Tilman Börgers

Samuel Zell Professor of the Economics of Risk
Department of Economics, University of Michigan
611 Tappan Street, 337 Lorch Hall
Ann Arbor, MI 48109



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Working Papers:

Strategically Simple Mechanisms  (with Jiangtao Li), revised version, December 2018.

Revealed Relative Utilitarianism  (with Yan-Min Choo), August 2017.

Teaching Notes:

Notes on the Theory of Strategic Games

Notes on Blackwell's Comparison of Experiments

Old and Unpublished Papers:

Common Prior Type Spaces in Which Payoff Types and Belief Types are Independent   (with Taejun Oh), August 2012.

Complexity Constraints in Two-Armed Bandit Problems: An Example   (with Antonio J. Morales), January 2004.

Putting Trembles Into the Extensive Form   approximately 1992.

Consistent Pairs in Extensive Games   approximately 1992.

Robustness of Bertrand's Equilibrium in a General Model of Product Differentiation   October 1988.

Bertrand Competition Without Demand Rationing   approximately 1985.