division was made, and in particular how the splitting was done. For now, let’s look at the categories, and then look at their representation in the literature over time.

Topic Category Subject Keywords
1 Philosophy of Mind Psychology sensation, psychical, sensations, nervous, motor
2 Idealism Idealism whitehead, reality, bradley, ultimate, idealism
3 Social and Political Life and Value living, life, human, spiritual, bergson
4 History of Philosophy Other History nietzsche, published, students, james, school
5 History of Philosophy Dewey and Pragmatism dewey, pragmatism, judgment, objectivity, judgments
6 Logic and Mathematics Definitions definitions, symbol, symbols, definition, meanings
7 Logic and Mathematics Propositions and Implications propositions, proposition, entailment, implication, contradictory
8 Aesthetics Beauty artistic, esthetic, art, aesthetics, poetry
9 Philosophy of Mind Physicalism physicalism, dualism, sellars, physical, datum
10 Social and Political History and Culture historian, historians, hegel, historical, cultures
11 Philosophy of Religion Faith and Theism theism, faith, christian, theological, theology
12 Philosophy of Mind Self-Consciousness conscious, selves, self, consciousness, inner
13 History of Philosophy Ancient aristotle, parmenides, plato, platonic, republic
14 Logic and Mathematics Universals and Particulars universals, particulars, predication, category, generic
15 Logic and Mathematics Verification statements, statement, verification, ayer, factual
16 Ethics Value valuable, goodness, happiness, valuation, value
17 Logic and Mathematics Deduction syllogism, premisses, valid, logic, inferences
18 Philosophy of Science Mechanisms mechanistic, patterns, behavioral, mechanism, psychologists
19 Metaphysics Temporal Paradoxes duration, instant, succession, series, temporal
20 Metaphysics Classical Space and Time straight, dimensions, spaces, geometrical, dimensional
21 History of Philosophy Early Modern descartes, spinoza, leibniz, cartesian, substance
22 Philosophy of Language Meaning and Use wittgenstein, ryle, word, usage, words
23 Social and Political Marx marx, economy, economics, labor, economic
24 Ethics/Philosophy of Mind Ordinary Language ask, certainly, really, surely, try
25 Ethics Moral Conscience ethical, conscience, morality, moral, morals
26 Philosophy of Science Methodology of Science scientist, methodology, sciences, science, scientific
27 History of Philosophy Heidegger and Husserl heidegger, husserl, sartre, phenomenological, brentano
28 Philosophy of Mind Emotions shame, affective, anger, angry, emotions
29 Philosophy of Religion Ontological Argument anselm, exists, exist, existent, santayana
30 Philosophy of Science Chemistry chemistry, energy, atoms, conservation, atom
31 History of Philosophy Social Contract Theory hobbes, reid, rousseau, sovereign, powers
32 History of Philosophy Kant kant, kantian, maxim, maxims, intuition
33 Ethics Promises and Imperatives motive, imperatives, motives, deontic, acts
34 Logic and Mathematics Analytic/Synthetic posteriori, analytic, naturalism, naturalist, analyticity
35 Social and Political/Ethics Freedom and Free Will freedom, freely, autonomous, free, autonomy
36 Ethics/Social and Political Crime and Punishment forgiveness, crime, criminal, punishment, punish
37 Philosophy of Science/Logic and Mathematics Sets and Grue member, sets, classes, axiom, ordered
38 Philosophy of Science/Metaphysics Origins and Purposes animals, cats, dog, teleology, cat
39 Metaphysics Time tensed, remembering, future, past, tense
40 Philosophy of Mind Color blue, green, colors, colours, yellow
41 Social and Political War military, war, nuclear, rule, voting
42 Aesthetics Depiction metaphorical, metaphors, metaphor, pictorial, imagining
43 Philosophy of Language Denoting denoting, frege, russell, meinong, denotation
44 Philosophy of Science Chance chances, chance, probability, probabilities, prob
45 History of Philosophy Hume hume, sceptic, scepticism, enquiry, coherence
46 Philosophy of Science Laws regularity, laws, paribus, ceteris, nomic
47 Philosophy of Mind Perception perceiving, phenomenal, perceptual, perceive, experiences
48 Philosophy of Mind Intention dream, freud, deception, dreams, intention
49 Ethics Virtues judgements, stevenson, virtuous, judgement, virtues
50 Philosophy of Science Space and Time inertial, lorentz, relativity, simultaneity, frame
51 Logic and Mathematics Mathematics mathematics, arithmetic, numbers, mathematical, proofs
52 Social and Political Liberal Democracy democracy, democratic, liberalism, liberal, citizens
53 Ethics Duties duties, obligations, obligation, duty, rights
54 Metaphysics Causation causation, causes, causally, causal, causality
55 Philosophy of Mind/Epistemology Arguments argument, arguments, premise, thesis, conclusion
56 Philosophy of Science Theory Testing tests, confirmation, testing, hypotheses, hypothesis
57 Ethics Decision Theory utilities, mill, utility, decision, choosing
58 Philosophy of Mind Minds and Machines turing, machines, functionalism, machine, states
59 Logic and Mathematics Truth tarski, liar, snow, truth, paradoxes
60 Philosophy of Language Radical Translation quine, languages, translation, grammar, holism
61 Philosophy of Science Explanation explanations, explanatory, explanation, explaining, explained
62 Metaphysics Personal Identity sortal, identity, wiggins, identities, identification
63 Philosophy of Language Speech Acts illocutionary, hearer, utterances, conversation, utterance
64 Philosophy of Language Sense and Reference quotation, referential, referent, kaplan, referring
65 Social and Political Egalitarianism egalitarian, distributive, equality, income, opportunity
66 Philosophy of Science Quantum Physics quantum, spin, measurement, bell, measurements
67 Philosophy of Science Theories and Realism theories, kuhn, fraassen, observational, theoretical
68 Philosophy of Science Functions functions, function, millikan, string, design
69 Social and Political Feminism feminist, pornography, women, gender, marriage
70 Ethics/Philosophy of Mind Medical Ethics and Freud trust, medical, disease, medicine, health
71 Ethics Abortion and Self-Defence fetus, killing, kill, abortion, killed
72 Philosophy of Language Belief Ascriptions ralph, tom, hesperus, mary, jane
73 Philosophy of Science Thermodynamics entropy, systems, phase, dynamical, system
74 Epistemology Knowledge knowing, knows, skeptic, skeptical, knowledge
75 Philosophy of Science Game Theory player, players, games, game, chess
76 Epistemology Justification believing, beliefs, epistemically, belief, justification
77 Ethics/Aesthetics Frankfurt Cases jones, fischer, pretense, smith, blame
78 Philosophy of Mind Concepts concepts, concept, conceptual, mcdowell, grasp
79 Philosophy of Science/Social and Political Races and DNA protein, races, dna, racial, race
80 Metaphysics Modality modal, worlds, counterpart, modality, lewis
81 Ethics Reasons desires, motivation, deliberation, motivated, irrational
82 Philosophy of Science Evolutionary Biology fitness, drift, darwin, selection, evolutionary
83 Ethics Population Ethics consequentialism, consequentialist, projects, worse, scanlon
84 Epistemology Formal Epistemology credences, subjunctive, dutch, credence, bet
85 Philosophy of Mind Wide Content twin, burge, contents, content, externalism
86 Logic and Mathematics Vagueness vagueness, sorites, truthmaker, realist, realists
87 Philosophy of Mind Cognitive Science processing, computational, input, cognitive, cognition
88 Philosophy of Science Models models, model, woodward, parameters, cartwright
89 Metaphysics Composition and Constitution supervenience, properties, property, composition, extrinsic
90 Philosophy of Language/Ethics Norms norm, norms, commitments, normative, commitment