Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ho hum

It's getting tedious now. I'm disappointed in the 24 writers. Rather than even attempting to come up with something resembling a coherent plot, their only goal seems to be somehow to get from one hour to the next--make the "terror handoff" and make sure that Jack and company can resolve something, but never enough. Flip the torture/follow coin to decide whether the latest bad guy is more likely to tell them where the badguy hideout is or lead them to it. Generally, CTU and/or ratface Logan decide one way, and then Jack goes with the other. Throw in some chain-of-command issues and a few personal conflicts and voila!--another hour down.

What the plot needs is smart bad guys with a coherent, sneaky plot and smart good guys struggling to figure it out. Instead, the bad guys continually hire uncommitted scumbag contractors like Rossler to perform tasks crucial to their operation. If they were going to kidnap Rossler anyway, why not do it earlier? They could have snuck him into the hanger at the airport and had all the canisters armed and ready hours ago. And why don't they ever kill Jack when they have a chance? They clearly knew he wasn't Rossler when he gave them the wrong code at the mall, and they'd just killed the security guard without a second thought. They clearly planned to leave Jack in the mall to die from the nerve gas anyway--yet they decided to just handcuff him to a table leg (how about just pushing the table up a bit and sliding the cuff out from under, Jack?) so he'd be available to foil their plot later. Okay, I know that Jack is the star of the show, so he can't die--why can't Audrey figure this out?

Also, what happened to the other workers at the motorcycle shop? Pretty long lunch, if you ask me. Surely somebody must have come back and seen that something was wrong, and called the cops. Of course, maybe they did, but Edgar is behind on his hourlies again. And while the bad guys seem to have some idea of an alternative method of arming the weapons, CTU doesn't seem to know it. Why not make sure the guy actually gets to badguy HQ (BGHQ), maybe getting a visual on the WMD's? (If you can get a visual on a virus, you can surely get a visual on chemical weapons.) Twenty minutes earlier they were willing to sacrifice 900 lives at the mall in order to be able to follow the triggering mechanism to (BGHQ), but now they decide to blow their cover without verifying that they're anywhere near BGHQ. Brilliant. This one should be easy--figure out where the canisters are, clear the area, and then either storm BGHQ with gas masks or bomb the crap out of the place. They could be done by 4 pm and save the rest of the season for a good plot.

I guess this is more like real life, the stupid Bush administration "chasing" stupid al Qaeda, but smart cops chasing smart terrorists would make a much better story.

BTW, did Audrey just go a whole hour without trying to call Kim? Bad Audrey!


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