Environmental Justice At Michigan
Rebecca's primary research affiliation at SNRE is with Environmental Justice, which has several subgroups or programs:
Environmental Justice Initiative
Toxic Wastes and Race
Time for Climate Justice

Mwanza, Tanzania: Globalization, Film, and Fisheries
Several of Rebecca doctoral students, such as Menan Jangu and Jennifer Johnson, are working in eastern central Africa on the Lake Victoria region. In this area, recent production of Nile Perch, combined with mining activities in the area, has created dramatic social and environmental change. Menan's project focuses on transformations of traditional healing, especially with respect to the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS in Mwanza. Most recently famous for filmmaker Hubert Sauper's depiction in the documentary Darwin's Nightmare, the region is a hotbed of issues surrounding globalization, supply chain capitalism, social change and environmental justice.

See the photo albums section for more information, or the links below about Darwin's Nightmare

Darwin's Nightmare Documentary
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
Royal Bafokeng Nation
Rebecca is working in the Republic of South Africa with Dr. Susan Cook. She is studying governance, health, education, and corporate social and environmental responsibility within the Royal Bafokeng Nation.

The Royal Bakofeng Nation
Leruo T. Molotlegi, King of Bafokeng Nation

Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies
Rebecca is an Academy Scholar, where she is learning more about medical anthropology and emergent viral disease as it relates to social and environmental change. The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies is dedicated to increasing our knowledge of the world's major cultures and of the relations among them.

Laboratoire ERMES/IRD
Founded by Anthropologist Georges Dupre and Geographer Jean Paul Deleage, The Laboratoire ERMES at the University of Orleans in France is associated with the French Institute of Research for Development, or IRD. It has laboratories and projects concerning archeology, ecology, and geography, and epidemiology.

Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
Rebecca is serving a second term as a steering committee member on the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force, a unique collaborative effort across agencies and institutions to address the unsustainable commercial hunting of animals in Africa and elsewhere. For more information on the bushmeat crisis, see the following links:
Traffic: The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network
The Bushmeat Project
Ape Alliance - Bushmeat Working Group

American Museum of Natural History
Rebecca Hardin has consulted with the American Museum of Natural History (or AMNH) for their development of the "Grand Hall of Biodiversity" (a permanent exhibit). She has also worked with the staff of AMNH's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation to develop online resources for young people.

Paris Museum of Natural History
Serge Bahuchet, an anthropologist who conducted fieldwork among the pygmies of the Central African Republic, has long been a collaborator. He currently directs the Research Unit at the Paris Museum of Natural History called "Mankind, Nature, Societies." The objective of that unit is the study of Man's unity and diversity, and his relationship with nature in time and space from the biological, cultural and social viewpoints. It brings together disciplines rarely associated in other institutions but whose approaches are complementary: biological anthropology, genetics, prehistory, social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, ethno-biology, ethno-musicology, geography, and the history and philosophy of sciences and techniques.

Several of the department's research activities are based on the Museum's collections, others actually create new collections. The department is involved in educational activities and in research training. Apart from the courses and conferences held by its researchers, its constituent groups are already involved in 6 DEAs (Diplomas of Advanced Studies) of the Museum's research school.

The research is also intended to help attract funds for the renovation of the Musée de l'Homme, or Museum of Man, where Serge currently curates the biological collections. Founded in 1937, itself a reinvention of the ethnology museum from the late 1800s, that museum sits at Trocadero, looking out over the Eiffel Tower. Emptied of its artistic and ethnographic content in order to build the collections of the now popular Musee du Quai Branly, the old Museum of Man is undergoing renovation and re-invention as a forum for information about our understandings of humans in relation to the natural world, and to new sciences of life. For more information, see the book Le Nouveau Musee de l'Homme (editions Odile Jacob) edited by Jean Pierre Mohen.

Its Hot In Here
Some of Rebecca's Masters Students at the SNRE have initiated an environment show on local radio station WCBN, 88.3 FM. The content of the show varies, but often addresses the interface of international studies, environmental change, and political ecology.

For a link to the podcast of Rebecca's broadcast on the show, click the following link:
Interview with Anthropologist Rebecca Hardin


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