4.10 Social and Political

Proportion of each journal's yearly publications in Social and Political Philosophy

Figure 4.24: Proportion of each journal’s yearly publications in Social and Political Philosophy

With the exception of Philosophy and Public Affairs, the trend seems to be down in every journal. This surprised me a lot. In part this was because the journals stopped publishing work on History and Culture. In part it was because the model insisted that Life and Value, what I thought of as Idealist Ethics, was really a topic in Social and Political, not ethics. But in part it was because the study ended before the boom in social and political work in the mid-2010s.

Topics in Social and Political

Figure 4.25: Topics in Social and Political

Table 4.3: Points excluded from topic graph for Social and Political
Subject Year Frequency
Life and Value 1901 0.0806
Life and Value 1902 0.0717
Life and Value 1904 0.0659
Life and Value 1905 0.0681
Life and Value 1906 0.0646
Life and Value 1909 0.0602
Life and Value 1912 0.0602
Life and Value 1913 0.0978
Life and Value 1915 0.0796
Life and Value 1916 0.0776
Life and Value 1918 0.0865
Life and Value 1919 0.0845
Life and Value 1920 0.0987
Life and Value 1921 0.0995
Life and Value 1922 0.0678
Life and Value 1923 0.0827
Life and Value 1924 0.0808
Life and Value 1925 0.0671
Life and Value 1926 0.0719
Life and Value 1927 0.0647
Life and Value 1931 0.0674

This, I think makes the story about what happened from 1950-2013 make more sense. There was a Rawlsian boom - it shows up clearly in Egalitarainism and Liberal Democracy. There was even a small bit of interest in Feminism. But the drop-off of interest in Marx, and in History and Culture, more than made up for it. Given how often I’ve heard people complain about the excessive amount of Rawlsiana in the late 20th Century journals, this was rather of a surprise. Of course, you may think that Marxism, and the French Revolution, were slightly more important subjects of detailed study than A Theory of Justice, no matter how good a book it is.