Teaching: Enriching Michigan’s Environmental Anthropology Curriculum  

Rebecca has received a grant from UM’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching to develop film and video components of an environmental anthropology currriculum

Project Summary:

This project integrates film and video sources into a series of 3 core courses and three special topic seminars that will constitute an environmental anthropology curriculum. At the undergraduate level the courses will be taught jointly between the Program in the Environment and the Department of Anthropology. At the graduate level they will be taught jointly between the School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Anthropology. At these different levels, the video and film sources will serve to: 1) incorporate clips from documentary, feature film, and even animation into undergraduate level lectures on power point, to better acquaint students with the wide range of human-environment relationships over time. This will assist students who are less textual and more visual in their learning abilities to comprehend complex environmental issues; 2) affirm for students at all these levels that environmental change and attendant challenges to human communities are not necessarily only technical and scientific matters, but also profoundly linked to popular culture and everyday life 3) offer students options for engagement with environmental issues through a range of media, encouraging them to undertake both written and film/video work on such topics.

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Mentoring: Working with students from undergraduate through graduate and professional work

Doctoral Supervision
Rebecca is currently chairing (or co-chairing) the following doctoral student projects.

Menan Guntra Papua_New_Guinea_Madagascar
Logging_Cameroon Sustainability_In_Transportation

Masters and Professional Projects

Jada_Williams Jesse Worker Erin Carey

Undergraduate Learning

Jennifer Staple Upper_Gunnison_Basin Morrocan_Educating
Available Fellowships (Updated August '09)
State Dept. Fulbright Fellowships to Sub-Saharan Africa for undergraduates and graduate students:
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AAG Geography & Biodiversity in Africa is currently taking Expressions of Interest applications until August 21, 2009 for the My Community, Our Earth Biodiversity Initiative in Africa. Three US participants will be selected when and if the program recieves funding from the NSF.
Information can be found at the My Community, Our Earth Website with additional information on Ctools
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