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NB:  This Website uses "Xdvng", a dynamic Devanâgarî font. In order to see it fully and automatically display, any version of Netscape from 4.0 through 4.8 (not Opera or Firefox and not version 6.x or 7.x of Netscape) may be used on a PC (not on a Mac). Downloads of Netscape 4.8 and other earlier versions of Netscape may be had by clicking here: (http://sillydog.org/narchive/). (Thanks to Dr. Ghanshyam Sharma for this tip.) Malhâr is also visible using IE on a PC, but the shape of the aksharas is less elegant and IE often inserts unwanted space between some glyphs or aksharas that belong together. At present most - but not every - page of Malhâr has been provided with the code that enables "Xdvng" to display in IE. Others, users of Macs and/or Opera or Firefox, may also see the Devanâgarî font but only by first downloading and installing it. Sources include jtrans.

      (1) Indices of readings:

                  Prose:        Pre-Independence.                 Post-Independence.

                  Poetry:       Pre-Independence.                 Post-Independence.                 Dialectal.

      (2) Index of dialogs.

      (3) Index of monologs  (with audio).

      (4) Index of grammatical notes, drills, and exercises:   Level three.   Level four.   Review level two.

      (5) Measure your vocabulary

      (6) What is an "advanced construction" and what is its place in these learning materials?

      (7) Index to Sanskrit pages. (Not part of Mellon Project.)

      (8) Tables of ASCII - dðv:n:ag:ri equivalences.
      (9) Instructions for keying in source code for Xdvng  dðv:n:ag:ri "dynamic" font.
      (10)  dðv:n:ag:ri encoding testpage .
      (11) List of references.

      (12) List of Hindi-Urdu speech sounds.

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Footnote 1:   This page is a provisional index of links to other pages which in turn are drafts of parts of a network of web-based classroom-compatible materials for learning, teaching, and exploring advanced (post second-year) levels of Hindi. The creation of these materials has been supported by funds from the Mellon Foundation as well as by a Visitorship (in 1999-2000) at the Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Preparation for the project was materially assisted by a Fulbright-Hays Research Abroad Award. It is my hope that interested parties will have a look at these pages and let me have their ideas on how I might improve their effectiveness, platform-stability, and user-friendliness. I would also appreciate suggestions about what to include (and what to omit).

        E-mail messages can be sent to me "@" umich.edu using my uniqname pehook   Please send longer messages with attachments to me "@" virginia.edu using the uniqname peh6n

        The Mellon Foundation has been funding the development of web-based multimedia materials for elementary and intermediate levels of Hindi-Urdu at the University of Michigan (Dr. Tahsin Siddiqi) and the University of Chicago (Mr. Mithilesh Mishra). Projects to create web-based multimedia materials for learning Hindi and other South Asian languages are underway at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Penn Language Center under the direction of Prof. Harold Schiffman, Dr. Surendra Gambhir and Dr. Vasu Renganathan. Sites for Hindi and Urdu are under development at the University of Virginia by Prof. Robert Hueckstedt, at NC State by Prof. Afroz Taj, at Syracuse University by Dr. Jishnu Shankar, at Australian National University by Dr. Richard Barz, and in Belgium by Hugo Coolens. Another is being developed (for Japanese learners of Hindi) by Prof. K. Machida of the Institute for the Study of Asian and African Languages and Cultures at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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