Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay, I liked that one

Almost as absurd as the rest of the season, but more entertaining. Audrey does being tortured better than her brother or Henderson, or even Rogers Stanton from season two. Shari the serial sexual-harrassment accuser adds an interesting twist. As a chemistry major, she is remarkably well-informed on the natural gas business and how gas and centox react at various pressures. CTU's access to the pressure levels at every gas distribution center in LA is impressive, as is the fact that they can read it on fancy graphs in percentages, not in simple numbers in PSI. (Sort of like Mike Novick's ready-to-use 25th amendment cabinet-polling software used in the coup in season two.) Why the centox can be destroyed by burning it at the distribution center, but won't be when burned in the stoves and water heaters of LA is unexplained (I've seen no evidence that the weather is cold, so furnaces probably aren't on). If burning the centox deactivates it, then pilot lights would need to be shut off for it to kill anyone. Of course, if the terrorists could do that, they could have just had the natural gas kill everybody and saved themselves a lot of season-five trouble. Also, the engineer at the distribution center probably knows how to shut down the main valve leaving the facility, which would have trapped all the centox at the plant, which could then be safely bombed by F-18's after everybody has evacuated (better do it before the centox eats through all of the seals!). But then Jack wouldn't have had the opportunity to run the gauntlet of fire, so he asked where the gas comes in instead.

Another thing--they blew all 17 remaining canisters on this attack, leaving the show in exactly the same situation as in season two--problem solved and nine hours to go. Last year, the last 45 minutes were ALL ABOUT JACK; are they going to do that for nine hours this time?

Also, somehow Audrey managed to get through the past three years without learning that Walt Cummings had ordered that Jack be killed, even though she could have found out from Mike Novick, David Palmer, Tony, Michelle or Chloe. And, after seeing her brother tortured for failing to report a one-night stand, she still doesn't tell Jack about her fling with Cummings. Come on, Audrey--Jack already knows you're a heterosexual! They've got nine hours; I'll bet they get back to Audrey being involved. Next week's previews seem to support my thesis that Evelyn is in on it, although I did throw a pretty wide net on that one.


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