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Index of post-Independence texts

       For the present this list of items is given in the order in which they have been posted to the Web. Later indices and tables will appear that classify or cross-reference them by structures used, structures assumed, lexical prerequisites, degree of difficulty, etc.
  title   author  version  version  essay
 fa.   eS:x:a m:ðø b:cc:aðø kñ AeD:kar khaú ?   kÙs:Øm: j:òn:  unglossed  no  3B
 fb.   us:ð m:ðri n:z:r l:g:i   Aaðm:kar kaòl:  unglossed  no  3A
 fc.   m:t:Ip:Ør kl:aú     rez:y:a z:òdi  unglossed  no  4A
 fd.   B:art: ka s:ùev:D:an::  u¸ðeS:ka   ( b:i0 Aar0 Aùb:ðRkr )  unglossed  glossed  no  3A
 fe.  rb:r b:òøR        Aenv:t:a Abb:i  unglossed  no  3B
 ff.  b:ic: ka B:Xkn:        s:Ø\:m: b:ðdi  unglossed  no  3B
 fg.  Av:aøeCt:        Aenv:t:a Abb:i  unglossed  no  3B
 fh.  ec:e_y:a Aaòr c:il:        s:Ø\:m: b:ðdi  unglossed  glossed  no  4A
 fi.  z:b:an: t:að Ok hi hò        S:ms:Ørühm:an: fa-qi  unglossed      no  4B
 fj.  t:is:ri qs:m:        Pn:iÃ:r n:aT: "rðN:Ø"  unglossed  no  4A
 fk.  ev:Rmb:n:a        n:rðndÓ kÙm:ar es:nha  unglossed  no  3B

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Posted 15-17 May 2001. Augmented 29 Jan and 4 Mar 2002 and 22 Jan and 29 June 2004.