The Spirited Run

by Lynn Stapleton and The NatPack

Time: 5:00pm
Place: NatPack Hostel

A number of the NatPackers that remained at the Hostel were scattered throughout. While Eliz, D.L., Amy V., Elaine, and Amparo sat at the dining room table seemingly over-engaged in a game of Poker. In order to protect their cards, they held them right up in front of their faces, which made the game quite interesting.

Sharon H., Kelly and Alora were going over the recipies from the book they got from Nat's apartment earlier. Most of the chocolates that had been meant for Jamie were now eaten. Apparently Alora picked them up, and the others thought it had been a possible bomb. But when it had been discovered that it was chocolates, it was decided that they be tested to make sure they weren't poisoned. That was half an hour ago, and now three quarters of a box later.

Lynn, in the meantime, was in the kitchen, checking on what groceries and liquor needed to be replenished. Suddenly a rather loud roar of frustration followed by a low moan came from the area of the kitchen. Eliz and Amparo came into the kitchen.

"Lynn, what is it?" Amparo asked, concerned.

"Do you realize how much liquor we've gone through in only a week?" Lynn shook her head, dumbfounded.

Elaine and Mary GT came into the kitchen.

"What's up?" Mary GT asked.

"We are out of liquor," Eliz announced. "Like nada, niente, zip."

"So what foods and spices to we need to make those protein shakes?" Betsy asked.

"I think Jill has them," Sharon H. spoke. She was still visibly fuming. Not only had she had the misfortune of seeing the face of a particular Brick yesterday, but see was also peeved that someone(s) other than the Pack had entered Natalie's home.

Jill walked over to the living room table, and opened the recipe book. The other NatPackers gathered around. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, great. Now let's see what combinations we can come up with," D.L. spoke.

Amparo walked over to Kelly. "What's with Sharon?"

"She's still upset because she saw the picture of Him on the wall at the hair salon - yesterday. Then some people entered Nat's apartment. There were some medical forms missing."

"Nick..." Amparo remembered the picture, starry eyed. Sharon caught the briefest mention of his name, and went off on another tirade. "I'm going to kill him. Mangle his twisted vampire self, till he wished a surefire day in the sun would be better..."

Maureen shook her head, sighing. "She's been like this ever since she saw that damn photo. Even a mention of The Guy in the car barely got her to calm down."

"But we had managed to pick up something at the salon." Mei showed them some of the contents. "I was a little nervous bringing this up yesterday, especially since it was His."

"That isn't what I think it is, is it?" Eliz asked.

"A little brown book with the signiature of a certain blond vampire."

"A bleached blond vampire," Jill blurted out. With that every NatPacker in the place burst out laughing. It was a truly terrifying sight for the uninitated, but for the Pack, it was normal (well, as normal as the Pack can get).

"Look, guys. I hate to break up this little gathering," Lynn said once she had regained her composure. "But we are out of alcohol. And we do need to pick up the necessary ingredients for the shakes.

"What? That can't be. There was plenty there the other night." Jennie said.

"Well, there's none there now. I'm going to have to make another run to the liquor store. Anyone want to come help pick stuff out, and help carry it?"

Amy H. called out. "I'll go. I can help with the gin."

"Amy, don't you think you've had enough? You don't usually drink so much." Jennie cautioned.


"No buts," Alora seconded Jennie's concern for their fellow Pack member. She then turned to Lynn. "I'll go. I need to pick up some vodka. Also, do you where the best place we can pick up some Ribena?"

"Thanks. There's an specialty foods store down on Queen, where we can stop for that," Lynn replied.

"Great. Anyone else want to join us?"

From the background could be heard some NatPackers chanting: "Join us. Join us. Join us."

A snicker crossed Maureen's face. "Save it for later, guys, when we come near our new Separated-From-Birth-NatPacker. Remember, we do have to conserve our energies."

"Okay. Let's go." Alora led the small group out to the limo. And then just as quickly Lynn asked, "Ah, what happened to the car?"

"Long story. Later," Maureen replied, then got in the car. She, Lynn, Maureen and Jennie headed out for the liquor run.

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