NatPack Stories from FK War 7

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Notes to ease interpretation:

  1. The NatPack Hostel is where most of the NatPackers stayed during the War, while NatPack HQ is the place Natalie was hidden following the events in "Last Knight." The two were sometimes confused, but they are supposed to be entirely different locations.

  2. "The Guy" is Marcus Cole from the series Babylon 5, played by Jason Carter. The rules of the War stipulated no "real" crossovers and no mention of real people who hadn't given permission in advance--thus, "The Guy Look-alike."

  3. The "Wetmore" family was introduced in War 5, and the family members were used in War 7 for much the same reason as The Guy Look-alike.

  4. "Scott Whats-his-name" is Scott Wentworth, the actor who plays Detective Kermit Griffin on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

  5. The Cult of Skinner is a group of mainly NatPacker X-Files fans who particularly enjoy the character of Assistant Director Skinner, played by Mitch Pileggi.

  6. The "shy and retiring" dress was so dubbed due to a comment made by GT about the dress Amparo wore to see Deborah Duchene in "A Winter's Tale." Needless to say, the dress was anything but. The term has since come to include any such dress.

  7. The "Zine Organizer's Whip" is a hypothetical instrument employed to urge the Pack members to contribute to the zine they were working on at the time, NatPackers' Revenge.

  8. The NatPackers spend most of the War under the influence of various whammies, which eventually becomes clear near the end. To help keep track, however, here is a list of the whammies that were claimed.

File Time Span Major Events File Type File Size
Part 1 July 27, 1996 War Begins HTML 38K

Title File Size File Type Description
Sunday, July 28, 1996
Sightseeing 3K Text A Cousin attempts to spook other factions.
Candid NetCam 3K HTML Sharon stays up late to websurf.
Recriminations 3K Text Lane ponders the NatPack problem.
Kiss Me, Kate... 4K HTML Jamie M.R. gives her fellow War participants a wake-up present.
Wake-up Call 5K HTML Sharon responds to Jamie's "present."
The Gathering 4K HTML The NatPackers congregate at the Hostel.
Strikeforce Maureen Strikes! 29K HTML The Mercs make an all-out effort to kidnap former GHP Maureen and Jamie the Webgoddess.
Tying Up... the Loose Ends. Of Course. 4K Text The Mercs now hold Maureen and Jamie prisoner.
Men in Spandex 6K HTML Jamie has a dream's fashion...
Monday, July 29, 1996
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
Text Jamie joins in a takeover of CERK.
Search and Seizure 6K HTML The Knighties search Nat's apartment.
Reach out and Touch Someones 4K HTML The Knighties recover from searching Nat's apartment.
A Newbie Employed 2K Text A Merc gets hired.
Law and Order? 29K HTML Maureen is tried by the Merceneries for the crime of joining the NatPack.
Blond, Blonder, Blondest 3K Text Maureen's sentence is carried out.
Homework 3K HTML Kelly invites the other NatPackers to help with her "homework."
Separated at Birth 4K HTML Jennie dubs Dianne an honorary NatPacker.
The (Washer)King Is Dead 2K HTML The Hostel's one and only washing machine conks out.
Exhibit(ionists) 23K HTML Several members of the Pack attend the Brabant exhibit at the ROM and finally discover what happened to Sharon.
A Pair of Knighties Do the Town [excerpt] 18K HTML Two Knighties bump into a pair of NatPackers at the ROM.
Bonfire of the Vanities 8K HTML Before settling in for a comfortable evening at their Hostel, the NatPackers experience a group flashback.
Sock It To Me, Baby Text The Mercs conspire to steal the socks from every affiliation.
Tuesday, July 30, 1996
(Don't Worry,) Be Happy 13K HTML Dianne LaMerc carries out a deviously thorough attack upon the Pack.
Rude Awakening Number Two 5K Text The Knighties realize what they now possess.
Jamie takes Flight 5K Text Jamie meets up with Vachon.
Furry Purse 4K Text The Vaqueros deal with the NatPack's stolen purses.
Chaos Returns.... and Jamie's Gone *Poof*! 6K Text The Mercs realize Jamie has disappeared.
Happiness is Black Leather and Spandex 5K Text Jamie has a bit of an identity crisis.
Follow the Beep, Beep, Beep 5K Text The Mercs attempt to track down Jamie.
The Blind Leading the Blind 8K HTML When the NatPack wakes up to find not a pair of glasses or contacts in, make that in reach...Toronto had better watch out!
The Blond Leading the Blind 11K HTML Taking advantage of the confusion caused by their navigational difficulties, the NatPackers break Maureen out of the Mercs' dungeon.
The NatPack Meets Lady Clairol 12K HTML Bound and determined to de-blond Maureen, the Pack descends upon a beauty salon that hadn't done a thing to deserve it.
Delightful Deliveries (NatPackers) 5K HTML Jennie receives an unexpected delivery.
Indefinite Article 7K HTML The NatPackers struggle to get by without their glasses.
Sock of Ages Text The attack from the Merc point of view.
The Last GASp 8K HTML Mercs attack the Hostel a second time and make off with even more of the Pack's clothes.
Wednesday, July 31, 1996
Orange You Glad You Weren't Here for This? 9K HTML Jennie has a bright shiny day.
N&NPackers' Day Off [excerpt] 1K HTML Bast visits the Hostel.
Getting There Is Half the Fun 7K HTML On the way to Nat's apartment, several members of the Pack have a fiery adventure.
A KISS from the Homefront 11K HTML The Pack members reach Nat's apartment, only to discover that someone had been there before them.
The Spirited Run 5K HTML The Pack realizes it has run out of alcohol.
Who does she think she is? 8K Text The Perks encounter Jamie.
Anywhere Else It Would be Impossible 8K Text The Perkulators begin to wonder if Tracy might really be alive.
Thursday, August 1, 1996
Dreaming of Jamie 6K Text Torrey remembers how the Vaqueros lost Jamie.
Spandex, My Ass! 4K Text Jamie receives an unexpected surprise from the Cousins.
Never Look a Gift Kitten... 6K Text The Perkulators respond to the Cousins' attack.
Lookit All the Pretty Posters.... 2K Text A pair of Cousins carry out an attack on the NatPack.
Talking to the Dead 10K Text The Perkulators meet with Tracy.
Friday, August 2, 1996
The Prodigal Merc 8K Text Partly and Jamie encounter Jennie.
Saturday, August 3, 1996
RavenettePackers? HTML Three NatPackers go shopping.
The Prodigal Vamp 7K Text Nick tells his side of what happened after "Last Knight."
"Much Ado" and Peaceful Revels 26K HTML A truce, of sorts, prevails as various faction members attend a Stratford production of Much Ado About Nothing.
Sunday, August 4, 1996
Talkin' After Midnight 8K Text The Knighties speculate about what happened to Natalie.
Deeply Dippy 6K HTML The Mercenary Grand High Poobah attempts to assert her non-NatPackerness.
Maybe You Should Get a License for That Thing 5K HTML The NatPackers' uncharacteristically bizarre behavior begins to make a lot more sense.
Monday, August 5, 1996
Ghost of a Chance
[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
HTML Betsy sees the sights in Toronto--and then some...
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Vamp? 13K HTML Several NatPackers descend upon CERK.
St. Joan's Cross 7K Text Kira trades information for a certain object.
Tuesday, August 6, 1996
Virtual Hallucinatory Birthday Bash
(VHBB stories in no particular order)
An Invitation and A Little Shopping Text An invitation to a virtual party.
Love the One You're With Text
Shut Up and Kiss Me Text
Dreaming of the Night Text
Conga, Rhumba, Samba, Waltz Text
Birthday Cake Text
You Will Be Reassimilated Text
Party, Party, Party Text
Is That a Party in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? Text
Party on! Text
The Great Escape 6K HTML A pair of NatPackers attempt to keep Nat from leaving their HQ.
Tour De Force 15K HTML Natalie's guardians spend a weary day following her all over Toronto.
Hugs and KISS 5K Text The Mercs give Jamie a pleasant surprise.
Hearts and Flowers 14K HTML Natalie has an encounter in a familiar restaurant.
White Flags and Battlefield Medicine 13K HTML Valerie and Linda Rose go to see the Knighties.
Wednesday, August 7, 1996
A writer gets an unexpected audience 9K Text A NatPacker exposes Nick to a Knightie's fanfiction.
Sorting Luggage 8K HTML The final fate of the NatPack's stolen luggage.
Returning Socks 2K Text The NatPackers' stolen socks are returned...with a little something extra.
We Kill Bugs...Dead 2K HTML The Pack rids itself of an infestation.
Thursday, August 8, 1996
One Good Ring 6K Text Susan arranges to wash Nick's car.
What Time Is It, What Day Is It, What Fandom Is It? 8K Text Diane awakens from her coma.
Pictures of Times Past 4K Text Diane exacts her revenge upon Jennie.
Friday, August 9, 1996
When the Mood Strikes 3K HTML Valerie prepares for the Raven party.
White Chocolate and Victorian Cheesecake 4K HTML Jennie becomes the victim of a Wartime prank.
Three-Ring Circus 24K HTML Nick and Nat finally come face to face.
Perhaps the Time Has Come for Us to Talk? Text The Nick/Nat reunion from the Ravenette point of view.
Like thieves in the Knight 4K Text Linda gets her hands on a desired object.
Many Misfired Missiles 4K HTML Valerie reflects on Nick and Nat's meeting.
The Party's Over...Almost 4K HTML Natalie returns home to rest.
NatPackers, Bar None 4K HTML The NatPackers propose a toast.
A Little Help From Friends 5K Text
Raven Party 18K HTML A karaoke machine is set up in the Raven.
Saturday, August 10, 1996
A nice friendly game of cards, anyone? 7K Text A pair of NatPackers join some Knighties in a game of cards.
I'm Not That Cruel, Really 5K HTML A pair of Nick's PJs joins the stakes of a friendly game of poker.
Good Work, Detective 12K HTML Nick has his hands full undoing Nat's hoodooing.
Once Around the Floor 7K HTML Valerie finally gets a chance to dance.
Crazy as the Cracks in This Old Guitar 7K HTML The Affiliation Leaders hold a conference...sort of.
Bye, All! 2K Text Bast returns home.
Sunday, August 11, 1996
Morning People 4K Text Valerie has a pleasant meal.
Booking Procedures and Loft-y Ideals 7K Text Nick explains why he started the War.
So Soon? 3K HTML Jamie has an unusual conversation about the end of the War.