Course Outline

Syllabus for a course based on Innovation Management: Strategies, Implementation, and Profits by Allan Afuah

A 14-Week Case-Based Course Outline

Class 1: Introduction.
Class 2: Sources and transfer of innovation.
Class 3: Subject: Static models of innovation.
Class 4: Subject: Incumbent/New entrant race for technology and complementary assets.
Class 5: Dynamic models of innovation.
Class 6: Strategic decisions early in the life of an innovation.
Class 7: Competing technologies and Standards.
Class 8: Pause for reflection.
Class 9: Strategy, Structure, Systems, People, and Environment (S3PE).
Class 10: Recognizing the potential of innovation/Leveraging technological capabilities.
Class 11: Locating a profit site.
Class 12: Multibusiness from an emerging technology (Corporate innovation).
Class 13: Implementation of the decision to adopt an innovation.
Class 14: Exploration/Exploitation.
Class 15: Who really are your co-opetitors in the face of a technological change?
Class 16: Pause for reflection.
Class 17: Strategies for protecting innovation profits.
Class 18: The role of government in innovation.
Class 19: Strategies for globalization.
Class 20: Innovating for emerging economies.
Class 21: Financing innovation.
Class 22: Strategic Innovation Process.
Class 23~26: Project Presentations.
Class 27: Review: Where have we been?
Class 28: Final Wrap-up.
Project Note: Writing cases in innovation.

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