Monday, March 13, 2006

Call in Homeland Security

Yeah, right. Put Homeland Security in charge. THAT will solve the problem.

So Lynn McGill and Tony Almeida join George Mason and Ryan Chappelle as current/former CTU chiefs to die. Tony becomes the first who didn't willingly, more or less, sacrifice himself; all four spoke to Jack just before dying. If I were Bill Buchanan, I'd be vewwy, vewwy afwaid, and avoid Jack like a truckload of Centox. Oh yeah, Michelle was also in charge of CTU for 20 minutes or so, and she's dead, although I'm pretty sure Tony was the last person she talked to.

Henderson must have heard that Jack was coming to the clinic, but he doesn't wait around to shoot him after finishing off Tony. Probably going to take Kim and Audrey hostage instead. Eventually Jack will have to choose which one of them dies.

And Tony? Extremely stupid even by CTU standards. His mortal enemy is being tortured, and he wants to put him out of his misery? In the way most dangerous to himself? What was the gun for, Tony? (Maybe he realized a bullet might puncture a wall, letting in the Centox, but it's hard to imagine him being that smart at the same time he's being so stupid.) And real smart, knocking out the doctor so you don't have backup.

Kim, however, has obviously gotten smarter. She at least knows enough to know that the clinic is a deathtrap within the deathtrap that is CTU.

I don't think Chloe and Kim's little chat quite matched up to the one between Chloe and Audrey from last season. I think it's about time for Chloe to go Rambo again--it has been about 12 hours since the last time! Maybe she'll finish off Henderson--AFTER getting the information from him.

So, three major characters dead in just over an hour. Edgar and Tony join David Palmer, Michelle and Walt Cummings as multi-season casualties. That leaves us with Jack (immortal), Kim, Chase, Chloe, Audrey, Buchanan, Curtis, Secret Service Agent Aaron, Logan and wife, Evelyn, Mike Novick, Jack's woman Diane and her son, Wayne Palmer, Nicole Palmer, Keith Palmer, and Naked Mandy, and maybe a few other minor characters from past seasons among the living. That will change. My guess would be that Logan, Buchanan and Audrey are dead by the end of the season. Jack will probably kill Buchanan himself, because he'll have "no other choice."

Did the Suvarovs finally get safely out of LA? In 24-world, it is clearly the most dangerous city anywhere--they may have gone to Baghdad for refuge.

I'm sure Kim and Barry's escape from LA will be without incident.


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