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Death Domain (DD) containing proteins
group name apoptosis NF-kB activation interacting protein KO gene Locus Ligand 3D regulators
DD-receptor see Death Receptors of TNFR family

Mediator FADD (see DED proteins)

RAIDD (see CARD proteins)


TRADD (human, mouse, zebrafish) induce induce TNFRI, p75NTR, TRAF2,RIP,FADD, TRAF2, Stat1, keratin 8/18, HIPK2, Akt 1 1 16q22
N/TRAF2,N PTEN, CD3, UVC, PG-A2, heat shock, Hi, Ld, Lm, Mt, Tg, RA

unknown, 9130005N23Rik (mouse)

MYD88 & Tube  (see Innate Immunity)

PLAIDD, NRADD (rat, mouse) induce



Imd, BG5(D.m.) induce induce dFADD 1

kinase RIP, DAP kiasen, IRAK family (see kinases or Toll-associated)

other Ankyrin, Unc-44

Band 4.2, NaKATPase,GP85,Fodrin etc

Unc5(C.e.), human (a,b,c), Rcm(mouse), rat(h1, h2) induce
Netrins, NRAGE 1,2 1 4q21-q23

p53, KCl

ZUD (human, rat) enhance inhibit NF-kBs


p84N5(human, mouse, Dm, Ce, Ag, At, Dd), Sp) induce induce Rb
1 18p11.32

LRDD/Pidd(human,mouse) induce



MALT1 (see caspases & related proteins)


for NF-kB, click here

Incorrectly Reported MADD

Review of Death Recptors by Ashkenazi & Dixit (Science 1998)

Fas triggers an alternative, caspase-8-independent cell death pathway using the kinase RIP as effector molecule. by Holler et al. (Nat Immunol 2000)

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