Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How could I be so stupid?

Gee Jack, I dunno. Practice?

The bad-guy carousel is going so fast now I can't keep track. Ten hours in, and we've had Haas (the guy who killed Palmer and then got shot by Chloe and finished off by Jack). There was Cummings at the White House, Beresch at the airport, Erwich who gets the canisters, Bielko his Central-Asian co-terrorist, Nathanson, and now Henderson. There must have been somebody in the helicopter that finished off Nathanson. (Bad guys sure have a lot of choppers!)

Why is Curtis such a wimp? He would have sat there all day while Lynn fired everybody and then sold our ports to Dubai if Audrey hadn't brought him his balls. And he doesn't look like the kind of guy that Jack could take out with one blow, but it happened.

With Charles and Martha Logan and Lynn McGill, Chloe is starting to look like the very model of sanity in the cuckoo's nest. Jack's walking into a trap set by a guy he knows not to trust gets him a room there as well.

Strange how Henderson, clearly involved, was just sitting at work doing his job on the Big Day of Terrorism. Nevertheless, he was ready for Jack with his taser and a notebook bomb just sitting on the counter. Nice of him to give Jack a minute to get ready for the bomb.

So what do you think Logan and Novick prayed about? Getting contracts for next season?

And now things will get really screwed up. Martha will tell Aaron and the Suparovs that Logan knew about the attack and didn't stop it. The Suparovs will inform China that Jack Bauer is still alive. From the previews it looks like Tony is going to revive and, most ominously, Kim will finally return. I think we can be pretty sure that within nanoseconds of when Audrey tells Kim that Jack is still alive, Jack's life will be threatened. Tony will probably have a concussion, not remembering anything from today. He'll remember something about the possibility of a terrorist threat and offer some new information, but nobody will tell him that Michelle is dead.

Sorry--my commentaries have become somewhat fragmented and directionless. But somehow that seems appropriate.


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