Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I wonder when they figured out that Logan was the mole

The writers, that is. Yesterday, about 5 pm, maybe? My head hurts just trying to imagine how many inconsistencies I could find if I really went looking. The president AND his security chief are both running secret ops out of the White House, but the secret service, the chief of staff, and the first lady know nothing about it. The only way they'll find out is if a former president or his brother delivers a message in person. A former president who has been shut out of the loop, reduced to doing insurance commercials and special-ops jobs overseas. Were Cummings and Logan running the same op, or different ones? I'd say the chances are excellent that in the next hour or two Jack will find a surveillance video showing that Cummings' death was no suicide. (Although surely it wasn't the weakling Logan who strung the larger, stronger Cummings to the ceiling.)

I'll have to think about that some more. Meanwhile, some more obvious inconsistencies. First, why would the first lady's assistant live in LA with her daughter? Or maybe when Evelyn left to go home, she was going to drive all the way to Bethesda. Second, since Henderson is working for the president, why this elaborate scheme to get the documents from her? Logan and Henderson seem to already know what the documents say--they expose their plot. So they don't really care about getting their hands on them; they only want to make sure Evelyn doesn't give them to Jack or Seymour Hersh. Let's see--she's in the Western White House, terrorist attacks have been going on all day, martial law has been imposed. How about a) Not letting her go at all, or b) searching her and her car thoroughly as she leaves the compound. Logan could easily order either a general lockdown or thorough searches of everyone leaving. But that wouldn't give Jack and Wayne their opportunity for a shootout at the OK corral.

The business with Homeland Security taking over CTU is silly. DHS can't get a few trailers to New Orleans within a few months, but they have agents ready to take over for Edgar and Chloe on a moment's notice? Yeah, right. Of course, now that we know that Logan is behind the attacks, we can see this as intentionally disabling CTU, the only obstacle in Logan's way. Then again, using McGill's sister to get at his keycard, rather than just having the president call CTU and ask for one, seems deliberately obtuse. And Audrey pretended not to want to sell out CTU, but don't forget--she slept with Cummings. And isn't it about time she called Daddy?

It will be interesting to see what Logan is supposedly up to. Both Cummings and Henderson have claimed they are "true patriots," so in their minds there is some higher purpose to all the mayhem. Is it strictly a way to exploit terror attacks as a means to destroy the Constitution, as Bush is doing with his so-called "war on terror?" Will heads explode over at Fox News if Fox Entertainment does that?


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