N&NPackers' Day Off [excerpt]

by Bast

Time: 7am, 9am
Place: N&NPacker HQ

Tina, staggering home after a night of vicious plotting and wicked manuvering (jeez, those Cousinly tendencies show through, don't they?), flopped onto her bed. She closed her eyes, and what seemed like only a minute later opened them again. The clock stared at her, the glowing numbers reading an unyielding 9:00. "Oh, shoot!" she yelled. "I was supposed to meet Alora for breakfast!" She got up, changed rather quickly into a red dress and black lace-up boots, and, after petting her cat goodbye, ran out to her car. Hopping in, she raced off to the NatPack Hostel, making very certain that no other factions followed her. She knocked on the door, and was quickly let in.

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